The Missing Janner File (1986)


I think the most surprising thing about this is that this file dates from 1986, five years before the Frank Beck trial and the standing ovation and support Greville Janner received in the House of Commons following Beck’s conviction.

But then the “credible” allegations of indecent assault and buggery against minors outlined by the CPS in its statement date back to 1969.

The file itself is of course missing!

Wanless Report Annex I: 114 File Schedule

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A file on Lord Greville Janner is among 114 dossiers on child sex abuse that have gone missing from the Home Office.

Details of the 1986 Janner file are buried in the appendix to the Wanless report, which investigated the missing sex abuse dossiers.

The report, published in Nov­­ember, studied claims that the 114 files disappeared as part of an Establishment cover-up…

… The title of the lost Janner file – “Greville Janner MP [redacted] re evidence in child abuse cases” – is thought to have concealed the name of a second person. It was recorded as “not found” and “presumed transferred to MoJ [Ministry of Justice] but not located”.

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12 responses to “The Missing Janner File (1986)

  1. Gary

    Its not JUST that they’re covering up for them it’s the fact they’re waving it in our faces while doing so. No wonder victims feel powerless.

  2. Sabre

    There are files, there are files that we know are missing, what’s in the files that we haven’t been told ever existed?

  3. Files moved from QAG to 2MS – Is this another group or a new storage location?

    • AnnieW

      50 Queen Anne’s Gate
      2 Marsham Street
      Both of these are or were Government Buildings allocated to the Home Office.

  4. QAG is an acronym for “Quality Assurance Group” – Is this the newspeak name for a group which prunes potentially embarrassing files and secretes them somewhere within security services archives?

  5. dpack

    the “credible”accusations dating back as far as the nineteen sixties begs a variety of questions.

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  10. artmanjosephgrech

    Daily Mail also has the same story

    I have no confidence that Goddard will be able to investigate this in Public

    the DPP challenges for her decision to be tested in court which costs a lot of money but must be taken up.