Box of Frogs : House on Fire

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  2. dpack

    a well researched piece imho .

    one thing i have doughts about is whether or not to dismiss serious allegations made by somebody who has had both substance abuse(now clean) and still has ongoing mental health issues and has spent most of the last six months in solitary with no visitors.and has been “got at” in a variety of ways and perhaps a good brief would rip them to bits in court , the relevant times ,dates and places along with their testimony might show them to be honest ,honestly mistaken or deluded.people who have met them very recently find them credible and it has been known for a very “incredible” (by most legal standards )witness to be telling the truth.

    considering some of the things we can be almost certain of it seems premature and unwise to prejudge such a case and reach any conclusions about it.

  3. dpack

    hi paul ,any luck with volume 4?

  4. dpack

    ta ,useful collation.

  5. dpack

    useful but it was the 4th volume of robin bryans autobiography i refered to