Will Lord Janner Face Justice ?

Yes, according to tomorrow’s Daily Mail… apparently.

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24 responses to “Will Lord Janner Face Justice ?

  1. Becky

    How do we know that Janner isn’t just a distraction to take certain people off the trail of a more widespread, much more powerful group?

  2. nuggy

    it will be good to hear the evidence but what exactly does a trail of the facts mean.

    • Mark Hall

      It means this piece of dirt won’t be present and won’t be prosecuted. But the evidence the police have collected will be heard in court, reported upon, and hopefully lessons will be learned (some hopes!)

      • nuggy

        that’s not really much good because there wont be a defence counsel to put this evidence to scrutiny..

  3. joekano76

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  5. EXCLUSIVE from The Daily Mail! … Everyone knew weeks ago…

    ”Once he pops his clogs the full truth will come out”…. that’s being arranged! :D (November!)

    The U-turn decision for a ‘Trial of Facts’ sets a legal precedent, which is important considering the number of ‘high level’ suspects involved in ‘historical child abuse’. Can the same be applied for deceased suspects? Possibly so… at least recently deceased suspects who where suspects in an ongoing investigation.

  6. timsanders2013

    Did Alison Saunders have a leading part in “The League Of Gentlemen” ?
    Her face seems familiar to me.
    I think we should be told.

  7. Sabre

    No trial for Janner, he’ll leave on an El-Al flight or in a box before trial.

  8. Patrick

    The thing that really stunk was the decision not to even have a trial of the facts. That was what swung it for me that cover-up was the name of the game. If this revolting old pervert ever sees the inside of a court, therefore, I’ll eat my hat.

  9. steve

    Not before time i say,he’s been at this deviant way of life for years,all of us in The care system in East Midlands no this as fact his name was everywhere in 70/80s i no i was in the so called care system at those times,

  10. Reddan


    No wonder Saunders looks smug

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  12. Andy Barnett

    Hi Gojam. I think you mean “Yes, …” instead of “Not …” ?

  13. Bruce Goldfinch

    He’s just as likely to face justice as Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith ever were. Once he pops his clogs the full truth will come out, im sure. But then it will be his family that will have to face the backlash. If Janner had any backbone he would either defend himself in court and prove his accusers wrong or hold his hands up and face the consequences. I cannot see either of those outcomes becoming reality.

  14. artmanjosephgrech

    Explains why Simon D was cautioned to stick to decision of Director of Public Prosecution and steer clear of making any reference to a possible finding