Peter Hayman : BBC News 18.3.1981

Many thanks to Robin Carmody , Matt Poole and Ian Pace for this.

Sir Peter Hayman on Mastermind ? David Steel- “Dubious precedent” ? Sir David Napley- ‘Naming in House of Commons irresponsible’ ? Speaker George Thomas…


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  1. joekano76

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  2. Martin

    Brilliant find from Ian Pace and Matt Poole

  3. trowelandtoothbrush

    A Royal Commission report chaired by a retired Judge called Cyril Philips, reported in 1981 that the right to prosecute being taken out of Police hands and the Crown Prosecution Service was created with the affore mentioned Sir Thomas Heatherington being it’s first head. Looks like the Crown Prosecution Service was created especially to stop police from charging peadophiles in high office. Or in the case of the Sydney Cooke gang, well connected scumbags. All through the Eighties the police were inhibited from bringing charges at Elmtree and against Sydney Cooke and Lenny Smith.
    Isn’t it time to demand that the decision to prosecute be put back in police hands? They are not an ideal establishment themselves but there are better amongst them proportionally than the Norman or Zionist horrors controlling the CPS

  4. well done Gojam! Keep up your great work.

  5. Sabre

    To paraphrase Sir David Napley, ‘the attorney General is a decent chap and he helpfully covered the matter up it is therefore jolly bad form on the part of Dickens to go and start grassing up my client’

  6. does anyone on here have Simon Danzuks ex wives phone number?

  7. are we aloud to comment about a certain Labour peer now facing child sex abuse prosecution? (first we’re not aloud to name him, then he’s named in media… now we’re not allowed to talk about it again!)

    “as there are now active criminal proceedings nothing should be said, commented on, or shared online which may prejudice” those proceedings.”

    You know what… in all honestly… I know I can be brutal… it’s just establishing the truth of has gone on, for me.
    Nothing to do with him being Jewish, nothing to do with anything political… and I don’t want to see any 80 odd year old man suffer regardless of what he’s accused of… just establishing the truth. (”difference between justice, truth and revenge”)

    A survivor of child abuse (unrelated to this case) rang me overwhelmed, and explained that the most important thing for him (and most others in his position he imagines) is just being believed! What can you do to an 80 odd year old man, that is justice for what he’s accused of? nothing… live with it! It’s just about establishing the truth, stating that these people where not lying, where purposely ignored and disregarded by the very people tasked with protecting them (supposedly), and justice went unserved… in fact the perpetrator went on to continue his crimes and more children unnecessarily suffered at his hands.
    All most survivors want is closure, their mature adults who have had to live with it, cope with it, have pretty much come to terms with it… and establishing the facts in public is just a massive part in closing the chapter on a traumatic part of their life.

    In terms of people like Needle, and others… are we not just trying to expose this in order to prevent the failings of the police and state, learning how these mistakes where made (or cover-ups orchestrated), raise awareness and prevent it happening today? Or in the future?

    This whole fecking scandal has caused some bad blood! Friendships, reputations, lives and careers have been destroyed! extremist views have come to the front (a jihad against institutionalised child abuse!)… and people forget that really… THE SURVIVORS COME FIRST!

    And another thing… a separate inquiry should be held into the conduct of MI5 and British Security… not just regarding child abuse… whole host of other shit aswell! absolute flash wankers with no souls

  8. Jack

    David Steel once again !!! He needs to be looked at as he seems to be a gate keeper for paedophiles. Note the circular reasoning of these establishment lackys, on the one hand they claim its wrong to name someone in the house over matters they have not been prosecuted for yet on the other they refuse to prosecute even when there is strong evidence. George ‘hypocritical scumbag’ Thomas effectively states that no more paedos should be outed in the house, paedos like him for instance. What a wicked , evil lot. Btw has Saunders resigned yet ?

    • BarrieJ

      Can’t help feeling Saunders was lined up for the CPS post in the full knowledge this was coming. Whatever the course taken, she’ll be well rewarded, check out Cressida Dick or the eternally incompetent Lin Homer at HMRC.
      There’s no coincidence that the right people are in position at the right time.

  9. dpack

    steel seems to have quite a few strange associates some of whom could be considered rather spooky,(pendry and the bss/said crew SPRING to mind as one example).

    as far as i can gather the “liberals” being a small party have a higher proportion of spooky types/assets than the two large parliamentary groups.the old guard seem very compromised.

    if my brief was to have a few assets in each party the libs would be nearly all part of the few as there are only a few of them to choose from.

    they are not the “spook” party it is just that they are a tiny pond to own fish in.

  10. dpack

    hayman was certainly linked to several “names” righton,napier seem to be equals and h8 seems to have run all of them going by career paths etc,etc

    the british council should perhaps get more attention than it has done.