Harvey Proctor ‘Not A Suspect’

I’m not going to add much other than to say that I’m as sure as I can be that the police did not directly tip off the media about the raid on Harvey Proctor’s home.


Harvey Proctor

The full comment piece written by Harvey Proctor can be found at the Independent on Sunday

In the context of recent speculation and allegations on the internet, I write this to say that I am innocent of the allegations against me and I will maintain this stance until my dying breath.

On Wednesday 4 March 2015, the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Midland Team raided my home and, under a warrant investigating historical child sexual abuse, searched my house for 15 hours. I was told at 11pm that  no statement would be issued to the press and my identity would not come out. That was not the case.

If not before, then within eight hours of the police leaving my home, details of the raid were leaked to the national media. ExaroNews – an odd internet news agency – was tipped off before the police left my home. Mark Conrad, a journalist for the agency, was phoning and emailing my office at 9.34pm – at least 90 minutes before the police left my house.

During and immediately after the search, I volunteered to be interviewed by the Metropolitan Police concerning Operation Midland’s investigations relating to allegations from the 1970s and Eighties.

My solicitors – Messrs Sakhi and Gatrad of Sakhi Solicitors, Leicester – arranged for me to be interviewed  on Monday 23 March 2015. The police initially confirmed that it was convenient and then cancelled the interview at short notice, due to “circumstances beyond [the officer’s] control”. The appointment was rearranged for  Tuesday 14 April 2015. It was through no fault of my own that on Thursday 9 April 2015 the police again cancelled the interview, scheduled for 14 April 2015.

Independent on Sunday


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  1. Neil

    Looks like comments are closed but I’d like to say thanks very much to Gojam when I needed a voice and still need one. Thanks :)

  2. Norman John Worthington

    @duddenhallapproveds…it’s the accused I’m challenging, not your analogy. I’ve no reason to disagree ;)

    • You cannot challence anyone during an on-going police investigation. Anything you say is, ‘perverting the course of justice’, and carries up to lifetime imprisonment.

      • Norman John Worthington

        The ‘accused’ to whom I refer, is not under Police investigation and has, thus far, not been mentioned in this specific post or the comments after it.

        I suspect we have our wires crossed or our analogies mixed up.

        An analogy is like a bowler hat…….

      • Norman John Worthington

        Your reference to the law is in any case flawed but I see what you are alluding to. I’ll not waste any more of my time on this as the theft of motor vehicles or their subsequent respraying is not my area of expertise but I will sign off with some well meant advice……

        Reading between the lines can reveal more than reading too much into what it written on them. I think you will find that looking more closely at the comments left on this blog may open up some rabbit holes, down which, a rabbit may once in a while, actually lurk.

        Just don’t get me started on big black spiders in the corner of the room. It’s been a long time ;)

        Kind wishes my friend.

  3. Then again, if he is not both people, maybe he is not either person.

    • Norman John Worthington

      If so, he has nothing to fear and should not feel obliged to mount a defence (or mount anything else related for that matter)

  4. It is the simple fact that he was thought to be both men. But at the end of March, files found at Colidale sent to SY, show that he was not both men, but maybe only one of them.

    • For clarity, what you’re saying is that files found gave him a partial alibi.

      • If a man was seen stealing your car, by several witnesses, then several days later, another witness saw aman, roughly matching the descrition, painting your car another colour, you might think it must be the same man.
        If however, later new information comes along, suggesting the first man, was not the one later painting the car, then there is a slight problem?

        • More than a slight problem. Sounds as though he has an alibi for the second incident which casts doubt on whether he was the person involved in the first incident.

          • No the second witness said it was definitely him painting the car blue.
            So there must have been two men who look similar. However I did point out that they were not the same man, but all files had been lost at that time.
            After finding files though, they will have to look into it.

  5. Sabre

    We’re as thick as shit and nature dictates that those that aren’t will prevail.

  6. dpack

    infighting isnt an issue .establishing truth is .

    anyway the odd direction this thread has taken made me consider the implications of the rather credible if singular sourced statements being made on radio four yesterday and today .each of them could be true,partially true or false.
    they do relate to a relevant time and establishing the truth of those matters could be rather educational in terms of context and especially to the small world of a section of the british establishment at “play”and the implications for the power that arranging and documenting that “play”might have.

  7. Sabre

    Let’s face it there is organised undermining of the efforts to shed light on this subject. Those organising the destabilisation have a surplus of resources and techniques, however, one of the major factors is actually free, we know about it, those behind the destabilisation effort know about and yet it always works. Human nature, vanity, pride,greed,vengeance and fear amongst others. Wind them up and watch them fight like rats in a sack.

    • dpack

      spot on analysis of destabilization .
      the best counter to those methods is to just get on with sharing data and peer reviewing hypotheses.

  8. Guys and girls

    I love reading these blogs and (particularly) the infighting, but I get lost at times.

    To help me follow things, when posting please address by name the individual you are posting to.

    Thank you.

    • A reply, observation & a question:

      Yoiks, I hate reading my own words long after the fact… but not much there I would wish to change.

      As Gojam wrote: “It’s now with the police.”
      Do you know how that all panned out, Dpack? I do hope so!

      • Sabre

        You definitely make for a better read than the ad-hoc handles spouting silly names. Are you alleging that Gojam has deliberately attempted to mislead?
        Alternatively are you arguing that poor research/ checking etc is the issue?
        Why have you not attempted to aid, perhaps you have ?

      • Hello Sabre.

        I have “attempted to aid” by bringing it to people’s attention that the Godden/DHG/Elm strand of the story was likely to be complete bunkum.
        As mentioned above, this part of the puzzle is indivisible from Fay/Moss/etc., and my principle concern was that Exaro – in whom I had placed a fair amount of faith, despite misgivings on several fronts – were being led up a blind alley. They were of course informed of my concerns.

        I’m afraid I had no choice but to reluctantly sign-up to the dreaded Icke-forum in a later bid to elicit information that would have proven/disproven what at that time was only a strong suspicion… it was simply the place to go as there were others there “investigating” – supposedly! – the same topic. I was polite, honest & forthright but the response was not particularly friendly! The same sorry excuses for humanity continue to ply their wicked trade & can now be found on, for example, the silly & divisive ‘People’s Tribunal Steering Commitee’ & acting as proxy Exaro arm-benders on Twitter, etc..

        Everyone makes mistakes. I certainly did! Firstly, I mistook Exaro for a responsible journalistic outfit. I no longer believe this to be the case (although this obviously doesn’t mean that everything they produce is wrong).

        Secondly, my faith in Exaro was based in large part on the solidness of their source; everyone seemed to be convinced it had been Fay when I knew that it had been McKelvie (who had “revealed” himself before later retreating behind a mask of anonymity where he remained for quite some time). Pointing it out that “they” were wrong, and that it wasn’t Fay but “someone else whose name you will discover if you bother doing a bit of research instead of blindly libelling the innocent the whole day long” brought similar words of “gratitude” flying my way, from the same moral degenerates!

        Later, the inexplicable actions of many were starting to make my inkling of unease with Exaro seem more justified; McKelvie was then seen to be suggesting statues behind someone’s shoulder in a video from a long-ago decade might have some significance, and I wondered if the whole lot of them hadn’t been zapped with some sort of cretinizing-raygun (top-secret weapon of TPTB!).
        But if you read the BarthsNotes article I linked to above you will see that I spotted that it was McKelvie who was resurrecting a ludicrous story about a cash-strapped “infiltrator” in a Satanic cult who had a magic Lucifer-receiving metal-plate inserted in his head at the age of 8 or something (which led directly to the ‘Enoch Powell is a Satanist’ rubbish, etc.). I didn’t know about his involvement in this credibility-shredding madness, and only spotted it on the SECOND reading of the original BarthsNotes piece; in short, if I had paid more attention at the time – and paid more heed to those warning of the upcoming Satanic-rehash, which I ignored – I wouldn’t have been bothering to bother with McKelvie/Exaro!

        So, mistakes, mistakes… We all make ’em.

        But you ask specifically about Gojam. Poor research? I’ve already listed some of the crackpots he has fallen for, so…

        Deliberately attempted to mislead? Absolutely; taking just the one example of the DHG-strand (which reeled me in) his very recent admission that it was all “complete crap” – also linked to – was a load of baloney. That is, it’s not a true recounting of the facts. It is, in other words, a lie.
        The timeline, such as it is, could have been fed through a paper-shredder! The actions of Exaro as the error-correctors are laughable. It is bunkum.

        Oh, and you may have noticed that my much-requested proof of Gojam/’Gojam’ ever having made anything clear to me is yet to materialize! Another “attempt to mislead”? No, a lie.
        Well, in as much as Gojam/’Gojam’ ever did any such thing at least! Why don’t you ask HIM? But publicly, eh?!?

        Some people just don’t know when to stop digging…

        But enough of all that – more important current events beckon… Barcelona versus Bayern Munich to be precise! ¡Adiós!

      • Note: I am actually replying here to Gojam’s reply which will have been posted out to all signed-up to the ‘notify me of new comments via email’ service. It appeared at 4.30am but has been erased by the writer from his very own site!

        Just to point out, should it still really be necessary – and it really, really shouldn’t – that I am not the “tool” of anyone, and that “the chimp” had no bearing on a single letter of anything I have written above.

        Down down, deeper & down…

        • Yes I deleted it soon after posting as I decided on balance that it is better to ignore you.

          The fact is Bandini that you may be a clever guy but that you associate with some of the vilest trolls online tells me everything I need to know about your moral compass. You spend 18 months obsessing about me and write here like you’re on some moral high ground when you’ve been getting friendly with people who raise money for McCann libellers, who think that their blood type is somehow important, and who try and persuade others not to have vaccinations like flu jabs. Nothing to criticise from you there apparently.

          Do you see the problem there Bandini ? You have no moral authority.

          You are a tool and if you don’t understand that then you’re not as clever as you think you are.

          Now, all I can see is you providing entertainment for your troll friends.

          It’s a shame because what you don’t know is that the needle team have actually been reading your comments (when posting in non-trolling fora) and remarking that you seem fairly switched on and better informed than most other people.

          You’re known by your friends Bandini and your friends are trolls. Start addressing your own issues.

          Now, as you seem incapable of moving on and engaging with others on different and more productive discussions and it seems to be on the behest of your troll friends for their entertainment, I’m going to stop you from posting about your obsession which just derails other debates. No one can say you haven’t had the chance to express yourself.

          Feel free to jump back in if you have something to add that is relevant.

  9. dpack

    i might have mentioned powell in relation to his thoughts on the matters below

    “In 1984, Powell claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency had murdered Earl Mountbatten of Burma and that the deaths of the MPs Airey Neave and Robert Bradford were carried out by the USA in order to stop Neave’s policy of integration for Northern Ireland.[6]:881 Then, in 1986, he again argued that Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) had not killed Neave but that “MI6 and their friends” were responsible instead, claiming to have been told so by Royal Ulster Constabulary officers.[6]:906 Margaret Thatcher however, rejected and dismissed these claims.”(wiki)

    powell had strongly held beliefs about the dickie and neave murders and he believed rev bradford’s murder was because he started to become a serious problem for those managing the troubles.


    im quite surprised that he is a candidate for being a satanic nonce in some of the stranger corners of the internet but as a well established figure of hate to the left of center he would make an excellent aunt sally with which to distract and confuse the crowd.even as a” anti racist leftie powell hater “i have to admire his bravery and having reached broadly similar conclusions to those above ,albeit from a different perspective,i find it increasingly difficult to think ill of him which is a very odd feeling.

    if piggy hogg was suggested as a satanic nonce i would have very little difficulty believing it true on the flimsiest of evidence. imho he deserves some detailed investigation which is beyond my resources.

    once the sparks begin to fly it is interesting to see where they land and set off the next explosions.

    • The “stranger corners of the internet” of which you speak, Dpack, include the Needleblog.

      Please read the BarthsNotes piece I linked to – McKelvie (“The unnamed author of the post at The Needle blog…”), Tim Tate, Gojam.
      As I mentioned above, we can add this rubbish to the other tall-tales under whose spell Gojam inexplicably fell!

      (Regardless of any of the above the linked-to article on ‘Swallowing The Camel’ is well worth a read just for a laugh. I’d have sooner swallowed a camel myself than that crock – but then I’m neither mad nor involved in the spreading of false information!)

  10. dpack


    there are other interpretations of neave’s exit from this troubled world (but they got in fast with that one .)

    my interpretation is influenced by what he said to ashdown’s researcher on paddies day and what he said over dinner a couple of weeks before he was murdered .
    “corruption in the service” “big changes” “about 30 officers” and similar things seem to have been on his mind .
    the details do seem to indicate at that time he was a bit less discrete than his customary style and that perhaps he was sharing data because he was a bit worried .(perhaps he was very right to be scared).
    he and sue seem to have created a useful part of spookdom’s infrastructure but a chap with such serious moral qualms about being told to not rock the boat in relation to the strategy of tension had to go , by assuming the state should treat all “terrorists ” with zero tolerance and all communities with political respect he was a serious danger.

  11. dpack

    “Probably be good idea to take a couple of freshly dead cockerels. Cut one open to see where what is located. Then practice on dead birds until you are comfortable attempting it on a live one. ”

    although that comes from a very different direction i recon the same advice is appropriate to trolls as it it is to caponisatinion [;

  12. dpack

    the bss /said foundation info might be a good place for a spark.

    righton having “sanctuary”on the estate of the chap who distracted phil the greek’s girlfriend and therefore left phil free to find “lurve”with lillibet might be another .
    dickie, who engineered that, has had some lurid rumors attached to him but the lurid rumor that seems most plausible is that he was murdered because he was opposed to power being transferred from old to new hands ,
    most of the other lurid stories about him fall to bits when examined and are probably intended to hide this simple explanation.
    there is a very nasty story of his orders for and participation in a “raid”during the latter part of ww2 which could be true.
    he was mostly not nice but he was a different monster to the one the conspiracyverse often alleges.

    i did suggest trolls might find the fire extinguishers full of petrol but they are trolls and therefore don’t often listen to good advice .

    just as a bit of color to the sparks the “brothel papers”are still missing ,if ken or jerry could find them they might provide useful data when looking for truth with regards to westminster village in the early 1980’s.

    (the balkan missions might be too byzantine till we bring the public up to speed )

    • Sabre

      Dickie may well have been murdered for precisely the opposite reason to the one that you suggest, he may well have been in favour of transferring power from old to new hands in respect of Ulster/Irish Republic.

      • dpack

        i totally agree about that and it is among the reasons i thought i was suggesting ,he seems to have favored a united irish solution to the problems over the water , if that was “ruled “by the old anglo/irish aristocracy his world view would have been secure in the 32 counties as it was when he was young.
        his first “crush” went down a mineshaft near ekaterinberg so his attitude towards the “establishment” in russia might have been a bit old fashioned as well .

        more generally i referred to the transfer of power from the old money and old blood to new money and no old family loyalties on a global scale .he might have had some serious doughts about the strategy of nuclear arms (MAD)as well.
        his loyalty was to old power and his extended family which could have been seen as a very dangerous obstacle to “modernization”,i would expect to find his enemies among those who sought to replace the old world order .

        sorry ,i should have been clearer .

      • duddenhallapproveds

        Dickie had a mews house, Belgravia square Mews, near Count Sangorski. He was very into caning lads whic he did there regularly. Police were called by someone because of the number of boys going in and out. Three boys were found naked in the bedroom, but were told that they were changing for dinner, no charges were made.

  13. dpack

    toasting trolls is fine by me ,the problem that i can see is that a scuttle of blazing trolls set alight by those who would conceal truth can be a distraction from well researched and logical thoughts.

    it might be best to get in first and set off the whole firework display in a few seconds rather than letting the “organizers”decide the timing and choreography of the “blazing trolls concerto” .

    the “public”might be inclined to see the display and ignore the ground it was launched from and those who organized it .

    troll toasting is best done swiftly and on our terms imho

    ps huge blazing trolls can be ignited by little blazing trolls but any blazing troll can shed light on things .

  14. Sabre

    Do you have any idea who Ronald is?
    Why the silly names and hints without the coup de grace?
    Is it a genuine disagreement, if so I’d expect a reasoned argument from him.
    Does he have you down as a wrongun?
    Does he offer supporting arguments?
    Is he unwell?
    Is he just having a laugh?
    Does he have a suggestion for where your readers should desert you for?

    • They have to inform the vitctims about four days in advance of raids like that. One of the two victims was connected to Exaro?

    • I don’t know exactly who Space Cadet is (I call him that because part of the email addresses he uses are ‘Spacelord’ and ‘Hawklord’) however he is part of the Bill Maloney, Mike Broad, Brian Harvey, Andrew Ashworth, Bob Chewie clique. Basically those that the BBC Panorama will expose after the election.

      He’s deadly serious not joking.

      Worryingly they are in touch with quite a few ‘witnesses’ and others. From my experience any serious witness should stay clear of them and any information from them should be treated with caution but not necessarily dismissed out of hand. Sometimes some foolish person tells them something genuine.

      From their point of view I’m a ‘traitor’ or an ‘agent’ because I didn’t fall for the crock of shit that has got them into trouble, don’t think the ‘pig bins’ in schools were to stuff abused children in, don’t think there is a satanic ring in Hampstead, and don’t believe the the EGH docs are 100% accurate etcetera etctera…

      I hope that helps.


      • PS, I’d like to say that Brian Harvey wasted his talent…

        But as he is a talentless arsehole and always has been, I can’t. :-p

      • Sabre

        Thanks for that, Perhaps they should try a coherent argument, if they feel like a challenge they could try a cogent one. There are always going to be differences of opinion and approach, assuming that they are acting in good faith, they should realise that the odds are already stacked in favour of the State without the rest of us wasting time resorting to childish slanging matches. Did they not catch the ‘Spooks’ post?

        • They’ve been doing it for month/years – spreading distrust and sparking arguments.

          No need for Panorama to discredit their witness as Brian Harvey and Bill Maloney have already done it by filming and posting up videos.

      • Serial liar Simon Danczuk has a more favourable opinion of the crackpot crooner:
        “He’s providing a number of leads that I’m keen to follow up and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m pleased he’s done the work he’s done. We had a good chat. I’d be happy and keen to meet him again.”

        A few names have been missed off the clique members-list, Gojam!
        Why don’t we start with Chris Fay?

        If you recall you were astonishingly eager to propagate the “documents” despite having it brought to your attention that Fay was a convicted money-launderer for a band of determined fraudsters. You flatly denied that this was the case until you could no longer hold back the tide of truth, but by then those documents (that you now don’t believe are “100% accurate” – you don’t say!) had cemented their place in the damaged brains of internet nutjobs to be “transcribed” & pored over for all eternity. Job done! Viz Comic produced a commerative plate off the back of it – great!

        (As Zac Goldsmith lauded Exaro/Hencke in Parliament whilst relating Fay’s made-up tale of a minister-in-a-sauna-photo I think it fair to say that the inmates truly have taken over the asylum.)

        The at-the-time upcoming video of Baloney & Fay was, of course, given a bit of pre-publicity here on the Needleblog, with a wink from yourself that there’d be some goodies worth waiting for therein! Well done!

        Your recent and inexplicably late admission that the Clive Godden tale you had promoted here regarding DHG/Elm was, in fact, “complete crap” also failed to join-the-dots between Godden & Fay. Oh, and let’s not forget Moss!

        For they started spouting their crap TOGETHER 25-years ago. You can not extricate Godden from Elm without also removing Fay & Moss. They were there interviewing Kasir, remember? And at the inquest! Fay & Baloney continue their friendship with Godden. They speak of it in that bloody video (that one that you gave the pre-publicity to!).

        At this point Moss used the pull-the-pin & scarper tactic to “undermine” Fay, a tactic which you yourself have copied when having pseudo-spats with Exaro’s “investigative journalists” & other assorted avatars on Twitter and the like. You know: “I know what’s what and I want you to know that I know what I know blah blah blah”. Followed by the trademarked enigmatic silence which seems to work a treat at fooling the bozos.
        (Just see above for proof of this as commentators waste their time wondering if the “trolls” are going to actually provide anything remotely useful!)

        As you were an apparent believer in the ‘Enoch Powell was a Satanoid’ bullshit as given legs by Exaro-source McKelvie…


        … but based on the crud of a convicted rapist & fraudster – another pile of shite that has recently re-arisen in the press – and added together with the aforementioned championing of Godden & Fay and the “documents”, do you never question your own ability to seperate fact from fiction?
        Because you have managed to assemble an incredible dream-team of spivs & liars along the way, which one can only hope will be fully exposed on the upcoming Panorama programme – maybe I should send them a “dossier”?!?

        [Crikey! Almost forgot to mention the ‘versions’ of the Customs “video shocker” in whose pies you had a finger. And the conveyor-belt of avatars… But why bother?]

      • Of course you do, Gojam, of course you do! Far more worthy of your time responding to ‘Space Cadet’.

        The Enoch Powell bullshit – as clearly linked to in the BarthsNotes article included in my post – leads all the way back to your frontdoor here:


        Try and keep up, eh?

  15. Thanks, mabe Righton files then. I know that a few old files were found in the clear out.

  16. dpack

    gulp ,,here we go again ,thanks (perhaps),i recon many things have connections.

    maxwell is indeed a huge subject ,especially considering recent mentions that his family’s involvement in business seems to have survived,(albeit in a slightly new style )his eventual failure to bounce off or walk on water.

    his legacy seems relevant .

  17. dpack

    a slight aside ,it was aitkin’s prison book that pointed me towards the eastern approaches context of many relevant themes .
    it seems unlikely he intended his comment about neave and maclean chatting to him about trivia over lunches in the house canteen would lead me to putting heniker 8 in mcgrath’s arms (supply) and wondering why he might have told a chief constable to “fuck off ” when the chap was concerned that he had righton living in a cottage on his estate which also hosted a variety of residential youth activities or me wondering why courtney became interested in the paperwork of “lost”boys in the criminal/care system or that it also led to the odd smell of developing fluid in a charity office and how that relates to the newport bdm theft .

    ay up trolls work with that sort of stuff ,if you can find a fire extinguisher it is certainly full of petrol .
    the content of the mr worthington file is so harmless it needed to be moved to the dg5 office safe , maxwell’s promis ,the hess papers ($100k got some but i wonder where the others are )etc etc etc .

    it might be best to let us do our job and hope you keep yours or at least try to keep a grip on your dark damp slimey place under a bridge .

    i dont usually take any notice of trolls as i try to stay in the sunlight but there are times they need reminding to stay in the darkness .

    ps mr proctor’s papers etc might contain details that confirm or deny matters of fact that are relevant to some very disturbing issues ,i would have thought he would be comfortable with assisting inquiries that could exonerate his chums or himself from mistaken or malicious accusations and if he was mistaken about the nature of his chums that he would be the sort of chap who would help bring them to justice .

    • Sabre

      Maxwell is a huge topic, Promis was a subject that I first encountered visiting Orlin Grabbe’s ( now deceased) website in the 90s ?
      If you haven’t already done so check out Michael Riconosciuto

  18. dpack

    i spose it makes sense to shine a lamp or to drift an exploratory jellied fuel weapon under the bridges just to see what lurks in the darkness in case it is either dangeroos or if it might be edible if properly cooked .
    i recon if we stop to dissect or toast every troll we might not move as swiftly as we should ,i suspect most are of no consequence .
    those that are important will be fairly easy to spot ,if we are mindful of noticing what attracts the biggest, baddest ,best trained trolls observing the focus of their attentions might be educational.

    • Sabre

      No need to bother with all that, just tell hamburgler that he’s a grass.


        haha..the toothless wonder calls us a troll.There are a LOT of people who think Mr Jonathan Marc Gobbo Sawyer is the biggest troll on the internet.Did you know that,goofy toothy?And do you know what,we happen to agree.Now,go crawl back under your rock,sonny,the tide will be in soon to wash the effluent from out of your putrid mouth.

        • duddenhallapproveds

          If the two files were not Witness Statements, then they must have been Righton Files?

      • gw

        If you were a politician, suspected of abusing children, and you had 125 items worth of correspondence/material pertaining to a noted paedophile who was name dropped in the house of commons, would you;

        a) hang on it for posterity
        b) burn it ASAP

        I think most of us would choose B – for that reason I’d be surprised if it was anything to do with Peter Righton. But we will see (or not, I suppose).

  19. Sabre

    We get it, Gojam is a traitor busily cleansing MSM propoganda by repeating it on an alternative blog. You can enlighten us all as to the ‘truth’ rather than playing ‘ I ain’t telling ya’ bollocks, thereby exposing him as the downright establishment traitor that he is.
    Alternatively fuck off and stop muddying the waters.

  20. Sabre

    Jonathan Aitken’s righteous indignation led to his “sword of truth shield of British fair play” speech followed by his conviction for perjury.
    Proctor’s righteous indignation may or may not be justified time will tell.

  21. Gary

    Seems to be a huge issue for former politicians, but not for anyone else.

  22. dpack

    if i understand the “visiting” dates correctly the castle has only just started the season ,this probably rules out a sharp eyed member of the public in the grounds .
    a quick look at a map seems to show it is set in a large and quite rural “parkland”with several entrances so again this makes it seem unlikely a keen eyed member of the public noticed a few police vehicles and drew the correct conclusion before calling it in to an interested party.
    there are a variety of other potential explanations some more complex and byzantine than others.

    a simple explanation might be a member of the staff or household of the castle calling it in, quite a few motives might account for that.

  23. joekano76

    Reblogged this on Floating-voter.

  24. artmanjosephgrech

    Do Exaro news agree they contacted Harvey/his people before the police left?
    So if the police or persons for the police did not contact
    are there more than the following possibilities
    Mr Protector or his people contacted Exaro

    I understand Mr Proctors works /lives in the house d of someone so did they or someone on their behalf so

    or was some passer when the police arrived had Exaro news phone number to hand said something is happening here that you ought to investigate
    I am a simple bloke so I may have not realised there are other options which I hope other readers will explain to me

    • No, Proctor’s ‘people’ didn’t contact Exaro and nor did the police. It is fairly obvious what happened.

      • gw

        Not obvious to me, I’m afraid? Police – witness – Exaro?


        Hey Gobbo..youre WRONG- again,sunshine.Do you know WHY,EXACTLY,the police CANCELLED the interviews?You don’t,do you?Nothing to do with police incompetence,or leaks, AT ALL.
        In fact,Mr Proctor is rightfully getting very worried and very desperate,and so he should be,and your blog headline is just truly misleading rubbish.
        We KNOW exactly why,but why should we tell you?..And listen up,Gobbo,you need to do research other than quoting mainstream newspapers,old boy,dont you?Because it just makes you look like the chewed up secondhand establishment ear-hole,that you truly are.


        Gobbo-you PROCLAIM to know everything,yet in fact you know very very little – and more disturbingly,you direct your fast dwindling following in exactly the directions that YOU want..Rather like The Home Office do,too,in fact.Funny that?TWO files found,Gobbo,ok?…Happy little bunny,now,are we?And the rest,shall we say,is coming very imminently for that sadistic monster you are blogging about .And tell your good friend,mr D-notice Pack that he can fuck off,too,or i’ll chew his ear off.lol


        gobbo-youre the fucking idiot.And no,we don’t pick up titbits of gossip.Youre the one who is going to be in deep shit VERY soon,sunshine with your vulgar insults and your vile disinfo.Oh,and you haven’t the slightest clue who WE work with,you fucking cretin of the lowest order.Now we suggest YOU do some research before “GOBBO-ing” off all over the internet with your pathetic fucked up establishment distraction bullshit rants that clearly have no regard for the welfare of abused children.You,sir ,are a total knut.YOU muddy the waters,and you contradict yourself and retract and delete things more often than the Home Office.Oh,and no,you haven’t a fucking clue about the TWO files we are referring to,have you,pipsqueak?Nothing to do with the raid on proctor’s home.Try again,Turkeybrain.or maybe you’ll get an exclusiove from your buddies at the independent newspaper sometime,eh? lol Pathetic little shit.;) Bye for now,Jonnie Gobbo, the frustrated little troll.


        you should know more about the Panorama programme than us,Gobbo.You were behind a lot of it,werent you?You,and your Hardcastle related friends who are friends with a Mr Tom O Carroll-oh and that lot from the FMS squadron,you admire so much?

        • No, I know very little about the Panorama, while your chums did interviews with the BBC didn’t they? Now that is full co-operation, interviews!

          What a fuck up you are but worse, you haven’t learnt any lessons.

          PS, for the record, I don’t know O’Carroll. Just another brainless smear by you.

    • No, victims have to be told when suspects are raided beforehand.

      • dpack

        i hope my comment about standing on the shoulders of giants while visible and very wobbly does not either produce better troll recruitment and training procedures (or a job offer )
        actually a job offer could be a lot of fun (;

        my attitude to trolls is to tell em there will be a fatter one along in a minute and then float blazing ‘palm down the stream to their hidey hole under the bridge and watch em run about.
        the problem with that is a blazing troll can be rather messy,sometimes a raw one in a cage that can be studied and or dissected is a better option .

        what a splendid moniker ,i also addmire ur no ledge

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    For the police to fail to turn up TWICE to an interview with Mr Proctor indicates that they either give the case a low priority or are abysmally incompetent or quite extraordinarily busy – the timing of the interviews was agreed or arranged by them. The police are further remiss by leaking details of the raid. They have compromised the investigation and Mr. Proctor’s defence will have ammunition to discredit the validity of any case against him. I suggest that what happened here, as with the raid on Cliff Richard’s house, is that the police – sheepish about their appalling tardiness, negligence and myopia in investigating abuse and historic abuse – have tried to compensate by being over-eager, but have ended up bypassing proper procedure in their zeal to nab a culprit and show how seriously (belatedly) they regard sexual abuse and abusers.

    • There is an impasse with HP, because it was assumed that if you had done one thing, you had also done another. But that was not the case, and was easy to point out. Now however I have found another connection, with LB. Two lots of old files moved fom Hendon, to SY, then ‘found’. So now three victims instead of two.