CSA Protesters On Nick Clegg’s Roof (But Don’t Tell The Public!)

Banner reads “Time To Come Clean – Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith, Lord Janner and [indistinguishable]”

It all seems politically impartial to me and so I can’t see the problem with reporting it.




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20 responses to “CSA Protesters On Nick Clegg’s Roof (But Don’t Tell The Public!)

  1. Andy Barnett

    Err, why is the guy in red dressed as a superhero? No wonder the press are saying it’s Fathers for Justice.

  2. dpack

    perhaps time to get the msm busy.
    it does seem very fair in political balance.

  3. John

    Surely expecting fair unbiased reporting from the MSM is naive, if not extremely naive ?

  4. gw

    [indistinguishable] = N. Yorks Police?

  5. dpack

    nyp have some answers they should (possibly could) provide re “savile and others” .
    some of their responses to foi requests and direct questions make interesting if disturbing reading.
    the savile ,jaconelli ,senior officers,junior officers,squaredealers etc etc etc etc questions are ,as yet, unresolved .

  6. Anon

    Ok Election over and decided.

    Time for the MSM to come out of Paedo Purdah to get back onto uncovering those Peer-to-Peer networks.

    • It can’t happen until 10pm tonight.

      • Sabre

        The sheep are pissed off so come 10 pm the shepherd will consider changing the colour of his hat.

      • Sabre

        He thought about it, it turns out that the sheep like the blue hat without the yellow chevrons. The shepherd will of course consult the sheep in 5 years time, those bloody sheep are fickle when it comes to hats.

  7. IWTT

    The two men have stepped off the roof this afternoon (see Twitter) and no arrests made. https://twitter.com/IanMcFadyen1966/status/596327746374086656

  8. dpack

    no charges is a good result in such actions ,well done .