Reckoning Song (One Day)

The Friday Night Song



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  2. dpack

    a different aspect or reckoning but a rather important link ,with more implications than stated in the article .
    establishing if this is true or untrue or partially true might shed light on some very dark corners.

  3. dpack

    i dought they will post my comment “some of the guilty are still alive”.
    they did post a comment leading to chris moore’s book which means they either have not read it or they are serious about exposing far more worms than they have so far .
    the overall impression they give seems to be they might be about to expose the whole iceberg which seems a bit unlikely or that they are providing enough rope for several hangings and some gigantic tangles to “keep a lid on this” for ever.
    it is rather difficult to decide which they intend ,even from the position of having seen a lot more of the iceberg and knowing what they have published would lead if they add some of other data.