Former DPP Ken MacDonald Explains The UK’s Two-Tier Justice System


Former DPP Ken MacDonald

If you are a ‘prominent’ person, i.e. part of the establishment like MPs, the CPS protocol is that  the criminal file is forwarded to CPS Headquarters. This takes time and police forces are naturally cautious in such cases.

If you are Joe Schmo then the regional CPS will deal with you and justice is swift.

Is it unreasonable to ask what the CPS definition of a ‘prominent’ person is ?

Royal family, MPs, Lords… what about CEOs of companies, civil servants, and celebrities ?

I think the majority of us who are not prominent have a right to know what qualifies people for top tier justice.



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  2. It is not true justice if the elite are treated more favourably than the ordinary people. Each person should be EQUAL under the law.

  3. Gary

    This system extends to other areas. As a former Civil Servant I know that this system was also applied to tax matters too. Its not an unspoken rule, it forms part of the processes and has been put in writing. As such it is subject to FOI.

    If memory serves, the definition was vague and wide. Anything that vague but still in writing is immediately suspicious. The hand of cabinet politicians can reach into the organisation to quell investigations and yet not have broken the rules, with them being so vague.

  4. Andy Barnett

    Ostensibly, the reason for such a 2-tier approach is to take extra care to prevent mistakes that would cause reputational damage (bad headlines in the papers) – in this case to the CPS. But of course it creates the possibility of there being different sets of rules for different sets of people. In addition, it creates the opportunity for the DPP of the day to make good use of their privileged information – to extract favours for example from the senior person concerned. Now you’d think such actions would be illegal, but being lawyers these people can always find the justifications needed to defend any action as being lawful. It’s what they do.

  5. steve

    lol so one law for them and one law for average working people,NOW WHAT A SURPRISE THAT IS

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