What happened to Vishal?

Tom Swarbrick’s LBC Podcast

‘Vishal Mehrotra went missing in London on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981. His body was found in a shallow grave in Sussex nine months later. 33 years on, nobody knows who took him. His father believes Vishal was taken by a VIP paedophile ring and that police covered it up. Over the next few weeks, LBC’s senior reporter Tom Swarbrick examines the evidence for these claims in order to try and answer one simple question. What happened to Vishal?’

Tom Swarbrick’s original 5-part LBC podcast started 7th May and the last one was broadcast 4th June 2015. This video combines the episodes into a single audio track with added images.

With special thanks to Tom Swarbrick and LBC.

Link to original LBC podcast
Link to PDF file ‘Operation Mehrotra’


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  2. nuggy

    i still think it had somthing to do with scholl he atended.

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    This is every parents nightmare. your child going missing. Be vigilant. As we know there is a #csa coverup from past & still goes on across the world. There needs to be an independent inquiry. Crimes & traumas have been committed & Justice needed for survivors, families. Be vigilant, have contact details. Teach kids NSPCC rule, safety etc. No inappropriate photos etc. safeguard.

  4. When animals have gotten to a murder victim’s remains, sadly, that natural occurrence can effectively thwart all hope of determining what happened to them. There are two cases of murdered children’s remains found in the gargantual Stanley Park of Vancouver, BC, Canada that continue to defy any solution. In the earlier case of two little boys murdered in 1947, not even their identities could be established. In the case of Ramsey Rioux and Kenneth Lutz, identification was eventually made despite the fact that only their skulls were ever recovered. Rioux and Lutz were young teens living in a group home, with a history of skipping out school on Friday afternoons and then showing up on the “boy stroll” in Vancouver, subsequently spending the weekend with men who picked them up there.

  5. David Rayner

    Also, Vishal’s father says he made two tapes of the phone call made by the mystery caller and that he gave one to the police, who lost it. So what happened to the second tape? Has he still got it, I wonder?

  6. Thanks so much for this, Gojam. It was tough, I had to stop a couple times for tears, but worth working through. The clearest presentation of what IS known about the disappearance and subsequent discovery of remains that I’ve come across.

    • Hi JS, thanks for this.

      However, I just need to make clear that this blog has a team behind it and that Daedalus created the video.

      I agree with you that it is probably the best summary so far regarding what happened to Vishal.

      • One question, though. Vishal’s father says very clearly in this, that his mystery caller did not say that he was a prostitute. So where did the idea that this caller declared himself to be “a rent boy working out of Elm Guest House” come from?

  7. shank

    Have been following this and other blogs regarding Savile , Cooke, Elm etc for a couple of years now. The ineptitude,cover ups ,missing files ,disinformation and downright lies is sickening. It is revolting enough that these sick crimes are carried out but to think that the people entrusted to make and uphold our laws could then be involved in covering up (and in some cases actually perpetrated them as well) the evidence makes me sick to my stomach. The further down the rabbit hole I go the more revolting the stench becomes.
    I would like to say a big thank you to Gojam and all the other bloggers who refuse to let these crimes be resigned to the annals of history as the guilty would want. I hope Vishals father can one day receive the closure he so desperately deserves after 33 years of pain.
    I just hope that all these victims are at peace wherever they are.

  8. David Rayner

    What about finding out whether Leslie Bailey was in or out of prison at the time of Vishal’s disappearance? That should be easy for the police to find out about, unless his prison records have long since been destroyed with him having been murdered in prison 22 years ago. It also seems very suspicious that whenever anyone in the police announces a reopening of the case, they are stopped from going any further with the investigation and are moved to another department. Who is it that does not want anyone to find out who took Vishal away and why don’t they want the truth to come out? There has been something very odd going on concerning this case for the past 34 years!

    • Sabre

      The authorities are not back pedalling for the benefit of Cooke and his gang, they fear the results of ‘over investigation’ of linked events, Cooke et al are not the ‘answer’ to the Westminster paedophile scandal but this is a scab that once picked will leak much pus.

  9. joekano76

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  10. Sabre

    I and others will always regret the amateurish cockeyed attempts we made at trying to dig and trouble make re Cooke and his mob. We knew it was controversial hence our involvement, if we had been in possession of a fraction or the information available today I’m sure that we would have tried harder although it is improbable that it would have been to any great effect.

    The DPP/CPS has never given a proper account of the charge decisions re Cooke et al.
    The police took him into special protective custody until he could be taken out of public circulation again.

  11. LBC have really shone a light on this case, to their credit. I hope some kind of justice will come as a result of this terrible, senseless tragedy. I hope that the authorities will look into the case of Keith Lyon again, too. Too many murdered boys – the criminals need to be discovered.

  12. Owen

    Putney Heath, up at the top of Putney Hill. I think the other was at Wandsworth Common.

  13. Anonymous upon request

    The broadcast refers to fairgrounds (plural) being in the Putney area on the afternoon that Vishal went missing. I’d be interested to know exactly where.

    • Hi AUR,

      Hope all is well.

      The names of the fairground owners would be good too.

      But given that the suspect connected to fairgrounds lived in London anyway it might be a red herring. Fairgrounds might be cover for travelling around the country and meeting children but was that cover necessary in these circumstances ?

      • Anonymous upon request

        Precisely, GoJam.

        I’ve often wondered about this potential “link”. I’ve not ruled it in our out. But for some of the reasons you have outlined, it’s one that I have given some thought to.

        Now, on the basis that considerable thought hurts my head, I must start thinking about other things…

        ps – all good. Hope all is well with you and the team.

      • Owen

        Stevens had fairs at Putney Heath (Tibbets Ride). Roses took them over at some stage, not sure when. Probably one or other of these. The fair was close enough for Vishal to have heard the music of the rides at his home in Holmbush Road. A possible route home for him was up Putney Hill.

        Given that the premises where a party was going to be held was easy to reach from Putney Heath, it would have been very convenient to find a victim at or near the fair and take them a mile or so down the road with limited time for public alarms.

        (The fair probably on Wandsworth Common, not far from Putney Heath was likely to have been Carter’s Steam Fair.)

        I’m not sure, Gojam, why you’re not mentioning the subject’s name as it’s clearly mentioned in Swarbrick’s well-constructed series of podcasts.

  14. Owen

    Is any person of interest known to drive or have been driven in Lancias?

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