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Three new pieces of journalism by Mark Conrad and David Pallister have been published today which give very good background information on Carole Kasir, who with her husband Harry owned and ran Elm Guest House from 1979 to 1982.  Much of the information has been put into the public domain for the first time.

Carole Kasir’s past: fractious family life and failed relationships

Meanwhile, following failure of her first marriage, Carole began to use the surname, “Weichmann”. The Press often wrongly reports that Carole was German by origin, but Exaro has uncovered the roots of this mistaken belief.
Carole became convinced that she was not the daughter of the man who was widely recognised as her father. Instead, she claimed to friends, her mother had an affair with a German man, and she was the result of this liaison.
It is unclear whether Carole identified “Weichmann” as her real father or simply adopted a Germanic name that she liked.
In any event, Carole saw the change in her personal identity as her chance for a fresh start.

Carole “Weichmann” had another daughter with a Chinese man known as “George”. However the relationship between Carole and “George” also failed. Their daughter would stay with Carole, and ended up living at Elm Guest House.
By 1971, Carole met and married Haroon Kasir, known as “Harry”. He was born in India, although he was from the part of the country that later became Pakistan after partition.
Carole and Harry, the year after their wedding, had a son.

Exaro News 01/04/15

Carole Kasir and her squalid life at Elm Guest House

Police arrested Harry and Carole Kasir and charged them with keeping a “disorderly house”, or a brothel.  They also arrested a 17-year-old boy who worked as a masseur at the guest house, but he was later released without charge.

And they arrested nine men.  Five of them had been watching, naked, what would later be called in court a “thoroughly obscene” video but they also were not charged…Judge Tudor-Price, delivering the sentence, talked of “unwholesome activities” at the guest house.  ‘Those disgusting films were harmful to the people who saw them and led to the acts of gross indecency.’

Exaro News 01/04/15

Carole Kasir ‘boasted about VIPs who visited Elm Guest House

Up to her sudden death at the age of 47 in 1990, Carole claimed to be unaware that her guest house was used by paedophiles.

But acquaintances told Exaro that Carole was ‘manipulative’ and ‘promiscuous’, accusing her of abandoning her original family.

Once source who visited Carole as she held forth at her large kitchen table at Elm Guest House told Exaro: “She always denied that young boys went there, or that she knew about abuse.”

“We used to say to her, ‘There is only one door into the guest house, and one door out of it, Carole.  It is not Buckingham Palace.’ ”

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, added “She would not say anything in response.”

Exaro News 01/04/15

The latter passage effectively states that neighbouring witnesses saw boys arriving at, and departing from, Elm Guest House.

All three articles are well worth a read by anyone with an interest in Elm Guest House.


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  1. DP

    The Pop Star ‘Kitty’ was there. FACT

  2. Jane

    Do we any confirmation that a pop star visited this place ie receipts or are we only relying on the word of Carole and Gladys . Because both seem very dodgy.

  3. dpack

    does anybody know if she was prescribed insulin ?
    iirc her official cause of death was an insulin overdose and that has puzzled me cos although it can happen by accident most folk seem to manage to give themselves the correct amount at the right times(or a make reasonable mistake that might make em keel over but isnt usually fatal).

    the question i am probably asking is ,natural causes?,accident ?,suicide ?or the other option?

  4. Sabre

    No one imagined that a madam of a juvenile knocking shop was an innocent patsy anyway, did they?

  5. gw

    Yeah patsy my arse! “Not Buckingham Palace” – quite!

  6. Bishop Brightly

    Confirms that she wasn’t a poor victim. Interesting in the mistress bit as that’s the first time I’ve seen that she was doing more than just supplying a venue.

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