Interview With Vishal’s Father Vishambar Mehrotra 1982

This interview with Vishambar Mehrotra  for Thames News was filmed in 1982 following the discovery of Vishal’s remains. It is not the news piece that was broadcast but the raw unedited footage. Hence the seemingly odd questions to camera at the end by the interviewer.



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  2. Sabre

    Reminds you of the personal human costs in all of this.

  3. David Walker

    This forces me to realise that with our insatiable need for information, we get the press that we deserve. Mr Malhottra deserved better.

  4. So terribly heart-breaking and tragic!
    There are things I’ve never understood, about this case, and reading old newspaper stories about it hasn’t helped much.
    Was the possibility of a race-hate murder ruled out? If so, how & why?
    The 1980’s was my country’s decade of mindless violence by White Power gang nutters – some were Skinheads, some were not – and I know you had serious problems with such scumbags going back to the late 1960’s.
    For example, all the crimes of violence against totally innocent non-whites committed by the British Movement’s homocidal maniac Nicky Crane. His reign of teror was at it’s peak right in the same period as the death of Vishal Mehrotra, 1978-1981, with acts of extreme sadistic violence against Blacks and Asians, and including entire families. Sick f*cks like this would no doubt get off on murdering a little boy of Asian descent in some horrible manner, such as tying him down across a rail line. I assume that such possibilities were somehow excluded by the coroner’s report?

    • Sabre

      I’m surprised at your falling for the ‘cartoon nazi’ created by a media that all complain about ad nausum.
      How many white power murders target little boys that are cut in half and hidden?
      Your allusion to Nicky Crane, a fairly obscure character in the uk let alone overseas, could just as easily make the crime a ‘gay paedo rape’ as a white power murder.
      For the record, before your post I’d never heard of any link however tenuous and hypothetical to either white power in general or Nicky Crane in particular !

  5. Sabre

    If the murder of Vishal is within the ambit of Operation Midland, the Police suspect that the murderer(s) are as far removed from white power as it is possible to be.
    Had there been the slightest possibility of a ‘hate crime’ scenario the police parliament and press would have been implacable in the pursuit of justice, the silent torpor suggests otherwise.

  6. Sabre

    You seem to be clutching at straws, I’m minded of the subject alluded to several threads back, Gojam published part 1, time for part 2 methinks !

  7. dpack

    umm .tragic .
    perhaps the recent reminders about this unresolved situation will bring some sort of belated justice and that might provide a small measure of closure for his family.