Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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5 responses to “Everybody Wants To Rule The World

  1. dpack

    but sometimes judges make new rules


    i hope he does get opportunity to say he seems to have wanted to say for a very long time .

  2. dpack

    although that development is probably the sharpest “worm “can opener so far the msm have managed to ignore it except for the bbc who have relegated it to far down the local news n i page of their website.

    for a judge to waive the osa in such a sensitive (and potentially dangerous to the state and some of it’s staff) situation demonstrates that at least one judge does want the truth exposed(or that they didn’t quite understand the implications of the truth).

  3. dpack

    the belfast telegraph mentions “blackmail”.
    whatever might be exposed will not undo the wrongs that were done but it might prevent such tactics being seen as acceptable in the present or future.


  4. dpack

    i have seen or heard no further mention of this ,have the msm been sent a dan or d ?