‘Paedophile’ Greville Janner


‘Paedophile’ Lord Janner

We have learned a lot over the last 24 hours, not least from  The Daily Mail and other MSM outlets that if we surround the word ‘paedophile’ with apostrophes we can put the word in close proximity to Lord Janner’s name. By extension of this principle it stands to reason that ‘nonce’ and ‘child abuser’ can also be written in close proximity to ‘paedophile’ Lord Janner’s name.

Actually, there is a point to all of this, beyond mischief making, because the raft of statements published yesterday by Leicestershire Police, the Leicestershire Police Commissioner, and the CPS  were quite extraordinary and it demonstrates exactly the kind of problems that arise when the law of the land breaks down, and it has broken down, not just in the case of ‘paedophile’ Lord Janner but in a broad sense regarding allegations of establishment child abuse  over the last 40 years at least.

We as a society rely on law and order and when the justice system is perceived to have failed or the principle of equality in law diminished it creates a vacuum which by its very nature is quickly filled. There are at least 30 current IPCC investigations into past police failures regarding historical child abuse allegations across the UK and it is in part because of these very obvious failures that the rightful legal authorities are struggling to impose their moral authority on this still developing scandal. To be fair to both the CPS and the police, my sense is that they genuinely want to put things right but their moral authority to do so is continually undermined as evidence of egregious failures from the past are exposed.

And so, as a consequence, we were witness to yesterday’s contretemps between Leicestershire Police and the CPS. It was rather like watching the police, who having left a giant floating stinking turd in the toilet, blaming the CPS for their inability to flush it away. The CPS are on the receiving end of the public outrage but the public should make their own mind up on whether it is a more honest position to admit openly that the turd can’t be flushed or whether noisily jumping around and pointing the finger at the turd demanding it be flushed when it can’t actually be flushed away now is more honest.

Regardless, I’d suggest you’d look long, hard, and without success before you will find statements by the CPS or any police force like those published yesterday. That is as close as you’ll ever come to seeing an unconvicted man who is still alive being identified as a child abuser by legal bodies.

Lord Janner’s victims, I won’t insult them by prefixing ‘victim’ with ‘alleged’, will justifiably be upset. They alone are completely without any blame but if any of the victims read this I’d like to say this to them; you may be disappointed and very angry right now but because of your bravery in coming forward the sickening stench of this injustice is in the public’s nostrils and they can not ignore it. Cause and effect are sometimes difficult to perceive but in part because of your courage children in the future will be safer.  That may not be as personally satisfying as justice but it is nevertheless noble and something to be proud of.

You all, no doubt, will examine other legal avenues and you’ll do so with public support.





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8 responses to “‘Paedophile’ Greville Janner

  1. If that is a recent photo, I must say that he looks quite with it.
    This has been doing the rounds of the internet for years and it is beyond disgraceful that Janner nor the
    victims could not have their day in court.

    • Last of the Truffle Snorting Heroes

      The pic was taken in the last year & there is a woman walking with him who’s arm you can see in the shot above. I agree, he looks to be reasonably ‘up with events’ and is apparently pointing at photographers outside his property.

  2. BarrieJ

    Disappointing but sadly predictable

  3. s

    wonder how much he paid his doctor friends to say he has dementia lol,seems able to claim expenses still tho,hes guilty as hell and hope he rots in hell,and has a slow agonising miserable pitiful existence,hes just scum

  4. dpack

    this post is spot on gojam ,thanks for saying it better than i could .

  5. This may explain why there is little investigation and prosecution amongst the privileged filth

  6. the situation regarding the abuse of fragile youth by ‘adults’ in britain, holland and belgium is beyond abhorent. i suspect the same of the directors of the federal reserve in the usa. so far no proof. strong reasons to suppose & suspect. stay tuned. the jerry sanduskys of the fed have merely not been discovered.