Police To Investigate Thorpaedoed Investigation


An inquiry is to take place into claims evidence was altered during the police investigation into former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe in the 1970s, the BBC’s Today programme has learned.

The politician, who died aged 85 in 2014, was acquitted of conspiracy to murder the model Norman Scott in 1979.

An allegation has been made that a witness statement was changed during the original investigation.

Avon and Somerset Police has asked another force to carry out the inquiry.

The police watchdog, The Independent Police Complaints Commission, has been informed.

Mr Thorpe won the North Devon seat for the Liberals in 1959 with his energetic campaigning, and inspiring performances as a public speaker.

He went on to serve as the party’s treasurer before being elected leader in 1967, promising to turn the party into a radical pioneering force.

But his political career ended when his life became engulfed in scandal.

He was charged by Avon and Somerset Constabulary with conspiracy and incitement to murder.

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30 responses to “Police To Investigate Thorpaedoed Investigation

  1. dpack


    odd but we seem to have been here before,that was the top google result for jeremy thorpe fbi.
    i was wondering if we had a date for his run in with the “feds” in order to put that bit of leverage into the various timelines.

    it does seem a bit odd that although the liberal party has not been more than a minor league team since ww2 a lot of attention has been given to them both then and now .

    steel popped up in the rather odd context of being associated with persons who have middle eastern (and other)interests via the bss and said foundation.
    clegg worked in leon’s office for a while .
    ashdown has an sbs (and perhaps spooky)background.

    smith was almost certainly protected despite or perhaps more probably because of his nature.

    bit of a rum bunch imho.

    • Sabre

      I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say that it’s only the rum bunch that competes for the top table.
      Imagine some naive good intentioned types getting anywhere near office,
      The damnable chaps would start interfering and changing things, they aren’t proper people, they don’t know the form, this democracy thing really can go too far if uncontrolled.

  2. dpack

    having had a poke about in the frass of the politics of the time im unsure about thorpe.he seems to have been both attacked and protected and although he tried to keep his private life private and it might have included some rather unpleasant arrangements at times im not convinced he was guilty of the worst things he has been accused of .
    it seems a little odd that if he was truly evil it was thought best to remove him from political life via a series of “unfortunate events”rather than to direct him and keep him in the thick of it.

    perhaps his story (stories)should be considered in the context of the time and especially with reference to mr worthington,the heath rumours, clockwork orange part two ,gladio b,etc etc .

    that he might have known about smith and other matters seems probable but he does not seem to have profited from that knowledge.

    cui bono ? then and now.

    ps rinka was certainly innocent

    • Sabre

      Conspiracy to murder is generally considered jolly bad form !

      • dpack

        im not sure if he did ,it is possible he did and it is possible he was set up to seem as though he did .

        whether or not it is considered bad form depends on ones opinion of the target ,the professionalism of the execution and if it is successful in thwarting danger by risking even greater danger.
        to avoid detection or legal problems in such matters seems quite common as the chap was well placed to find a professional “helper”if such extreme measure seemed the best course of action it seems the whole semi official version was a bit amateurish in both concept and delivery .

  3. Becky

    “Police To Investigate Thorpaedoed Investigation”

    I don’t understand: where is the evidence that Jeremy Thorpe was a paedophile? As far as I know he was a gay man who was attracted to other adult men.

    • Hi Becky,

      He was investigated by the FBI in the USA and his solicitor sought to stop the press reporting the Cyril Smith allegations as it might damage Thorpe’s chances at trial.

      • Sabre

        Thorpe’s legal team needn’t have worried, had the trial judge summed up the case against Hindley or Brady in a similar manner they would have been given £50 out of the poor box instead of life sentences.

  4. Sabre

    Justin, it may be a good idea to apologise to the ninjas for mobilising them and then standing them down, they are busy men, all that State Sponsored mischief that they are tasked with.
    Ask them nicely to ‘stand by’ while you evaluate the position.
    The ninjas get well pissed off when they get their nuts shot off due to dodgy ‘intel’.

  5. Sabre

    Before knocking down a straw man it is important to ensure that he is in fact of straw. Kicking a concrete silo with a wind blown covering of straw tends to result in a broken foot !

  6. Sabre

    The Ray Savage on the Balcombe fracking video is the same man as the one that appears on the justice denied video re Hampstead case, however, in my humble opinion he looks nothing like the guy photographed in Justin’s link. Both videos and the link are all current.

  7. Sabre

    I don’t know any Ray Savage, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more than one though. There is a youtube video re Balcombe fracking with a Ray Savage (ex cop) doing a piece to camera about microwave radiation emanating from police radios, he doesn’t like the Ray Savage pictured in the link you posted.

  8. Ooops!
    Not THAT Ray Savage? Ray Savage the conspiracy theorist loonie? Please tell me that can’t be true – Ray Savage the 20 year veteran CSA images analyst is the same person? How is he getting away with calling himself an analyst for Cleveland police, in criminal trials, if he’s only a FORMER police officer?

    Oh well, looks like I’m wrong again. Does me no harm to admit that, though.

    Cancel the SAS squad.

    • Sabre

      I’m getting much too cynical, this subject really doesn’t help, you wouldn’t set up a straw man would you Justin?
      I was extremely surprised when I saw your bring out the ninjas post and now you ‘admit’ that you were wrong, you didn’t know that you were ‘wrong’ when you made the initial post did you?

    • Sabre

      I claim no knowledge of this case, why would the police use a loonie to do their analysis? why have the prosecution authorities not asked the police to use another analyst ? Have the defence used his loonie status in rebuttal? if not, why not?
      The prosecution evidence has to be disclosed to the defence and if the images aren’t there I suspect that the defence, Judge and jury are going to notice.

      • gw

        Quite correct.

        It’s astounding that one could confuse the two – as Sabre noted they look nothing like each other.

        Likewise, a cursory google search would show that Cleveland Police’s Ray Savage has given statements to court on similar issues consistently across the years.

        Indeed the conspiracy Ray Savage, I would have thought, would mention that he was currently employed as a “digital media forensics analyst” when commenting on the Hampstead SRA hoax.

        They are not the same people.

      • gw

        Sorry after re-reading my tone seems harsher then intended – as ever it is nothing personal just criticism in the strict sense. Regards

  9. joekano76

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  10. I consider dedication to cold case resolution, (missing persons, unsolved rapes, unsolved murders, vindication & release from custody for the falsely convicted), to be a hallmark of a genuinely civilized society. Truly civilized people would have an implicit social contract with each other; “if you ever go missing, if you are ever criminally violated or slain, if you are ever unjustly convicted & imprisoned, we will NEVER forget you nor stop seeking to uncover the truth about what happened to you”.

    Nevertheless, some priority must be given to safeguarding each other in the present moment. It would not be unjust for maximum resources to be allocated for investigations into current massive child-exploitation rings, or for terrorism prevention investigations. Or, perhaps for this…

    “A forensic computer analyst has spoken of his horror when he viewed the snuff film found in Daniel Fisher’s collection of child abuse images”.

    I’ve expressed the skeptical position on the historic existence of sex-murder videos before, because that is the position supported by actual evidence and true expert witness rather than rumor & unsubstantiated “whistleblower” claims. However, so far I have no reason to doubt the judgement of analyst Ray Savage. He believes the images he viewed depict an actual rape-murder event.

    Predictably this story has prompted not only conspiranoids, but also some persons who ought to know better, to issue ridiculous statements about “not being surprised by this” because they “knew all along that there was a snuff-porn industry, and that it was just covered up”. Perhaps such persons are incapable of reading full statements, or of comprehending their meaning? Because Ray Savage says very clearly: “It’s certainly the most horrific image I’ve seen in all my experience as a forensic examiner. I’ve been doing this since 1995″. and “And certainly my two colleagues who have been with me for just about the same length of time, it’s the worst they also had ever seen”.
    If these images are “the worst” that Savage and his colleagues have ever seen in their 20 year careers, that means THEY’VE NEVER SEEN A GENUINE RAPE-MURDER IMAGE BEFORE.

    Apparently, they believe they’ve seen some now. And if this really is verifiable, then I’d say that constitutes a “crimes against humanity” emergency no less than the horrible things that ISIS has been doing. MAXIMUM resources should be allocated to uncovering and apprehending whomever is responsible, wherever in the world they might be. And frankly, f*ck jurisdictional worries. The perps are in Far East Nowheresville, and their authorities aren’t interested in pursuing them? Drop in a little SAS squad then, and bring them back to some good Western justice…

    • Anon

      National Security should not be used an excuse for covering up or forgetting about Child Abuse.

  11. There was a radio 4 programme on this shortly after Thorpe died. On the programme the witness who was implicated told radio 4 that he was contacted at the time and told his original statement was being withdrawn and a new statement prepared. He was asked to go to a police station to sign the new statement. In that statement he was exonerated and so was Thorpe. Don’t know how one can get an audio copy of that programme. It was broadcast at 11 pm on 5 December 2014 on radio 4.

  12. Sabre

    Peter Cook summed it up.

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  14. I’m still surprised that these allegations are being investigated but, of course, not until perpetrators are dead.

    Will there ever be prosecutions of the living and will they be for current offences.

    • Sabre

      Don’t be surprised, the forces of law and order are implacable in their pursuit of justice.

      The tone of your second sentence indicates that you already know the answer to the question.