Interview With A Paedophile


This is an extract from Monsters and Men by Bob Long and DCI Bob McLachlan

In a “fly on the wall” report, Scotland Yard agreed that a BBC team could shadow the work of the Paedophile Unit, part of the Metropolitan Police, part of the Serious Crime Group of the Metropolitan Police. Here is the compelling story and disturbing detail behind the BBC series. Bob Long has teamed up with DCI Bob McLachlan, Head of the Paedophile Unit, to write a book which should be of interest to anyone who has any contact with children. DCI MacLachlan’s expert witness describes the subtle work of the police in catching paedophiles, giving guidelines for parents and child carers to minimize the risks.

We’ll do another post connected to this regarding Philip Taylor who was convicted following Operation Clarence/ Operation Cathedral and his connection to Operation Deny, an Australian police operation, and it’s UK counterpart Operation Red Tag.

This extract gives a good example of how a paedophile’s obsession with collecting child pornography, and increasing his collection of it, will lead him to abuse a child in order to get access to more.



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3 responses to “Interview With A Paedophile

  1. Gary

    Stripped of sensationalism and hyperbole this description of a paedophile is truly horrific.

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  3. Sabre

    It’s not an easy read is it.