Operation Red Tag / Operation Deny

This post follows on from the previous one ‘Interview With A Paedophile’ which is an extract from  Monsters and Men by Bob Long and DCI Bob McLachlan. Please read that HERE before continuing.

That extract relates a police interview with Philip Taylor following his arrest after Operation Red Tag and its Australian precursor, Operation Deny. The investigation began due to an investigation by an Australian journalist. In the interview with Philip Taylor you get his perspective – his obsession with collecting child sexual abuse images, how he contacted a few other paedophiles through adverts in homosexual magazines, and how it led him to abuse so that he had ‘homemade’ images that he could swap with those contacts.

In this post, we pull back so that we can see the bigger picture and we see that Philip Taylor (circled in red) was just a small cog in a much larger international paedophile ring, abusing and sharing images.

One point I think it is important to make is that this ring was active in the late 1980s /early 1990s before the internet age and as you’ll have seen in the previous post, it wasn’t as easy as it is today to make contact with fellow paedophiles and swap videos and images. The mind map below, which is almost certainly incomplete, illustrates how the Operation Red Tag and Operation Deny  paedophile ring interacted but, because it is so much easier through the internet to contact and swap images and videos, a similar representation of an paedophile ring  active today would likely be far too complex to illustrate in this two dimensional way.

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We’ll update this as we find new information. If you have information on any of the names below please post in comments.

1) Philip Taylor, UK: The abuser featured along with the 7 year old boy ‘Michael’ in the ‘snowman’ tape. The subject of the police interview in the previous story. Previous conviction for child abuse. Arrested and found guilty.

2) Christopher Harry Ashby, UK: A primary school teacher from Kent. His home was also raided and a large quantity of video tapes and photos mainly involving teens and children as young as 7/8 years old were found. 59 letters were also found, naming victims, how they met the victims and about the sexual acts performed on them. He was arrested and found guilty.

3) Clive Thomson aka Baxter aka Barton, UK: Primary school teacher. Considered to be one of the ring leaders of the paedophile ring. His home was raided. More on Clive ‘Barton’ HERE

4) Martin Andrew Hayward, UK: His home was searched and negatives for 258 photos depicting torture and bondage scenes of young children were found. He was arrested and charged.

5) Ian Hannibal, UK:

6) Finn Thompson, Denmark:

7) David Mason, UK: Following his conviction went on to foster children “Kent county council allowed a single man in his 50s to privately foster a 14-year-old girl without carrying out the checks that would have revealed him to be a dangerous convicted paedophile.” Observer 2011

8) Mark Mathews, UK:

9) Graham Wake, UK:

10) Fred Harbour, USA:

11) Ronald Boxer, UK

12) Stewart Williams, UK:

13) Robert Kingsley Hawkes, AUS:

14) Geoffrey Paul Barton, AUS:

15) Brian Bertram Morris Perkins, AUS:

16) Kenneth Williams Glencross, AUS:

17) Garry Craig aka Burnett, AUS:

18) Paul Whiteley, AUS:

19) Marcus Lynton, AUS:

20) Harry Bosse, AUS:

21) Don Edwards, UK:


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  3. dpack

    this is a bit of a odd thought but in pre internet times did the radio hams have some people among them who created a “dark web” ? it might have been a minority activity but it would make for ease of secure communication .

    if so by using burst transmissions from tape ,encryption or code pads,peer to peer chat on obscure wavebands etc etc (much as the government sponsored covert types sometime did) they would have been almost secure from observation whilst exchanging “unpleasantries” ,it also would make arranging meetings or to post stuff to each other a simple process.

    • Sabre

      Possible but I’d doubt it myself.

    • Sabre

      I suspect that po boxes, accommodation addresses, pre arranged remote phone boxes and possibly dead drops would be the limit. Low power encrypted bursts have no range. Post office and spooks would have been rushing about like blue arsed flies if they detected high power encrypted bursts.

    • Sabre

      We would have had Orson Welles on the radio !

  4. Troyhand

    This paragraph concerning the Robert Hawkes / Christopher Ashby correspondence needs to be remembered.

    [Page 5]
    Examination of the contents of the photocopied letters received from British Police revealed that HAWKES, the accused, and ASHBY had exchanged correspondence from the end of 1989 to the 30th of April 1992. The handwritten letters contents included the accused opinions on circumcision, sexual acts with specific male children who are named by their initials or first name and the initial of their surname, ***satanic rituals including human child sacrifice and sexual acts***, bondage and torture of children, child slavery, ways of winning over children to perform sexual acts, how to obtain the children and how to trick the child’s parents into allowing access to their child as well as other topics of a like nature.

    • Your assumption being, that the opinions expressed by “the accused” in these letters are all widely enthusiastic endorsement of the subject? Is that why you chose to highlight “satanic rituals including human child sacrifice and sexual acts” – ? Do you suppose it might be possible, given the dates, that the opinions expressed might be skepticism regarding the media-driven satanic panic which was peaking at that time? If you believe the correspondents were exchanging actual “satanic child sacrifice rituals”, then please post an example of one.

  5. Troyhand

    Christopher H Ashby’s Amateur Television Group [ATV] in Whitstable
    Kent Television Group


    • Bonnie Stumne

      i wish these predators could be taken care of the way it was done back in 1930s..take them out to middle of woods tie them to a tree stuff sock in mouth cut off pinus walk away leaving to bleed out ..and for the insects & animals ..thats how i feel about what should be done !! I mean the what these kids go through all the way into adulthood unless its happened to you ..you will never understand what it does to a person ..i am a person that was molested by male babysitters brothers ..then raped as a teenager ive been trying to kill myself since age of 12 ive had lots of conseling ..why do i feel the guilt yet for what these men have done to me ??…I LIVE WITH THIS IN MY MIND DAILY !! I WISH I COULD TAKE ALL SEXUAL PREDATORS OUT TO THE WOODS !! ACTUALLY I WOULD LIKE TO TORTURE THEM BEFORE LEAVING THEM !!

  6. Troyhand

    Page 4
    All of the letters were seized at Ashby’s home address of 3 Sheppey View Whitstable Kent, England on Wednesday the 20th of May 1992

    Christopher Harry Ashby still living in Whitstable
    Christopher H Ashby in Whitstable, CT5
    Age Guide: 65+

    Chris Ashby November 1, 2014
    Chris, G4AYT, Whitstable, Kent. – Kent Television Group.

    Brief Profile of Chris, G4AYT

    Chris was born in the City of Portsmouth, Hampshire. An interest in radio started when an old domestic radio with short wave bands was relocated to his bedroom after being replaced by a more modern VHF set to avoid severe morse breakthrough on the IF from nearby high power naval communications. It wasn’t long before discovering it was possible to receive broadcast radio transmissions from all round the world, as well as amateur signals (‘phone was on AM in those days). As the years progressed so did the fascination in radio. After moves to Maidstone then Ashford (Kent) and leaving school, while training as a science teacher, Chris passed the Radio Amateurs’ Examination. Strong influences in those days were good friends Alan, G8CVU, Jim, G2JF, and Jeff, G3TIS (all sadly deceased). Two years later the Post Office Morse Test was passed and the callsign G4AYT allocated. This was closely followed by a move to Whitstable and the best part of twenty years teaching mainly sciences, Physics in particular, as well as Mathematics and Electronics, to secondary school students. One year was also spent teaching Office Studies and a term of English. Over the years experience was gained in various areas of work, as a student, apart from farmwork, several years were spent at the then Ashford Airport in catering. Later after qualifying as a teacher, many enjoyable years of part-time work was undertaken with Securicor, either on patrols (particularly at night) or daytime CIT (‘Cash In Transit’). A year or two was also spent with Eliptic Systems, a Whitstable electronics manufacturer, in various departments, but mainly testing and quality control.

    The University of London Goldsmiths’ College, where G4AYT was teacher training, had an extensive TV network and studios. It was here that amateur television became a dominant part of the amateur radio hobby. Many evenings were filled televising lectures for live feeds around the complex, for which G4AYT received a generous fee. Much technical knowledge was gleaned from the service department and staff.

    Low frequency radio has always been an interest, more so in the last few years, but radio interference from two neighbours has made life difficult lately. ATV remains an interest, especially with the operational return of the Kent Television Group repeater, although activity is very low. VHF, UHF and microwave radio have all played their part, but even here local interference is creeping in and causing problems. The days of amateur radio seem numbered, especially with the sad loss of many good friends in recent years.

    The picture opposite is of Chris, G4AYT, at the age of 17, living with parents at the family home in Ashford, Kent. The shack in those days was a wooden shed in the back garden with a long wire antenna going to a silver birch tree, this worked well on topband.

    On one occasion G4AYT and a local ‘radio’ friend were in this shed when a massive explosion filled the place with smoke and covered the walls and windows with a sticky mess, much to the amusement of family and neighbours. It was likened to a shotgun blast, but was the inevitable result of too much voltage on a large eletrolytic capacitor.

    The current owners of the property say they still have and use the very same shed – which only goes to show how effective the endless tins of Cuprinol painted on it must have been.

    G4AYT is a member of:-
    UK Six Metre Group (UKSMG),
    Kent Television Group (KTG),
    Essex Repeater Group (ERG),
    South Anglia Repeater Group (SARG).
    British Amateur Television Club (BATC)

    • Troyhand

      HamCall™ Query Results:

      Whitstable is a small coastal town about 5 miles north of the City of Canterbury, in the south east of England.

      Alan, G8CVU [deceased]
      Mr AM Boughton, G8CVU

      Jeff, G3TIS [deceased]
      Mr JA Clarke, G3TIS

      Jim, G2JF [deceased]

      Click to access mercury-63.pdf

      Mercury – The Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society
      President: Brigadier N.A. Butler CBE
      Vice President: Major General (Retd), E.S. Cole, CB, CBE
      JULY 1979

      [Page 18]
      The OWL Report
      Whilst taking a break on the way back from N.Z., the Owl stopped off in Pietermaritzburg in Natal and was surprised to bump into Jim Foster, ZS5JF (old timers will remember him as G2JF – Ed.). It transpired that Jim had moved in March this year and is now located at 2 Burton Place, New Scotland Road, Pietermaritzburg 3201, Natal, South Africa. Jim particularly asked the OWL to pass along his best regards to all pre and post War contacts on all bands including VHF and UHF.

      Jim Foster, ZS5JF (old timers will remember him as G2JF)
      John Fielding, ZS5JF

      Click to access mercury-46.pdf

      Winter 1973/74
      [Page 32]
      FROM: J.C. FOSTER, G2JF/ZS5JF/RSARS 134, 10 VICTORY ROAD< HOWICK 3290, NATAL, SOUTH AFRICA. "… I have just received my copy of 'Mercury' which I find very interesting and readable to the chaps who produce it. Will you kindly note my new permanent address for all communications, and also, you will note, in addition to my UK call G2JF, which I intend to retain, I now have been allotted the call-sign ZS5JF following a courteous suggestion that this call-sign, if available, would be very appropriate!

      I am better known in the UK and Europe for my VHF activity over the past 20 odd years, but some will remember me as a RSGB Council Member 1965-67. However, on reaching retirement, a country with a better climate appealed. Please convey my regards, via "Mercury" to my many friends…"
      Yours sincerely, Jim Foster.

      • Troyhand

        Note from G2JF Amateur Radio Station, Burghfield
        G2JF Amateur Radio Station
        Burghfield, Dornach, Sutherland, Scotland
        Acknowledges with pleasure our radio chat on at Freq. mc Band
        Your signals were RST 73 and pls QSL
        JAS. C. FOSTER

        Ref: 2006_142_02 No: 7654
        Copy of note on paper headed G2GF Amateur Radio Station, Burghfield, Dornoch from James Foster acknowledging a radio conversation. Dated 1936 on the back.
        Foster was Lord Rothermere’s chauffeur. He had an amateur radio station at the back of the Burghfield. On one occasion when a plane crashed in the Arctic he was the first person to pick up the signal from the survivors.

        I knew Jim Foster, G2JF in the 1970s, when he was chief maintenance engineer at Wye College, University of London, near Ashford, Kent. After the second World War he established a VHF station on the North Downs at Hastingleigh and achieved record breaking results. His melodious Lancashire voice was a pleasure to listen to, he was a true gentleman and an inspiration to many.
        That he was Lord Rothermere’s chauffeur in younger life is something I did not know.
        Regards, Alwyn Seeds G8DOH

        Talking of VFOs on 2m, Jim was proud of his very stable 72MHz temperature controlled kallitron oscillator which apparently ran 24×7. This, plus his high power and excellent VHF location meant he could nab the DX before anyone else! In addition to his wonderful voice and calm, professional style, another characteristic feature of his signal was its slow rise and decay at start and end of transmission. He was very helpful and encouraging to new licencees like me back in the late ’60s.
        Added by Nigel G4AKU on 20 March 2015

  7. Troyhand

    Clive Barton alias Jack Webb


    stillwandering 12:12 am on May 24, 2007

    Madeleine: Taken three weeks ago

    Gerry and Kate McCann, both 38, have spent the past 21 days waiting for news of their daughter’s whereabouts.

    Police in the Algarve holiday resort of Praia da Luz have re-questioned two people over Madeleine’s disappearance.

    But with no news on their daughter, the McCanns are now thought to be planning a European tour in a bid to spread their daughter’s image across the continent in the hope that she will be spotted and rescued.


    I just wrote to the helpline website…I just read in the paper that a girl had been sighted in Marrakesh, possibly Madeleine, asking when she could see her mummy. I suddenly remembered about the pedophile we met in Morroco, in 1986/87, and then later visited in Crystal Palace in London (we stayed with Jack and Alan, who were looking after 4 children, because their mother had been seriously injured in a hit and run accident…we didn’t suspect a thing.) ….we obviously didn’t have any idea that it was a pedophile ring, until we saw a photo of ***Clive Barton alias Jack Webb*** on the front page of the newspaper a few months later, wanted in connection with an international pedophile ring. Horrified, we went straight to the police. They had arrested his accomplice Alan in London, but Jack/Clive was believed to be in Morocco, and couldn’t be extradited. A friend of mine spotted him in Gibraltar some years ago. He always stayed with a certain Moroccan man, in a small town, Tagazout, in the south of Morocco near Agadir……

  8. Troyhand

    If Clive Barton is now under the name Clive Thompson, then this sure reads like him

    Express & Star
    December 27, 2014
    Plans to open ‘alternative’ adult club in Dudley blocked

    A leading councillor has told an adult club boss to take his plans ‘elsewhere’ after his attempt to open a venue catering for erotic and fetish enthusiasts was halted.

    Plans to create the Valhalla club, in Dudley, were blocked by councillors to the dismay of its prospective owners who have invested £25,000 in the premises.

    Prospective manager, ***Clive Thomson***, today vowed to pursue his plans and appeal Dudley Council’s planning committee’s decision.

    The club’s website describes the proposal as an alternative lifestyle members club and photo shoot suite.

    It adds it is the Midlands centre for all fetishists ‘where the unusual is the norm in a safe and friendly environment’.

    Bosses insist it would not be a swingers club and there would be no sexual acts at the site off Dock Lane, opposite Dudley Leisure Centre.

    Mr Thomson said he was angry at the council’s decision and feels the club has been misrepresented.

    “The proposals here are for an alternative lifestyle, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender club,” he said.

    “I take this decision as an affront on the lesbian and gay communities.

    “This is not a lap dancing club or a private members gentlemen club. There won’t be any poles. It is a normal bar like any other pub.”

    Dudley Council received a petition signed by 66 people raising concerns about the proposed club being close to the leisure centre, religious buildings and a primary school.

    They added its proposed opening times could result in increased crime and noise from those leaving the club.

    Leisure centre manager Meg Dowen said the club’s members would use its car park but had no other objections.

    Planning committee chairman, Councillor Qadar Zada, said: “From a planning perspective it was rejected because of the impact on residential amenity.

    “But for me this is the wrong activity in the wrong place.

    “The potential harm outweighs any benefit. In fact I can’t think of any benefit this proposal could have.

    “The applicant described it as an ‘alternative interest club’ – well they can take their alternative interests elsewhere.”

    He added: “People like me would think twice about going to the leisure centre if the club was in place.

    “We do not want people discouraged from using that facility – we want the leisure centre to thrive.

    “There is also a good chance its users would share the leisure centre car park with people going there. That makes me feel really uncomfortable.”

    Mr Thomson said the club had its own provision for parking and he would be appealing the committee’s decision.

  9. Troyhand

    Robert Kingsley Hawkes was a football coach at Good Shepherd Lutheran
    Primary School at Para Vista.

  10. Troyhand

    15) Brian Bertram Morris Perkins connected to 13) Robert Kingsley Hawkes through St Ann’s Special School in Australia.

    School For Disabled Sued Over Sex Abuse

    Two disabled men who as boys suffered five years of sexual abuse at the hands of notorious pedophile

    Brian Perkins have launched a civil lawsuit in the District Court.

    Known only as X and Y, the men – who have Down syndrome – are seeking unspecified damages from Perkins, St Anne’s Special School and the Catholic Church.

    In 2003, Perkins pleaded guilty in the District Court to two counts of causing or inducing a child to expose his body, two of indecent assault and one of inciting or procuring a child to perform an indecent act.

    The court was told that between 1987 and 1991, he videotaped, photographed and sexually assaulted three boys with Down syndrome who attended the school where he worked as a bus driver.

    He also volunteered at the school as a woodwork teacher.

    Judge Jeffrey Anderson sentenced him to 10 1/2 years jail, with a non-parole period of six years.

    The sentence was backdated to March, 2002, when he was taken into custody.

    The Judge said Perkins had previous convictions for carnal knowledge from 1969 and 1974.

    X and Y allege St Anne’s Special School and the church failed to protect them from Perkins, who they say abused them from the ages of 10 and 17 respectively.

    X and Y also claim one of the state’s most infamous pedophiles, Robert Kingsley Hawkes, joined Perkins in forcing them to perform sexual acts.

    Adelaide Advertiser (15-7-2005)

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