CPS Overruled On Janner Prosecution




Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, personally overruled senior lawyers to block a prosecution of the Labour peer Lord Janner on child abuse charges.

Lead counsel appointed to the case recommended that Lord Janner of Braunstone, QC, who has advanced dementia, should be charged with 16 sex offences against nine alleged victims spanning three decades from the 1960s. Until last month Leicestershire police, who investigated the case and interviewed 25 alleged victims, believed that the Crown Prosecution Service would press charges.

In an eleventh hour volte-face, Mrs Saunders decided that despite sufficient evidence to prosecute it was not in the public interest to go ahead because the severity of Lord Janner’s dementia meant that he would not be able to follow proceedings or instruct lawyers. The DPP’s decision was angrily condemned by alleged victims, who will seek a review, and the police, who have said that they are taking advice about a legal challenge. Any such move would increase pressure on Mrs Saunders, who is already facing criticism over her running of the CPS.

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  1. It is very important for those of us that are the other side of the Times paywall, that we can see important stories like this, so thanks gojam for the gist of the article. Any links to full text appreciated

    • There are fair usage issues obviously but here is the other half. You’ll see I’ve posted the meat of the story above. The rest is culled from yesterday’s statements.

      “One man who was prepared to give evidence against Lord Janner described the decision as a disgrace. He added: “They say that it’s not in the public interest, but isn’t it in the public interest to know what victims have gone through? If he was an everyday person with a normal life and job, justice would have been served, but as it stands we victims are just being pushed to the ground again and walked over.”

      Sir Clive Loader, the police and crime commissioner for Leicestershire, said: “The decision is not just wrong — it is wholly perverse and contrary to any notion of natural justice.” He said that he had written to the home secretary to complain that the DPP had “fatally undermined” justice.

      Roger Bannister, an assistant chief constable at Leicestershire police, said the DPP’s ruling was “the wrong one”, which would deter victims of sex abuse from coming forward.

      Lord Janner has previously denied any wrongdoing.”


  2. Dame Campaigner VC @BankersDidIt
    Alison Saunders head DPP – husband “silk in all but name” Neil Saunders of 3 Raymond Bld, Greys Inn – where Alex Cameron is head ‪#‎LordJanner‬

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  4. artmanjosephgrech

    Curious and more curious indeed suggesting we have not heard the last of this matter. Did she over rule her own staff? Were representations made and if so by whom?

  5. Jack

    It is certainly not in the public interest that Saunders remain in her position and should be resigned forthwith. She should also be questioned about why she defied the legal advice given to her, preferably under caution.

  6. Saunders is a feminist bigot and has no place in a justice system. She is WAY above her level of incompetence. Check out her crusade for false rape accusers being given immunity and her personal insistence (with Angiolini) that a jury needs to be psychologically indoctrinated to allow any male being accused of any sexual assault against a female to be viewed as “guilty before innocent” in order to drive up rape convictions in the face of overwhelming numbers of false accusers.

  7. Last of the Truffle Snorting Heroes

    Saunders should resign immediately. Her position is untenable and if this story is correct, she has become too personally involved in the outcome. Theresa May had been uncharacteristicly silent over this so far but I would assume she has in some way approved the decision.

  8. l8in

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