BBC Radio 4: ‘David’s story’ Part 2

Becky Milligan investigates allegations of historical child abuse by prominent figures and hears David’s story.

The third part can be listened to today on Radio 4’s World at One.



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3 responses to “BBC Radio 4: ‘David’s story’ Part 2

  1. robert hutchings

    conspiracy news hour had several people on talking about the 16 london care homes where boys were abused, and margaret hodges shredding of documents exposing this. I believe the speakers who said Allan Yentob did know about Jimmy saville and others, Frankie Howard was a very promiscous homosexual whom the BBC told to get help, Michael Barrymore was another sent to see psychiatrist Ruth Seiffert both at the request of Allan Yentob and the BBC, this being the case the BBC is both answeable and at least in part, to blame for the boys who were abused

  2. There has been a historical cover up & also, let’s turn a blind eye culture as children (boys & girls) are used as sexual toys for the entitled & other predators. I no longer buy the licence post saville. Institutional abuse & patriarchy is established at all levels of society & women & children are often ignored. All of this is about power & privilege as well. I think we need another organisation not just the police to deal with this. I will be writing more on this subject but my thoughts are with the survivors who are made to feel like the accused. Things have to change so that child abuse is prevented.