From The Queen’s Speech Debate: John Mann MP on CSA

John Mann makes a passionate speech about CSA on the 1st day of the new parliament. He inducts new members into the ‘scandal’ of CSA in the country, and explains that he has put down an early day motion asking for the Official Secrets Act to be lifted for officials who wish to give evidence to help answer the question of how Cyril Smith, and others, were allowed to get away with prolific child abuse for so many years.



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  1. Sabre

    An impassioned plea to an empty house.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The number is usual apart from the new SNP members who are making a point as well as learning about the Parliamentary processes. I have explained before that apart from the opening speeches in debates only those who are to speak in debates stay in the chamber until being called by the Speaker.

      The new Scottish nationalists were present to make a point and get good publicity in their country as well as to learn about the Parliamentary processes which they hope to reform

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  3. Myers

    Just the Scots there, by the look of things.
    Westmonster is dying.

  4. Myers

    Mann asks how Smith and others got away with their crimes, and the obvious speculation is that it was through the influence of a covert network that had power within the justice system.
    I’ve read so little about the possible role of the Masons or other secretive groups in the attempts to understand this CSA scandal, I wonder what you think of the significance (or otherwise) of this:

    • Andy Barnett

      I do find it strange how little serious commentary there is about the potential role of the Freemasons in organised CSA, despite links emerging in North Wales, London, Cheltenham, etc. It feels like the situation a couple of years ago in Rotherham and elsewhere, where no mainstream commentator dare talk about the ethnic background of abusers, lest they be called racists. Thus, lets not point out how many known paedophiles are Masons, lest we be called conspiracy theorists.

      Is it at least not worthy of debate – the question of whether it was, AND IS, the secrecy of such societies, together with their reach across all major institutions of state, that has enabled CSA to be both facilitated and go unpunished? We’ve all heard the theories that such societies maintain loyalty and secrecy through vice and blackmail. Can’t we find someone with investigative resources to look into this as a possibility? The Police maybe? Or Channel 4? Or are investigations into the Freemasons off limits? And if so, why, is that exactly?

      Any reason you have never written an article on this subject, Gojam? Or have I missed it?

    • dpack

      that article seems to take some matters of public record and by placing them in a well considered context asks or implies a series of elephant in the room questions.

      there are quite a few other contexts where there could well be a corrupt use of masonic loyalties which pose elephant themed questions about csa and/or spooky deeds and very dark politics.

      some examples of such contexts are “hayman” , “savile” , “mcgrath” ,”blunt” “the rise of the monday club and the thatcher years” , the rise and fall of “the house of dickie ” .
      heniker 8 is ,to some degree, a common factor in all of those (and perhaps several others).

      although the lodges often get blamed for the misdeeds of a few members the privacy ,mutual support and protection aspects of their structure does leave them vulnerable to bad members exploiting the system ,perhaps very disproportionally to the total numbers and hopefully to the disgust of decent masons who are best placed to expose and prevent such blatant disregard for several of the oaths.

      that sort of exploitation of loyalties can be observed in many organizations but is perhaps most effective in organizations with a very broad based membership .
      this is probably why the masonic traditions have attracted more than a fair share of rogues who have corrupted the strengths of the structure for their own ends.

      the subject is huge and much like the elephant in the room it can be difficult to see or mention it.

    • chrisb

      Interesting that the lodge in question attracted people from GCHQ.

      MI5 had a major role in Kincora. Special Branch were probably acting on their behalf when closing down police investigations into Cyril Smith in the 70s. Then there is the pattern of police forces, possibly directed by freemason senior officers, failing to investigate abuse accusations.

      The cover-up of child sexual abuse may have been multi-layered with freemason contacts reinforcing the activities of the intelligence agencies.

    • Mudplugger

      Could always ask Lord Janner – but he’s probably forgotten about masonic stuff now.

      • Quiet_Observer

        He was a magician, and a member of some kind of magician’s society (I forget the name).

        Possible occult connection.

  5. Enna

    At last someone with some courage, but alas probably falling on deaf ears to the handful of people in attendance. When will anything actually get done, where are the arrests? How long will the general public partake in the corrupt voting system where nothing ever changes, where government and high ranking officials remain free to abuse on a gigantic scale? How can the general public be so naive to choose sides and debate ridiculous policies on TV and the MSM as if they expect their opinions matter to these politicians? When will the people wake up to this virus which has been infecting our lives for centuries and finally say, enough is enough, it ends now!

  6. Wendy Horler

    I think a lot of people are aware of the current failure of the democratic process. The question is what do we do about it. We could all write to our MPs who weren’t there to listen to John Mann and ask them to support him, pointing out that we will be watching the process closely. That’s a start anyway!

  7. John Mann MP wasn’t he the guy that decided to quote from Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Office Secretary, when he was addressing the CSA Survivors in Parliament in January 2015.

    That told me everything I needed to know about him.

  8. artmanjosephgrech

    well done

  9. joni Cameron-blsir

    Well said John Mann . Thank you for having a pair!!! God bless you.

  10. Gary

    Only a few Conservative MPs need to rebel for this to get through. Hopefully it will, but if not it will make it harder for them to deny it if pushed through for a third time.

  11. Quiet_Observer

    I was reading the thread from earlier in May 2015 about David’s story, and the references to the mysterious Foreign Office/MI6 official called “H8”.

    A possible person who might be H8 is John Henniker-Major (8th Baron Henniker). See this obituary for Henniker’s biography:

    Also see this article:

    Henniker was, if I recall correctly, an SOE/Intelligence operative in the Balkans during World War II. He attended Stowe school (just like the child molesting deputy MI6 chief – I wonder if they knew each other at school).

    Henniker-Major then served in the British armed forces in Yugoslavia with Fitzroy Maclean. I believe he was a UK representative at Tito’s headquarters.

    Henniker then joined the Foreign Office, and possibly was employed by MI6 using Foreign Office cover.

    Additionally, after You-Know-Who was convicted of sex offences against children, Henniker invited him to live on his estate in Sussex (Thornham Magna), even though the Chief Constable of Sussex PERSONALLY begged him not to, and even though Henniker was simultaneously using his estate for getaway trips for young children!

    See this article:

    Henniker, when interviewed in the above article, claimed that his son had actually invited You-Know-Who to live on the Thornham Magna estate.

    That son is the current (9th) Lord Henniker, Mark Henniker-Major.

    Mark Henniker-Major’s son (aged 21) committed suicide in mysterious circumstances in February 2005.

    See this article:

    The current Lord Henniker (Mark) claims that his son attacked his mother. (Isn’t it a bit odd for a father to disparage his son after the son just committed suicide?)

    See this article:

    For more about the Hennikers and their connections to You-Know-Know, see these articles:

    Also see this article, especially paragraph 5, which mentions the children visiting the estate:

    John Henniker-Major (died 2004) seems like a pretty strong fit for H8.

    In any case, the Hennikers should be asked to explain why they allowed a convicted child sex abuser to live on their estate, especially while they were inviting groups of children to their estate for getaways.

    Another interesting person with possible intelligence connections is Captain Peter Stephen Montgomery, who is reportedly long dead. Captain Peter Montgomery served in Army Intelligence during World War II, and later served as President of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, High Sheriff and Vice-Lieutenant of Tyrone, a senior BBC official in Northern Ireland, and various other positions. Captain Montgomery was friends with Anthony Blunt and Sir Knox Cunningham.

    See this article (I thought I remembered more articles about Montgomery on the Spotlightonabuse website, but could only find this one):

    Also see these threads:

    There are 5 mentions of Peter Montgomery here:

    And, see this article:

    • dpack

      the collation of mixed arms that mcgrath got via armscorp in south africa could have been brokered by h8.i cant prove he was involved in this but he was sipping tea in a garden less than 5 miles from one container as it was loaded onto a boat for ireland .

      im not sure if he became topdog when dickie was killed but he was senior to all the other anglo irish masons (green or orange or united)except dickie .

      this gave him higher status than ,mcgrath, mckeague,blunt ,cunningham and many of the well known names ,he had influence over every variety of sash folk and rather interestingly green masons ,non political,non religious ones and the old anglo irish aristocracy in the north ,south and mainland and those of the worldwide diaspora .

      he was second in status to phil the greek in all lodge matters but perhaps he was more inclined (or perhaps more able) to use his power in practical ways.
      his relationship with phil was more than professional ,phil is godfather to h9. h8 distracted olga leaving phil eligible for lillibet which was almost certainly dickie’s plan.

      “h8 “is not a mysterious player merely an abbreviation i have used for at least a couple of years to save time typing a name as long as major john something something something heniker major something the eighth lord heniker etc etc .

      i first noticed him in relation to the question of who armed mcgrath in the late 1960’s with enough kit to provide the means for the uda to become a serious paramilitary force .

      my early findings about the chap are documented somewhere in the needle’s kincora threads and perhaps a few other relevant places but he is a much bigger spider than i realized at that time .how big is still unclear as it is difficult to see much beyond the tip of each leg to examine the body and to see who all of his real chums were.
      although he remained almost invisible during his lifetime he does seem to have been in the middle of the real action of dark politics for most of his adult life.

      one very odd example of his multiple connections to relevant matters is his broadmoor activity being contemporary with savile’s .
      all of his charitable connections and especially his parole board activities need researching.

      just for a laugh he was major major at one point in his military career ,mostly he isnt very funny .

      • Quiet_Observer

        Hi dpack,

        I am trying to do some further research on John Henniker-Major.

        It seems that he was fired/removed as chief of the British Council in the early 1980s, for unknown reasons.

        Do you have any additional information on Henniker’s dismissal from the British Council?

        I am wondering if he was accused of, shall we say, inappropriate conduct.

        Also, do you have any more info on Henniker’s connections to Ireland? Particularly any connections with Knox Cunningham and/or the alleged MI5 child abusers (Peter “PTE” England, JL Imrie, and Peter Bell)?

        I will try to do some more research on the Henniker parole board activities that you mentioned in your post. I wonder if there is a connection to the now deceased Lord Longford, who desperately campaigned for the release of several child murderers.

        Finally, do you know if there is a connection between Airey Neave/Thatcher and the 8th Lord Henniker?

        If so, that would explain a bit in terms of how Henniker fits into the picture.

      • Owen

        Quiet_Observer, according to the Guardian obituary, H-M was brought in to reform the British Council, ran into opposition and resentment from senior staff who saw him as a Foreign Office imposition and then he found himself without backing after the chairman who appointed him was replaced by another more sympathetic to the senior staff. He was manouevred into resigning, notionally on grounds of his wife’s ill-health.

      • dpack

        this is based on the data i have found or generously been given about the chap ,in the early stages i neglected to keep a copy of everything so some relevant stuff is missing .

        perhaps not having the details of the account of him being a very senior anglo irish mason is one of the more important omissions ,i cant remember where it was from ,a book extract i think,and i haven’t managed to find it again. iirc it directly linked him to mcgrath ,blunt , cunningham et al .

        i dont know why he suddenly was replaced at the british council however i found the timing of his move from jordan to denmark interesting in relation to the sudden move of philby to moscow, just after philby’s “sight seeing”visit to jordan.
        possibly a coincidence but it does puzzle me a little.

        the names from five were not on my radar

        re the link to thatcher ,fitzroy maclean and h8 were comrades in yugoslavia for over a year on the last “tito kills most germans” mission .it is very probable that courtney(a well dubious fellow)delivered and extracted various personnel from the balkans .neave was running mi9(escape and evasion/debriefing escapees/returnees etc etc and possibly also using some the same means to conduct covert insertions ).philby was briefing on soviet and communist matters at the time . sue ryder(neave’s long term comrade)was liaising with popski’s private army in the eastern med and she also had dealings with courtney (and his boat seraph) (and by implication philby). my best guess is they knew each other quite well and were comrades at least until the late 1940s ,creating an “soe”in waiting behind the iron curtain(and in nato held territory )was a high priority and conducted with a variable degree of success.the nato side of the line stuff could be could be considered gladio a (such as tara) .
        all of them might have been asked to explain themselves when golitsyn jumped and outed philby ,especially as angleton had doughts about all of them from the 1940’s onwards.(just cos he was a paranoid psychopath does not exclude him being clever or correct at times).

        spookery has been a family /old chum business in the uk for a long time and still seems to be if one pokes about in some of the next generation links.the son in law of h8 has current relevance

        ps i have seen nothing that suggests he indulged any personal vices,so far everything leads me to conclude he exploited the vices and weaknesses of others in a cold and very sociopathic pursuit of his objectives.

        his motivation is also rather unclear to me ,he was rich and had no need to work beyond running a large and profitable estate so i suspect he enjoyed the thrill of the game rather than being motivated by the rewards of victory although he might have seen himself in the tradition of tallyrand the real “new tallrand” was dickie .
        i cant decide about his attitude to dickie .

        that long term family traditions are important might be important.
        for instance what historical company directorships link
        cyril smith’s political boss,Steel
        righton’s landlord’s son in law ,Spring
        those who probably put assad senior in power ,(too scarey to name)
        a variety of top end international players and some plausable spooks
        a very significant turnover
        a director of a well known investigative journalism website,Pendry
        THE BRITISH SYRIAN SOCIETY LIMITED 04619563 Registered Address: Bury House/33 Bury Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6AX
        Read more at:
        the link between pendry and h8’s son in law is a strange “coincidence “ some of the bss directors are very serious players

  12. It’s about time someone stud up for the children in the UK who’s parents fort in the 1st and second world war only to have their children abused in the care of this UK H.M Government.

    PS What happened to my last comment.

  13. eviltorypervert

    its time those scottish plebs knew there place.