BBC Radio 4: ‘David’s story’ Part 1

Becky Milligan investigates allegations of historical child abuse by prominent figures and hears David’s story.

The second part can be listened to today on Radio 4’s World at One.


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  1. I do hope one day that these evil people will be expose though-dare I say, I am not too sure this will happen. Being a survivor of Historical sexual abuse over many years as a child in the CARE of the Liverpool City Council And the Nugent care Society, the latter having managed their damage limitation by paying out miserly sums of compensation to past victim. But there behavior will not stay hidden for long I hope!

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    • Hi Cathy,

      I don’t know how true this is but I’ve been told that it might not be Charles Hornby, it might be mistaken identity and another man instead but that article about Op Playland is well worth a read.

      • 70sgirl

        If it is not Hornby then it would make a good deal more sense. There is a slight problem with dates, because Hornby had been arrested and then attempted to bribe witnesses by late spring of the year David came to London. This after having been under surveillance for some time. I did my own inadequate research on this and came to the conclusion that David was very unfortunate indeed to have met Hornby only weeks before his arrest. However I could not discover the exact arrest date. But by June he had pleaded guilty to all offences.

  5. Here is some of what I wrote, earlier this year, to two people who write for the Guardian – about Playland & Funland arcades, and about Hornby and David Archer:

    In England of the 1970s you had “Playland” arcades, stalked by chickenhawk “johns”. We had “Funland” arcades – there was one right beside the local newspaper offices, which were in turn kitty-corner to the local gay stroll. On Saturdays, after cashing out for the week at the paper, we carriers would all troop over to Funland and squander some of our earnings on the pinball machines. The older paperboys, (16-17), would periodically explain to younger newbies that if a man put a quarter on your machine and then stood there smiling at you, that meant he wanted to take you out to his car and “s*ck your d*ck” – something we all found hilariously funny – and that we should call them over if some man was pestering us, and they would “kick that f*ggot’s ass”.

    There are, and have been, several ‘dossiers’ on alleged VIP pedophiles in the UK, and accompanying accusations about a cover-up. What was the first one? Geoffrey Dickens, circa 1983? No.

    “In 1975, Scotland Yard carried out a high-profile child abuse investigation which centred on the Playland amusement arcade near Piccadilly Circus, and involved the sexual exploitation of homeless boys…Four of the men convicted were ‘nobodies’, but one – Charles Hornby – was a pillar of the Establishment. He was a wealthy socialite, a Lloyd’s underwriter, and an old Etonian, “who on occasion had Prince Charles among his dinner guests”.

    “The four ‘nobodies’ later had their sentences reduced in mysterious circumstances. One of them, David Archer…said he would present the police with a dossier naming the ‘millionaires and titled and influential people’ involved in the Playland affair. He added: ‘I believe there was a tremendous cover-up to protect these people.’ – “The Playland Cover-up”, Spotlight On Abuse site.

    Here we have, way back in 1975, a dossier of VIPs allegedly involved in child prostitution/ sex abuse rings and an accusation that there was some kind of cover-up to protect them. Note that this accusation comes from a man who was himself convicted of sexual crimes against children through a child prostitution ring, but who none the less states his desire and intention to inform on a large number of other men involved in similar crimes. This demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, pedophiles don’t always attempt to cover-up for and protect other pedophiles – not even other members of their own ring or gang. Also contrary to popular belief, child sex abusers don’t all profess to believe that any and all sex between any adults and any children is “ok” and shouldn’t even be a crime. Pedophiles and other child sex abusers are often fully capable of simultaneously believing that there is nothing wrong about their own offending behaviour, AND that some other men’s sexual interactions with children constitute horrific abuse of innocents for which they ought to be arrested and punished through the criminal justice system.

    This was the case with David Archer, whose offer to inform on “millionaires and titled and influential people” wasn’t a result of being repentant for his own crimes. All of the “nobodies” in that 1975 case were hopelessly mired in a common delusional rationalization for their offending behaviour – that they were motivated by a desire to help the boys by mentoring them “in the ways of the world” and “the ways of men”, and that their sexual relationships with the boys were actually beneficial to the child – this is the “Greek Love” rationalization popularized by Walter Breen and professed by the Better Life conspirators, among many others. The judge said: “The suggestion that the accused were trying to help the boys was “the most nauseating part” of the nine-week rent-a-boy trial…” Despite professing to believe that he was just “helping” his boy victims, Archer claimed that “he wanted to co-operate with the police because he resented the way “some very big names” were taking advantage of young boys”. There is an obvious class element here as well – the unemployed and possibly homeless Archer’s antipathy for millionairres engaged in the very same exploitation of the very same boy victims.