Hampstead Hoax Reaches New Levels Of Stupidity

If anyone had any doubts regarding the stupidity of those supporting the Hampstead Satanic Hoax then those doubts would have been dispelled by the release of their latest video.

I’m afraid I can’t link to that video let alone embed it on this blog as the video contains graphic content, images of child sexual abuse. The film makers including a Ms Jacqui Farmer know this because at the start of the video they warn the viewer that ‘Parental Guidance is advised’.

Parental Guidance ?? They think the video they’ve produced is PG rated !!

This is the first clear indication that those behind the video are completely deluded. They actually think they are acting responsibly by warning viewers of the graphic content to come .

The premise of the video is that the father of two young children recently taken into care has accessed and is involved with the distribution of child sexual abuse images and to seek to prove this they have used ‘predictive software’. Frankly, they might just as well have used horoscopes or runes. The entire method of their ‘investigation’ is flawed from start to finish but that isn’t going to stop them and they plunge on from libellous stupidity to blatant criminality, all the time believing as they do so that they are acting responsibly.

As they follow the false trail the ‘predictive software’ leads them they inevitably arrive at sites hosting child sexual abuse images. I say ‘inevitably arrive’ because as that is what they were looking for to begin with and they weren’t going to stop tweaking the predictive software until they found it, it was inevitable that they’d find child sexual abuse images.

They then confess on the video that they have illegally viewed these images of children and to corroborate this confession they go on to post about 20 censored child sexual abuse images. Again, note that they think that they are acting responsibly by censoring the images even as they admit breaking the law. Their defence for viewing child sexual abuse images is that they are verifying the fact that the images are there. These images have absolutely no connection to the issue they claim to  be investigating other than in their own deluded minds and we don’t need evidence that child sexual abuse images exist online, we already know that.

But it is worse because a couple of the images that they’ve censored are so graphic (PG rating aside) that even censored in the way they’ve done they are probably still illegal.

This video by Ms Jacqui Farmer is now being promoted by Sabine McNeill (The Association of McKenzie Friends) who is a fugitive from the law.

I’m bound to say that I find all of this extremely creepy. This group have offered to sell others details of child abuse victims.


Some of those involved with these people have an historical association with convicted paedophiles.


And now they are admitting viewing child sexual abuse images online and posting potentially illegal content online themselves ?

My advice is that you should give these people an extremely wide berth. They are either suspiciously stupid or stupidly suspicious and you don’t want to be associated with either.



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  2. Hope

    Did you see the videos of the actual children giving the details of their abuse?? They are telling the truth!!!! Who is advocating for ********? They trusted us!!!

    • Hi,

      You’ve left a few comments but I’m only allowing this one ‘edited’

      If you really cared for the children then you would not have named them. You’re correct that they’ve been through a great deal but the entire story was made up, the kids were schooled. It’s a hoax!

      So, let’s leave it there please.

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  8. 70sgirl

    A really excellent comment on Sabine’s site about their supposed discovery of links to child pornography on the father’s websites:

    “You are wrong.

    If you type in what you believe to be Ricky’s IP address, you will be get a “recommended for you” box which leads to porn.

    If you go to the website and type in no IP address, you still get a “recommended for you” box. It still leads to porn.

    In fact, even one of the banner adverts on that site leads to pictures of naked women.

    That leaves two logical conclusions. The first is that the website is sponsored by porn sites and will bring these up no matter what you do. The other is that the “recommended for you” box is based on your search history, not on Ricky’s. I say that because no IP address brings up porn, and my IP address brings up porn, but not child porn.

    If the second hypothesis is correct then whoever carried out your search needs to be questioned as to why child porn sites are being recommended to them based on their search history and what websites they access.”

  9. beetroot

    Is Jacqui Farmer just a pseudonym for Sabine McNeill, who has been discredited? Notice the captials and exclamation marks. Sabine McNeill uses these all the time. Just a thought.

    18 Apr 2015 3:35 pm
    Jacqui Farmer says:

    Tap, IMO there is NO WAY you were the first to publish the material! To be honest, I remember being a little surprised that you were taking so long…..normally you are ahead of the game!

    The material went round like wildfire. Weren’t they uploaded on that Zeekly channel before you? That’s how I found out about Zeekly in the first place. And someone was uploading them to vid.me, too.

    [edit to remove link with images of 2 children]

  10. alice moore

    The BBC did Ricky D.. no favour by putting out this video. Whatever the truth of the matter, it was a pathetic performance by the father.

    There`s such a thing as emotional intelligence which is why we often know when people are lying. For instance, instead of trying to squeeze out tears, why was Ricky D.. not indignant or angry at an injustice?

    • I agree. It was almost like he was kissing up to them – I mean, WHAT father refers to his children as being ‘magical’ after having them accuse him of committing the most heinous acts that would likely result in permanent damage to his reputation as a person, AND as an actor…

      (What man would even want to show his face on television, I’d feel so betrayed and disgusted that my children could say such things about me AT ALL!)

  11. Tom

    I agree with you. Among other things, the picture of the crying boy and girl doesn’t look genuine to me.

  12. Becky

    Although Satanism makes good copy for the sensationalist tabloids, the statistical likelihood of a child being abused by a Christian is infinitely higher.

    • Sabre

      Here we go again Becky, ratio of Christians to Satanists?
      You’ll probably find that a child stands a greater probability of being abused by a Atheist/Agnostic/Christian/Jew/Muslim/Hindu/Sikh etc etc than a Satanist. Satanists make up 0.01% of the population?

      You may very well mean much greater probability, however, infinitely really is going too far ;-)

  13. Milouthedog

    I watched the interview with the father. I know he is an actor, and I know he is a pretty bad actor. I have watched this whole thing closely from the minute the videos were posted on line. The children were extremely telegenic. I watched them several times. Adorable.
    I watched the Russian grandparents. Their truthfulness and belief struck a chord. I watched Belinda and I liked her.
    However, I could not believe the children from the very first. I wanted to believe because it might have made the route to unmasking paedophilia in the Uk that much quicker and we need to do that. I wanted to disbelieve the father, and I’m a huge fan of Aan(g)irfan. But the abuse as described by the children didn’t happen. The mother really should return and explain herself, and the lovely Abe who stood outside the courts of justice with Belinda, and butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth type-thing, equally needs to come under the microscope for the part he played.

    The conspiracy community, wrongly named I know and I am a fan in it, is wrong on this one.

  14. Andy Barnett

    I have no idea of the truth of this case and am happy to take Gojam at his word that there is good reason to believe this is all a hoax (other than the view of the judge).

    I would say however that I am not yet convinced that such rituals do not take place within secret societies that demand complete loyalty from their members. I don’t for a minute believe that our elite are truly ‘into’ killing babies or derive any pleasure from it, but I can imagine their superiors organising ceremonies involving literally unspeakable acts that ensure secrecy is maintained. How could anyone that has taken part in such rituals spill the beans about all the other unspeakable things the society gets up to?

    • Andy – there have been dozens of self-professed Satanic Abuse Cult survivor-whistleblowers, since Pazder’s book “MIchelle Remembers” was published in 1980. Most of them have claimed that they were subjected to/participated in the kind of “rituals” you are talking about. Apparently, having participated in literally unspeakable acts failed to prevent them from disclosing EVERTHING. If the scenario you have postulated was really taking place, it seems to have been a collossal failure. (Personally, I don’t think that scenario is reality, nor do I believe the professed survivor-whistleblowers are legitimate).

  15. 70sgirl

    I found Ricky Dearman wholly convincing. Which is a good deal more than I can see for either the mother or her poisonous, abusive boyfriend. He talks about his children with love and compassion, and even manages to feel pity for their god awful mother. And listen up people – if recently-bereaved parents don’t act the way you ‘expect’ them to, if they don’t conform to your script – it’s almost certainly because they didn’t get a script. And so they muddle along the best they can, as humans do. If you watch them and conclude their children are not really dead then it’s YOU that has a serious problem with processing reality.

  16. Jack

    Indeed it appears some of those involved are paedos cloaking themselves in this cause.

  17. paul

    LET THE PETALS FALL by Robin Bryans full book is up. very rare follow up to THE DUST HAS NEVER SETTLED. same writing style full of names facts etc.Kincora gets a mention. he knew a lot of high society . I think he wrote 2 other books in this autobiographical series CHECKMATE and BLACKMAIL AND WHITEWASH.

    • dpack

      thankyou , bryans studies might be a small school but it seems there is valuable knowledge within his works .
      my next task is to read this one and then try to make sense of both of them.

      if the other two exist they might also be very useful.

      again ,thankyou .

      • Can you give us a report and identify any interesting snippets dpack ?

      • paul

        dpack I’m in contact with someone who’s on the trail of the final 2 in the series.i’ll keep you posted on here. only just started reading petals. he certainly lived a full life.

      • paul

        The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has learned with regret of the death of the Belfast author Robert Harbinson at his home in London on Saturday, 11 June 2005.

        He was born Robin Bryans in 1928, just off the Newtownards Road in Belfast, his family moving shortly afterwards to Donegall Avenue. Before becoming a professional writer, he had a variety of jobs including shipyard worker and cabin boy on a dredger. He was later to study at Barry Religious College in Wales and went to Canada as a missionary. Later in Canada, he lived as a trapper.

        The common realities of his childhood among the Protestant working class in the 1930s – grinding poverty, mission halls, theatres, music, the ‘Bog Meadows’ – along with the desperate accident to his father which changed the life of the small family, became the subject matter of his most powerful writing.

        “We walked as though through a forest whose trees were made of steel, harshly etched against the morning sky. Instead of leaf-laden branches stretched out to catch the sun’s rays, I saw a multitude of cranes, swinging poles and a phalanx of gantries.”

        During the 1960s and early 1970s, his output was prolific. Published by Faber and Faber and acclaimed by critics worldwide, he embarked on a series of travel books celebrating Iceland (1960), Denmark (1961), Brazil (1962), the Azores (1963), Malta (1966) and Trinidad & Tobago (1967).

        His Ulster: A Journey Through the Six Counties (1962) has long been regarded as a perceptive introduction at a critical moment in the history of Northern Ireland and a classic of the genre.

        In the same period came the books on which his reputation as a writer rests, the four remarkable volumes of autobiography: No Surrender (1960), Song of Erne (1960) – a vivid and moving account of excursions to Fermanagh – Up Spake the Cabin Boy (1961) and The Protégé (1963) and two volumes of short stories, Tattoo Lily (1961) and The Far World (1962), also from Faber. No Surrender was hailed as the first book by an Ulster Protestant writer from the working class published by an international publishing house to receive national renown.

        The Times described his autobiographical writing as “on all planes at once; humourous, detailed and objective as a Breugel village scene; quietly indignant over injustices practised by the toffs; puzzled, exploratory, expectant as a growing boy … He writes as one with a true sense of poetry.”

        The volumes of autobiography have rarely been out of print since their first publication and are currently available from Blackstaff Press. A Selected Stories was published in 1996 by Lagan Press in Belfast which occasioned a memorable reading in the Old Museum arts centre in his native city.

        In his later life, Harbinson was dramatically involved in sensational and sometimes scandalous events among Britain’s political aristocracy. A riveting account of these and of their parallels among Ulster’s political class from the 1940s until the 1960s can be read in his last three books The Dust Has Never Settled (1992), Let the Petals Falls (1993) and Checkmate, all from Honeyford Press under his own name of Robin Bryans.

        A courteous, witty and gentle man, Robin Bryans’s last years were spent in London where, in addition to writing, he was involved in a school of music set up particularly to encourage the work of young composers.

      • dpack

        page 324 was a bit of a gulp moment ,i searched for ian and discovered he was an in law to john.

        if that sort of detail is available by simple name calling there might be good reasons why this book barely exists.

  18. Troyhand

    I’m amazed at the emotional need for some to hang onto this conspiracy of a cabal of baby-butchering satanists operating freely in a Metropolitan area. Isn’t it easier and more probable to believe this is a conspiracy of disinformation? Doesn’t it seem most convenient for this story to gain traction at a time when Paul Gambaccini is shouting about his false arrest ordeal for sex offences, MPs are shouting about anonymity for accused rapists and the mainstream media is shouting about more internet oversight [censorship] from false claims?

    Given that the father is actor [always a red flag for me when I’m considering a psyop at play], the only evidence is testimony from a custody battle, and the poor children [who could pass as extras in a “Village of the Damned” remake] are naturally given the benefit of the doubt for being honest [even though kids lie or can be coaxed to lie with ease, or have you forgotten your own childhood?], this story is too contrived and over-the-top for me to swallow without real evidence. The idea of mass murder and cannibalism at a McDonald’s headquarters under an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” motif of “watch out, your neighbour may be a satanist” paranoia sounds more to me like it came from the mind of a cynical screenwriter hired by a less-than-scrupulous intelligence section of the government. You know, the spooks who are funded to engage in psychological warfare so they can discredit certain groups or misdirect from the real criminals. Just like those government-paid internet trolls we have to deal with all the time.

    I can easily believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. Mexican drug cartels do it. Heavy-metal drug-crazed teenagers do it. Crazy pervert families do it. CIA/MKULTRA and other psychological operatives have used it for experimentation and control. And that the higher elite establishment would be fanatically into it is not at all hard to believe. Seeing the creepy ceremonies of secret-boys-club Masons shows me how important ritual is to their followers, and the bloodthirsty genocide from the decisions made by the elite and their clown-costumed Royalty shows me how evil, insane and heartless they can be.

    But this fantastical tale of wholesale neighbourhood rape, murder and satanism needs a little more proof than the performances of these very photogenic people. I’m tending not to believe that the Devil made then do it – more likely Tavistock.

    • beetroot

      Well said Troyhand. 100% with you on your analysis. What bothers me is that some previously (in my view) credible sources of alteranative media continue to promote this story in favour of the mother and dubious boyfriend.

    • Troyhand – whatever it may be that you could “easily believe in”, it’s apparently not Satanic Ritual Abuse. That term was invented by Canadian psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder, the first use of “satanic ritual abuse” occurred in his book Michelle Remembers published in 1980.
      Pazder’s definition of Satanic Ritual Abuse was this: “repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults combined with a systematic use of symbols and secret ceremonies designed to turn a child against itself, family, society and God.” Pazder noted that “the sexual assault has ritualistic meaning and is not for sexual gratification”. Pazder provided a disgustingly detailed explication for the term that he invented, in his presentation to No. Colo.-So. Wyo Detectives Association on 9-12 September 1986 in Ft. Collins, Colorado:

      Note that there are no case references of any kind, anywhere in Pazder’s presentation. EVERYTHING in that twisted rant came straight out of Pazder’s imagination – there was no real life basis for any of it, so there were no external sources for him to reference. Pazder was a sick & twisted pervert himself, as evidenced by his hypothesis that repeatedly subjecting a 4 year old child to every manner of brutal, sadistic & perverse sexual assault would ultimately cause the child to “become evil” and crave to perform all manner of perverse sexual acts with Satan himself (literally) as His personal sex slave.

      Mexican drug cartels are not acting out Pazder’s Satanic Ritual Abuse, nor are Heavy-metal drug crazed teens. The only “crazy pervert families” that have provably incorporated satanic-magical elements in their child sex crimes, are those attempting to copycat urban legends the mass-media was saturated with circa 1985-1995. There was no satanic cult involvement in any of the MKULTRA projects, nor did any MKULTRA projects involve “brainwashing” or “mind control” through child sexual abuse or “rituals”. Please state the project number that you believe corresponds to that type of activity. There was no Project Monarch. There were 22 Canadian victims of MKULTRA experimentation who successfully sued the US government for compensation. NONE of those persons experienced satanic cult involvement or child sexual abuse as part of this experimentation.

    • Actually, the Hampstead incident had nothing to do with a custody battle since the mother had ALREADY full custody of the children. The fact is, the mother had NO motive driving her to coerce her two children into saying what they had said. But even if she had, (she doesn’t), there is NO way she would have felt it to be necessary (let alone helpful) to involve these various individuals as it would only make her story sound far-fetched and easily made out to be crazy. So it makes absolutely NO sense for the children to have been coaxed…

      A few questions I have for you concerning this case are as follows:

      1. How were these two children able to come up with all those names on their own? The youngest child, Gabriele was unable to even recall the name of one of the women involved in the police interview and this was within just moments of meeting her! I mean, speaking from my own personal experience, I never knew all of the names of the teachers during my time in Primary school nor did my sister or our parents…. But we are to believe that these children did? Oh, but you believe they were coaxed and that the mother’s boyfriend was the main culprit behind the two childrens accusations… But tell me, how likely do you think it would be that a boyfriend of the mother would have all these teachers names memorized alongside the countless others involved at other locations that allegedly participated in the cult? And that these same individuals (notably, the teachers and parents) just so happen to connect on Facebook. I mean, not all the parents were involved in the said ‘cult’ and not all teachers at the school are Facebook friends with all the parents. So what are the odds that many of the accused teachers had alleged abusing parents on their Facebook pages? You may argue that this would be no problem seeing how the teachers names were listed on the schools official website prior but again, it wasn’t just the teachers that these children had mentioned, let alone the fact that there would be absolutely no way for the children (or even the boyfriend of the mother) to know these teachers were connected to the specific individuals who were NOT teachers at the school!

      2. Secondly, what do you think the odds are that two children claiming to have had plastic dildos shoved up their rectums would show signs of sexual abuse consistent with that of their actual testimony? Because again, this was confirmed by a physician and has to this day, never been investigated or explained…

      3. The DETAIL these children went into when describing these horrific acts contribute significantly to my interest in having this case investigated further. The very fact that there has been NO investigation has in and of itself, been pretty dam
      aging for them and only incriminates them that much more. Why have none of the alleged abusers been checked for the alleged tattoos, body piercings and birthmarks? Why have none of them come forth in order to clear their name (because not a single one has!)

      4. Why did the Church implicated in the alleged cult decide to redo the floors after these allegations were made? Why doe the Church/School have a sign in which it states ‘lodge’? Why does the church have freemason checkerboard floors? Why does the church have the satanic star on the pews in their church and absolutely nothing suggesting that it’s a Church of Christ (which, wouldn’t be so concerning if they hadn’t named themselves ‘Christ Church Primary.’ The Church also has a great deal of satanic symbolism on the OUTSIDE as well…

      I could really go on all night but I will stop here as I think I’ve already written too much!


  19. joekano76

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  20. Gary

    I see the father has himself decided to be interviewed, in depth, on television.

    • Jane Baines-Holmes

      As I mentioned above Gary. Weirdly, I saw the post on Facebook, and watched the interview with interest. Underneath, FB put a few ‘recommended’ similar stories to tempt you to watch. The one recommendation was the Sandy Hook father who was laughing and joking before his interview and then has to ‘put on his sad face’ to talk about his daughter. Weird or what that FB chose that film to be recommended with the Father’s interview. :(

    • In depth on television!? You mean he was interviewed by a reporter from the BBC (the same news/media agency responsible for announcing building 7’s collapse before it happened (which should not have happened at all since it was not hit by a plane that day).

      So tell me again why this would make Ricky aka. the father a credible guy?

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  22. I don’t completely agree with you. I’ve seen the father interviewed and he doesn’t ring true. It is a hideous situation and unbelievable but there are a few nagging doubts that linger.

    • Life prepares us for many situations but I think this is out of the box.

      When a woman you once loved and her new boyfriend accuse you of being a satanic cult leader, eating babies, wearing baby skin shoes and your children after being coerced with physical abuse by that boyfriend (maybe more) and make videos accusing you of the same after that coercion… when you are in that situation maybe you might then know what the right way to behave in an interview like that is.

      Do you laugh at the ludicrousness of the satanic allegations ? Weep at the thought of the harm done to your children ?

      At least he talked about the children which is more than can be said for the mother and boyfriend who seem to be living in their own little drug addled world besieged by demons of their own making.