Sir Peter Hayman And Peter Righton Named On BBC #WATO


Sir Peter Hayman and Peter Righton

Very shocking story on BBC’s World at One, ‘David’s Story’ Part 2 (Part 1 in preceding post) relating to the abuse of 8 and 10 year old brothers

They were the only two abusers named by the BBC as they have convictions.




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  2. dpack

    Mr Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) (Lab): The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad. The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists I want to ensure that the Metropolitan police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No. 10.

    The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman raises a very difficult and complex case, and I am not entirely sure which former Prime Minister he is referring to. What I would like to do is look carefully in Hansard at the allegations he has made and the case he has raised, and look carefully at what the Government can do to help give him the assurances he seeks.

    hansard col 923 24th oct 2012

    • Norman John Worthington

      I’ve always struggled with the PM’s response quoted here. He acknowledges Tom’s question ‘raises a very difficult and complex case’ suggesting he is already fully aware of it yet claims to be ‘not entirely sure of which former PM’ Tom refers to.

      • Sabre

        He probably has to check his diary and consult his Permanent Secretary to establish whether he knows officially or unofficially ;-)

    • Sabre

      You have to remember that the Cabinet Office and everything that funnels through it is not necessarily passed on to the PM, The civil service including the intelligence services may have their own reasons for holding information back but the main reason for withholding information is to ensure that the PM is protected from being ‘officially’ aware of certain matters. All those chaps sporting double firsts from Balliol and Trinity can of course ensure that the PM becomes ‘unofficially’ aware of matters via other channels if they so wish.

      • dpack

        Bullerby: “How much for the prints and the negatives?”

        no apology for the house of cards theme ,it seems horribly apt and then i found this

        Carlsen: There’s not a problem, is there?
        Grey Suit: I’m sure there won’t be. I just wanted to be quite clear. You see this particular document has such a high security clearance I’m not authorised to read it myself.
        Carlsen: Really? How do you manage then?
        Grey Suit: I avert my eyes, Mrs Carlsen. Now this is for the Prime Minister, you say?
        Carlsen: Yes, that’s right. I am his PPS. I’m going straight from here to Downing Street.
        Grey Suit: And you’re prepared to sign for it, taking full responsibility for its safety?
        Claire Carlsen: Yes, of course.
        Grey Suit: Fine, if you’ll just sign and date there, please. Thank you. This is the document.
        Carlsen: But this is in a clear folder. You could read it easily.
        Grey Suit: But I don’t, Mrs Carlsen. I avert my eyes. As you will too, of course.

  3. dpack

    i had also noticed that.
    perhaps there might be a choice of former pm’s who fit the statement in the question.
    i suppose it could refer to any pm/ senior aide up to the time of righton’s conviction,the thatcher/morrison combo does seem the most plausible considering the data that has emerged about morrison .

    macmillan’s pps ,knox cunninham ,is another obvious possibility especially as his name crops up in a variety of relevant and disturbing contexts however his dates put him into a previous political generation to the one that is generally assumed to be the one mentioned in the pmq.

    going a bit further back nothing would surprise me about bracken but he is probably too long ago to be referred to.(died 1958 which does not rule him out but makes him less plausible for this senior aide)

    just restricting the question to the prime minister’s pps between bracken and the internet rendering smuggling paper or filmed csa images redundant there are close to 30 potential candidates.if the senior aide role was taken to be broader than the post of pps there are a lot of potential candidates .

    although the pmq refers specifically to righton(conviction 1992 iirc)it is plausible that in the heat of the moment cameron missed that bit and only answered the senior aide/former pm bit which does add a few extra administrations to the candidate pool.

    my guess would be that if cameron had been briefed and was genuinely wondering which pm/aide was being referred to i recon his dilemma would be the is it cunningham or is it morrison that mr watson refers to ?
    this does not rule out the possibility that it could be a “clean skin” we have no knowledge of.

    there is a herd of elephants in the house at this point in that:

    had cameron been briefed about mr watson planning to ask this question?

    if so who was aware he needed briefing and how did they know he needed briefing?

    are all prime ministers briefed about such matters as a general policy “just in case”?

    there could well be other elephant questions to answer, huge ones include if i can think of both cunningham and morrison as the senior aide mentioned how many more do we not know about ?and how or why did both of those pass active top level vetting?

  4. dpack

    hayman is another kettle of fishy business or a red heron.
    yet again the huge elephant question of how or why did he retain a high level positive vetting status deserves an answer?

    he might be important ,the red herring comment refers to the idea he might be not be more than an abusive posh perv who can be used ,posthumously, to distract from “matters of state”.
    his career in what could be broadly be termed the fo does seem to be “behind the times “or “to the side”of where the real action was on many occasions.
    he definitely had opportunities to become “known”to some persons of considerable interest and perhaps to follow in their footsteps.

    righton is a very fishy kettle of fish in the middle of some very fishy smelling fishermen.

    righton’s protection by h8 (post conviction) is either very odd or very disturbing .
    does anybody know when they first met ?

  5. dpack

    two questions of two parts
    (i’m assuming they met but it is a reasonable assumption)when/how did hayman first meet righton?
    when/how did righton first meet h8?

    hayman and h8 had met by march 1944(balkan activities) but establishing how and when righton got known to h8 (and hayman if he did know him)could be useful data in establishing the structures and timelines that seem to involve these characters.

    apparently by 1970 righton was providing “considerable assistance”to a home office report so perhaps it could be assumed that he might have been subject to a “vetting ” of some type before or during that which might have detected his early misdeeds.

    this might be a very red herring but here goes ,i wonder if righton was known to h8 before righton’s visit to algeria ?.
    it does seem likely as righton was keeping company with those in high places (uk)for quite a few years before that visit.
    what may be a strange coincidence is that his visit was about 6 months before usa/algerian diplomatic relations were resumed after a falling out of several years however at the time british /algerian relations were strong(they had been for some time) and were based mostly on gas (ten percent of uk gas came from algeria),gas equipment and students training at uk universities before returning home to algeria.
    it just struck me as a strange place for a chap like righton to chose to write a paper on the local child care and i wondered if his visit might have contained a hidden agenda(apart from the obvious hidden agenda that seems to have been a constant with him).
    h8 was an africa specialist although his activities seem to have been both more local and broader than that over a long career in a variety of roles.

  6. dpack

    the volume of “information”that has been posted on the interweb about h8 over the last few months is rather interesting .
    most is vague ,wrong,misleading etc .
    the best new stuff has bits of truth and plenty of the above

    imho there is a well resourced effort to confuse and distract from the role of h8 .
    perhaps the important data about him should include

    protected righton
    probably facilitated arming mcgrath,
    knew hayman,possibly ran him.
    top level anglo irish mason which gave him power over many “names”from a variety of backgrounds .
    distracted phil’s girlfriend to further dickie’s big plan.
    phil is godfather to his kid so he was ok with that arrangement .
    his son in law has some relevant business links to current active players
    h8 was part of the balkan mission with fittzroy maclean ,delivered by courtney,mentored by philby in eastern ways .extractions if necessary arranged by neave etc etc (ie an soe type of spiv rather than an old school gentleman style of spook even if he was rather posh) .

    etc etc etc ,the chap was a very huge spider imho and that small list above barely starts to direct proper investigations of his history .