PC World For Repair ? Don’t ! They’re Really Crap.


I’m generally a fairly calm individual but Currys PC World have left me furious today.

Let me explain.

Some will already know that I’ve had a problem with my laptop keyboard and so on April 1st I took the plunge and decided to get it fixed. I accept that I should have looked around but like a fool I took it to Currys PC World to get it repaired. They were all very helpful at the desk. 7 to 10 days sir, £50 deposit for labour sir, it’ll go to the repair centre in Newark tomorrow sir.

So, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted for over a week that’s the reason, I’ve been patiently waiting for my laptop to get repaired while periodically using Mrs Gojam’s tablet (when she isn’t looking) to check a few things.

Today, nine days after I dropped off my laptop I decided to give them a call and find out what the situation was. First, I had to navigate their labyrinthine call centre menu options and give a 6 digit reference code that I didn’t have (I had four 6 digit codes but none of them a reference code) before finally speaking to a real person. On the first occasion I was patched through to my local branch who didn’t pick up and the phone went dead after 10 minutes. In total I had to go through this process 3 times until I discovered that my laptop hadn’t even left the shop I’d left it at 9 days previously.

I’ve got my laptop back and I’m using a wireless keyboard with it again and I’ll get it repaired at a smaller local place next week.

I told the Needleteam and Daedalus joked that Gary Glitter also had problems at PC World. “Correct” I replied, “but at least they bloody well looked at his laptop!”

Since I’ve got back I’ve done a bit of searching on Currys PC World computer repair service which they call ‘KnowHow’ and I’ve read plenty of similar and even worse horror stories.

So don’t, under any circumstances, ever, ever go to Currys PC World to get your laptop repaired.





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11 responses to “PC World For Repair ? Don’t ! They’re Really Crap.

  1. IWTT

    LoL Gojam! I know for a fact that Mrs GoJam knew you used her tablet last week! She very kindly lent it to you and, therefore, should be given a special award for being long-suffering, kindly, generous, understanding and supportive.

    Send my best wishes to Mrs Gojam!

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  3. Becky

    “So don’t, under any circumstances, ever, ever go to Currys PC World to get your laptop repaired.”

    I take it that’s probably the only thing that you and Gary Glitter agree on?;)

  4. Ron Hill

    I had the same problem with my HP laptop, eventually I replaced the keyboard by following the instructions by a lead on YouTube, it was so simple that even a nerd like me fixed it, one genuine ( made in China of course) keyboard from EBay £11.50 five minutes to replace by the instructions, hey presto, no hassle

  5. Curry's Lover

    Circumvent those computerised “multiple choice options” you get from any customer service by simply NOT pressing a number on your keypad. Sooner or later – after refusing to press any key no matter what – you’ll be put through to a Real Person.

  6. Anon

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  7. Gary

    Maybe MI5 Agents at PC World are trying to keep you off the interweb!! Lol.

  8. Jo

    Glad you’re back, I thought radio silence was due to holidays. Catch up posts please :)

  9. gary glitter

    i wouldent recomd going there ethere.