I guess that’s why they call it the blues

The Friday Night Song


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  1. Andy Barnett

    Hey Gojam. The black spider memos are published tomorrow 3pm. Any thoughts on what to expect?

    • Interesting.

      Specifically, no but the more Charles is seen to interfere the worse it will seem and also what he is interfering in. ie, architecture or the plight of hill farmers won’t cause as big a problem as if he has tried to influence more politically sensitive issues that touch on economic policy or non Commonwealth foreign policy.

      • Andy Barnett

        Well I guess we will know soon, so only a fool would speculate ..

        But I do wonder whether it really is Charles that stands to lose from the disclosure. It’s the Tories that have fought for them to be kept secret and presumably succeeded in delaying their publication until after the election. Lets hope then that Charles was calling for greater social justice or for an end to the protection of high profile paedophiles … or would that be too much to expect from our future King.

        • There are concerns, so I’ve heard, that Charles is quite vocal regarding social justice. It’s one of the main reasons why the succession issue reared its head because of ‘establishment’ concerns.

  2. eviltorypervert

    im so glad the plebs voted the way they were told to.

    theyll never catch me now.

  3. Richard Stork

    A big Graham Ovenden fan, made a fortune off the death of Diana Spencer. Lovely chap, I’m sure the two innocent children he bought will grow up happy and well adjusted, and will be completely unaffected by the perverse activities of their father (sic) and it’s semen receptacle. Big hand for the brave new blue world. (with a white background).

  4. Sabre

    The Labour Party are now Ed-less and Harriet ‘Pie’ Harman is at the helm.

  5. barb

    perfect song choice think many many people bewildered and in shock

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  7. tom rattigan

    Would you be interested in doing a blog about my new book A Slice Of Bread & Jam  http://www.asliceofbreadandjam.com  Kindest Regards Tom