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  1. dpack


  2. paul

    It’s finally here. Robin bryans 1996 book. Full book. Same as previous ones,full of controversial allegations.he certainly was well wonder he had to self publish these books,too much trouble for mainstream publishers lawyers.

  3. dpack

    the truth about what happened to mr crabbe and why is outside my field .

    it is a very strange story that might have a simple or complex explanation .

    my instinct is that he died checking under the russian boat but that might have been an unfortunate accident (slurped into the moving parts) or an embarrassing failure (detected and failed to escape the divers sent to get him)

    the tale of his being killed by a security diver team and his body concealed does seem the most plausible version.

  4. paul

    i’ll post link here when I see it.looking forward to reading it myself. CHECKMATE his 3rd in this last series is only available through the British Library. they don’t lend their books to other libraries unfortunately. another book freely available is THE CRABB ENIGMA by mike and Jacqui welham. they did extensive interviews with robin bryans and quote him. its mainly about the mysterious buster crabb disappearance. mike welham served with paddy ashdown in the sbs.

  5. dpack

    thanks ,i look forward to the content as well as the “contents”

    a rather interesting selection of photos on the cover

  6. paul

    4th ultra rare ROBIN BRYANS book BLACKMAIL AND WHITEWASH. just the front,back (interesting ) and index. the complete book will be put up soon. probably within a week if its like let the petals fall. VERY RARE. Last book he did I think.

    • paul

      forgot link

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