The Satanic Cult That Wasn’t : BBC R4

How Satanic abuse accusations in a North London suburb went global, but turned out to be untrue. Melanie Abbott investigates.
It’s members are, it’s claimed, drawn mainly from a school and church in Hampstead. They are said to wear shoes made of baby skin, to dance with the skulls of dead babies and to sexually abuse young children. But the cult doesn’t exist. The claims are, according to a High Court Judge, ‘baseless’ and those who have sought to perpetrate them are ‘evil’.

The Report investigates why, after a police inquiry and a family court judgement which unequivocally rubbished the notion of Satanic abuse in Hampstead, the allegations are proliferating on the internet and being spread all over the world? We hear from the supposed cult members who have had their personal details and photographs published online and received death threats. And we ask about the welfare of the two children at the centre of it all who were coerced into fabricating the fantastical story



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  1. dpack

    smoke and mirrors and front of stage distraction from what is real,disturbing and very important to conceal.

    for instance north wales and about half of the “care system”,the “justice “system,westminster ,ireland,lambeth,belgium,turkey, righton,pie,gladio,angelton,lies ,moider,blackmail,power etc etc etc .

    a full list might take a while to outline let alone detail.

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  3. Sabre

    Sounds like an episode of Brass Eye.

  4. Peter J.

    I never believe anything until it’s been officially denied by the BBC.

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  6. Sam

    I don’t think the BBC are the right organisation to be reporting on paedophilia / SRA.

  7. godhelpus

    Was their any Medical evidence the children were Abused???

  8. Thanks for this, I hadn’t seen/heard it before.

    The “presenter” repeats a false idea several times, saying the children “made up” the satanic abuse cult story. No doubt, this is because she – like most everyone else in our society – has become accustomed to that false phrasing being applied to the statements of children alleged to be satanic abuse cult victims, and makes the same mistake herself unconsciously. It can’t be emphasized enough, however, that the core satanic abuse cult narrative related by such children WAS CONCOCTED BY ADULTS in their lives. The children do not “make it up”, they are not deliberate liars. They may be encouraged to fantasize embellishments of the adult’s core narrative, but they cannot be held responsible for whatever fantasies they may relate – adults are ultimately responsible.

    Fortunately, the truth is revealed by the daughter’s statements to police quoted at between 9:00 – 10:00 of the video: “He [Abraham] TOLD me to say that!”

  9. This BBC piece doesn’t really answer its own question: “why are the [Hampstead Hoax] falsehoods being spread all over the internet with evangelical zeal?”.

    As previously noted, there are various networks of satanic abuse cult True Believer zealots. Many of these zealots are adult SRA, (and/or CIA mind-control) survivor claimants themselves, others are sympathetic friends or academics/ professionals in various fields, still others come from the masses of anti-pedophile, pro-child abuse survivor citizenry. Some of these networks have been around since the early 1980’s. some are legally registered charitable organizations, others are informal ‘lay-led’ support groups for survivor claimants. For many participants in these networks, ANY mention of satanic cult abuse or related crimes is a good thing. These zealots simply seize any excuse to replicate and disseminate the core memes of “satanic cult”, “satanic crime”, “ritual abuse”, “satanic/ritual child sacrifice”, “satanists killing babies”, “satanists eating babies”, and especially: “elite satanic pedophile secret societies control our nation’s political power and business wealth”. They don’t actually care about the alleged victims in a given story, (OBVIOUSLY – as in SABINE), specific stories are simply vehicles to carry and re-inject the memes into public consciousness.

    The ultimate purpose? Widespread belief in these memes, and fears about the things they represent/symbolize, can facilitate a wide array of scams and con-jobs. Often there are underlying political motivations. Political fringers on both the right & the left hope to lead a demoralized citizenry in popular revolt against “the establishment”, and correctly perceive accusations about public figures involvement in child abuse and “blood libel” to be capable of inciting irrational hatred and hysterical mob harrassment of targeted persons.

    What I haven’t seen before, and only recently became aware of, are crass financial motivations for using child sex abuse slander to undermine faith in & destabilize public institutions.
    I was aware that Lyndon Larouche had for many years professed that the public would toss out their old leaders and “turn to him” to lead them, in the face of a serious enough crisis – and that he made many attempts to engineer fraudulent panics that he could exploit.
    I wasn’t aware that there are financial managers who specialize in exploiting social crisis for profit, and that one such person is financing a journalistic crusade to “expose” CSA corruption of all public institutions, (and thereby discredit them and their leadership, opening the door for a populist ‘revolution’ crisis that such a specialist could exploit) – a crusade built upon a carefully constructed mythical conspiracy of elite child sex abusers.

  10. John

    mythical conspiracy ?!

    • Yes. Mythical.
      It’s astonishing – to me – that so many people perceive “the conspiracy” to be a proven fact. But then, the UK press continue to be the masters of disseminating assumptions that become reality in people’s minds despite the lack of proof.
      One small example – do the police have video that shows Lord Janner sexually assaulting children?
      I wonder, if we did an informal web survey, how many UK residents would answer “yes” to that. But, as far as I know, there’s been no official clarification about the nature of the video portion of the evidence supporting complainants allegations against him. I’ve seen no reply to gojam’s extremely on the ball request for clarification about the videos, either.

      • Thanks JS, you’re absolutely correct. I have considered also whether the title of my piece was misleading as I suggested the videos had been seized.

        The fact is we don’t know what is in the videos a cine film or whether we can 100% rely on The Sun as a source that they exist.

        They could be just film of a day out that Janner and an alleged victim were both present. On the other hand it may well be someone’s ‘collection’ of indecent material which includes none of the principle characters.

        It is unknown and ideally needs clarification

      • Sabre

        I have to disagree Justin, there are allegations of CSA committed by MPs and other ‘notables’ or ‘VIPs’, there are allegations that some of the crimes involved multiple offenders which of necessity requires a conspiracy.
        There are allegations that ‘important’ people have been protected which requires a conspiracy. So far we have had a few showbiz c list and d list celebs jailed which proves that the implacable forces of law and order will leave no stone unturned in the battle for justice doesn’t it.

        So far no MPs or Lords charged let alone convicted or jailed for relevant offences, this could be because
        a) That no MPs or Lords have committed such offences and that the accusers are liars.
        b) That the accusers are not considered to be liars but the police have failed to gather sufficient corroborative evidence to put before a court.
        c) That the prosecuting authorities take the view that there is an insufficient likelihood of conviction (rightly or wrongly).
        d) That the prosecuting authorities deem prosecutions to be contrary to the public interest (rightly or wrongly)

        So far, as you say, we have allegations of a conspiracy and it has to be said an unproven conspiracy.

        The use of the word mythical is not unlike the tactics employed by the media, tactics that you yourself condemn, it is almost calculated to make the faint hearted retreat in the face of being ridiculed for their belief in legends fairy tales and lies.

        The Government and Civil Service have embarked on this ever delayed and hobbled inquiry because they have no choice and not because of their fear of fairy tales abroad, they sincerely hope that they will be able to sell a few fairy stories.

        The police haven’t decided to start indicting themselves for their past failings at the behest of some secret Lyndon Larouche type entity trying to start a popular revolution.

        The DPP hasn’t resorted to a belated mea culpa in order to facilitate a revolution but to placate a population that will as usual defer to its betters.

  11. Gojam – a statement in The Telegraph was far worse:
    “Leicestershire Police has led the chorus of disbelief having handed over video evidence to the CPS apparently showing Janner taking part in “some of the worst crimes imaginable”.

    Really? The video evidence which Leicestershire Police submitted to CPS “showed Janner taking part in some of the worst crimes imaginable”? The alleged video evidence, therefore, consisted of CSA images depicted Janner sexually assaulting children?

    That’s not impossible, of course, but when I scoured the Leicestershire Police website for statements about Janner I couldn’t find anything even remotely close to that frank assertion. That seems to be the writer’s assumption, for which they has so far been no proof provided. Yet, she has passed on her assumption to every reader of her piece, without qualifying it as AN ASSUMPTION in any way. So, many of those persons will no doubt repeat her statement as though it were a proven fact. It is already reality & The Truth for them and probably for their listeners.

    This is a very minor example, as I said. There have been many, many instances of this process over the last two or three years, some of which are very important, serious, distortions of provable fact.

    • Sabre

      You could email Leicestershire Police press office and ask them whether or not they have made any press releases to the effect ……….. Etc etc.