Hampstead, McKenzie Friends, And Terence Ewing

I really don’t know how far I need to go before a large number of misguided people will let go of the Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Hoax. Not far enough yet judging by the comments left on the last article.

So, here is something to make you think.

With acknowledgement to Camden Council Lords Of The Manner Blog

The Association of McKenzie Friends are the group ‘supporting’ Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, who along with Sabine McNeill are wanted for questioning by police in relation to allegations of harassment and child abuse connected to the Hampstead Satanic Hoax.


ewing and friends

Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill


Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves

Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves are both convicted paedophiles.

And both happen to be former business partners of Terence Ewing  advisor for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’

Terence Ewing and Keith Hammerton- Euston Trust

Terence Ewing and Roger Gleaves- Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service

Terence Ewing, having been described by a high court judge as “unattractive and indicative of a lack of personal integrity and honesty”, is banned from taking a civil action in England and Wales unless he has the permission of a High Court judge. (BBC News)

I’m sure that many will think that this proves nothing other than that Terence Ewing has an extremely poor taste when selecting business partners.

However, call me old fashioned but I do believe that it is extremely unethical and potentially illegal for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’ to seek to sell “video evidence”, “interviews with victims of child trafficking”, and “documentation regarding child abuse”.


John Hemming MP withdrew as patron of The Association of McKenzie Friends on 22nd January 2015.

Despite trying I have been unable to reach Austin Mitchell MP to ascertain whether he is still a patron of this group.


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  1. Good for you.
    More seriously, John Hemming was the MP for Birmingham whilst a massive child abuse scandal was ongoing for 10 years there.
    Say no more.

  2. -

    John Hemming withdrew on my advice.

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  6. One should not judge the Hampstead SRA case simply because this Mackenzie Friends set-up is apparently involved. Listen to the guardians of the 2 children allegedly involved in the case themselves mention this set-up in the latest interview video from 10 July [@ around 1.09secs in]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fol2zfc2x_Y

  7. Just because Sabine and the McKenzie Friends are dubious, doesn’t mean that the whole Hampstead case is dubious. They came into the case later on, lost the mother her kids and have now left the case. Perhaps they weren’t even wanted. Lots of people using this case for their own ends. And meanwhile…

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  10. so, they got Sabine in the end.

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  13. Cheesed off to the nth degree to the point that I feel like contacting Jeremy Kyle (this would at one time been absolutely abhorrent to me).Although Savile was never convicted of child abuse I can assure you from personal experience that he abused me sexually on many many ocaissions. I am ready to tell my story of police cover up (Liverpool 1982), of being caught in a car with savile abusing me by a police officer (Easter Monday 1964) Savile bringing many numerous men to take part in sex parties at Quarriers village Bridge of Weir (1964) Being forced by Savile and Porteous to stab the corpse of a young boy 5 minutes after he was strangled right in front of me by John Porteous (Beast of the Bell Tower 1964). 3-4 days after the murder of this young boy Savile and about 10 other men including Porteous were dressed up in monks habits and used the blood stained knife, savile wet the knife and smeared the blood around my naked body.Savile had also arranged a big a big party the weekend after Easter 1964 where previous to the evening party there had been some sort of charity fund raising concert which I did not attend. I am not going to mention by name the person that was compere at this event except to say that he had recently just got married and had spent several weeks at Savile’s Glencoe cottage as part of his honeymoon (I would like to say that this well known entertainer had nothing to do with any of the abuse I suffered) his wife carried me around the party saying to people at the evening party who could give up a child like this. One person who I can name who was at this party was a Bidi Baxter (not sure of spelling) who Savile was particularly wary of, because she was head of childrens BBC and according to Savile she was the one with all the power in terms of working at the BBC. It would now appear that I am too late to claim against Savile’s estate I have been told that because the abuse I suffered by Savile and many many other men took place before August 1964 I cannot claim against Quarriers home in Scotland but I am determined to hold the Police accountable both in Scotland and England (Liverpool 1982) how many children did Savile abuse from 1982 onwards? This is just a small part of what I endured but I know that I will never forget what happened to me for ALL my life

    • pru

      How are you too late? There is no statute of limitations ,although it would seem that the cops (Steve Nicks PSNI CHILD ABUSE UNIT ANTRIM ROAD BELFAST) decided invent just such legislation especially for myself a few months ago ,to cover up for his friends ,the ,allegedly former,RUC!

  14. Abby

    You’re sounding positively cynical these days, Gojam, almost as much as another blogger.
    “It’s fairly clear that the “Activists” are mostly petty criminals and ex-alcoholics or hop-heads. The head honchoes that are visible all have well-dodgy CV’s and appear to vary their stories as they go along. They also never have real contemporaries to add balance or credence to their versions of events. You have to believe them – end of discussion. If you don’t they fly into wild temper tantrums. They flew into a rage when David Rose got the Mail to re-expose Steven Messham, although why Messham needed to be exposed yet again is baffling. Rose referred to it as Institutional Amnesia I think. I would see it more as conniving sensationalist journalism, political agendas and pure commercial greed by a pack of lying liars and sex fantasists. I’m sure a lot of them get their jollies describing all this sex stuff.”

    • I’m not sure that believing that Jimmy Savile is innocent contrary to a mountain of evidence, as that blogger does, is cynical.

      Nor do I think that defending the indefensible or believing the unbelievable really helps genuine victims of abuse or further better safeguarding in the future.

      I’m prepared to say something is untrue precisely because I want people to believe me when I tell them something is true.

      • Abby

        How do you account for all his posts examining the evidence and finding it wanting and/or non-existent?

      • What he needs to do is explain how evidence within the NHS and Department of Education reports demonstrate scores of independent complaints over a 40 year period. No collusion there, no Savile effect. Those complaints were made at the time and only brought together recently.

        Picking off one or two allegations that are untrue from hundreds doesn’t prove anything other than that he has an agenda.

  15. dpack

    the comments and “logic”displayed by some who seem to believe the “rosemary’s baby in hampstead” story whilst ignoring the history of the main storytellers and the internal and external contradictions of their version of “truth” is a good example of the type of thinking observed at salem,pendle or huac hearings.those had the backing of law ,fortunately these people do not.

    there are plenty of examples of the law protecting the guilty (and convicting the innocent)but i dont think this is an example of that .if one applies cui bono and occams razor to the published data about the case it appears to me that the judge was almost certainly correct.
    if my opinion is at odds with those who still think that the accusations of mc kenzie et al are valid i can only suggest that they re examine all the data and try to understand the most probable explanations for the situation.

  16. newspaceman

    In the witch-hunts they plunged a tied-to-a-chair old wifey into a freezing pond. If she floated back alive then that was proof she was a witch so they burned her alive. If she drowned, then she was a witch, so they put away their matches. In (mirrored) internet land, in “conspiracy circles”, if one alleges that perhaps another could be mistaken in their belief then, in matters regarding satanic worship, one must thus then be a baby-skin-slipper wearing, infant’s blood quaffing, worshipper of Satan.



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  18. Jon, here’s my best effort at contributing something helpful to the info you’ve provided in this article. Ewing and his “Mackenzie” friends may have been planning something like Faye Yager’s non-custodial parental kidnapping ring scam:
    Faye Yager was an American woman who, for at least a decade starting in the mid 1980’s, facilitated non-custodial parents in kidnapping their own children and then hiding that parent & the children in another country. Yager was hugely successful at this and may have facilitated the kidnapping of hundreds of children, (she claimed, over 500). A big factor in Yager’s success was her exploitation of networks of satanic abuse cult true-believer zealots. Yager claimed that most of the children she was involved with were victims of satanic abuse cults, that the custodial parents were cult members planning to sacrifice the children, and that the family court system was thoroughly infiltrated and controlled by satanic cultists:

    Abuse cult true-believers from many walks of life, in North America and overseas, happily participated in Yager’s ring – helping to plan and carry out the children’s disappearances, helping to shelter and hide fugitive non-custodial parents, creating false identity documents and fraudulent records – and of course covering up all of these criminal acts by commiting even more crimes; providing false alibis, making false and misleading “sightings” reports, conspiring to obstruct justice, etc. These networks of zealots still exist, (obviously), and exploiting them might be the reason for the false satanic abuse claims in the Hampstead case.

    Faye Yager always claimed to be penniless and uninterested in any payment for her “services”, but the truth is that she could be bought. For the right price, Yager would sometimes tell the custodial parent where to find their children, and silently watch the mothers whose lives she had claimed were in mortal peril get taken into custody and prosecuted. Multi-millionairre Bipin Shah claimed to have tracked his ex-wife and children, himself, after Yager helped them vanish into thin air. Yager has never contradicted him about that, but then…$5 million can buy heaping helpings of “keep your mouth shut”.

    The Mackenzie Friends association may have been a honey-pot to attract women in custody disputes with wealthy ex-partners. The satanic abuse cult allegations would gain zealot’s assistance in “disappearing” the woman and her children, and facilitate making an asylum claim in another European nation. Later, the ex-partner could be sold the whereabouts of his children – for the right price.

    • The ‘truthers’ are saying that they will only be satisfied if the people of Hampstead have their genitals examined by them to look for satanic tattoos.

      So, there you go Hampstead. If you want this to end all you have to do is let the group of people that have been attacking you examine your privates. They will probably need video evidence to put on youtube so that everyone can be certain that those that did the examination weren’t ‘shills’ and of course the videos will then have to be examined to make sure that they haven’t been doctored but a second examination with a different group of ‘truthers’ and a new video should finally put an end to the speculation you’d think. Unless someone demands a third examination because the first two didn’t check for evidence of cock transplants but eventually they’ll have to accept the reality.

      So, come on Hampstead get your pants down and let the nutjobs examine your genitalia!!

      • mike e

        Well, if I had been one of the accused, I actually would have welcomed the chance to clear myself by letting some of the accusers check out my intimate tattoos and birthmarks etc. certainly, it’s the first thing that the police should have done imo, though possibly this happened and I’m not aware of it.

      • pru

        LOL!!!! That’s just what I was thinking. Belinda McKenzie is a massive scammer who is a cult member herself,I know her from 25 years ago ,what’s more so do the cops and the courts.

  19. What possible bearing do these identities or their past crimes have on the allegations made by the Hampstead children?
    You haven’t managed to notice the coercive nature of the Hampstead police interviews apparently.
    [link removed]
    Nor apparently are you aware of the damning nature of the Hampstead medical reports.
    [link removed]
    This is some of the most fallacious self serving trash I have ever read. I have no idea who you are or what motivated this pathetic and worthless work. It surely had nothing whatsoever to do with any pursuit of truth or justice.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, sadly you seem to be completely shameless.

  20. Sabre

    I had no prior knowledge of this case my only concern was that most people had taken the view that it was untrue because a judge said so.

  21. The “Camden…Lords of the Manor Blog” posting linked in your article is still knocking my socks off. This Terence Ewing person has been a very serious con-artist & crook, (and possibly something else?), for a very long time. With all the fake organizations and criminal fraud fronts Ewing has been involved in, it seems inconceivable that “McKenzie Friends” wouldn’t be another of these, with some nefarious hidden purpose.

    Ewing’s alleged role of “advisor to” The Association of McKenzie Friends is just too reminiscent of someone else’s abuse of that phrase, for me to resist exploring a certain question any longer…what the heck is “adult advisor to NAYPIC” supposed to mean?

    Chris Fay has called himself this: “the adult advisor to NAYPIC” or “former adult advisor to NAYPIC”, and I’m familiar with the concept of adult advisors for student & youth organizations, but is “adult advisor to” supposed to be a job title? I thought that NAYPIC only had one paid employee, and that was Mary Moss herself.

    The “role” of adult advisor to a student or youth council seems to universally be a voluntary one, usually taken on by an adult who works for an associated institution – like, a teacher perhaps. Being a voluntary role, there isn’t really a formal definition for “adult advisor”. Any group that has one might have their own definition, or qualifying characteristics that an adult advisor volunteer has to meet, but there aren’t any training or education programs for “adult advisor to…”

    “Adult advisor” isn’t a job title within any related professions – not in the fields of social work, or childcare, or education, or child protection, or youth work, or residential care work. ANYONE can call themselves an “adult advisor” to a youth organization without possessing one speck of relevant experience, or training, or education, or qualification of any kind. So, when Chris Fay describes himself as “former adult advisor to NAYPIC”, what does that mean? It means NOTHING whatsoever. Describing himself as what he really was: “a friend of Mary Moss”, would be just as meaningful, (or as meaningless), and just as descriptive of his ‘expertise’ on the subjects of CSA, child victims of sexual abuse, pedophile rings, child prostitution & pornography rings, etc.

    Nevertheless – journalists, media organizations, sexual abuse victim/survivor organizations and their spokespersons, not to mention bloggers and other social media commentators, almost always add that descriptive phrase to Fay’s name when they mention him: “Chris Fay, former adult advisor to NAYPIC”, as though that phrase could bestow some measure of authority or validity to whatever he might have to say about the subject of their discussion. It can’t, and it doesn’t, however.

  22. truth

    I have never wasted time on this blog before – I noted the information on most topics neither had depth in truth or intregrity and the information provided borders on boredom – why bother go back to writing for mad media machine at least you’ll get paid more for being a drunk.

    • Sabre

      You’ve never wasted time on this blog before so why start now?
      You contradict yourself by going on to explain your findings when you did waste your time on this blog!

      Your post should have read first time here not coming back, which in itself is redundant.

      Have you erected a notice board in your garden bearing the words “Don’t throw stones at this notice” ?

  23. Fantastic work, fantastic posting – thank you!
    In my opinion, this article epitomizes the essence of Alternative Media – bringing into the light relevant, factual – (not imaginary, not fantasized) – information about an issue or subject which no other media are publicizing.

    As opposed to: simply repeating the same old rumors & innuendo that can be found on dozens of other sites and claiming that this constitutes Alternative Media just because the MSM isn’t publicizing those rumors and innuendos. That doesn’t make the grade, to me.

  24. Becky

    “Terence Ewing, having been described by a high court judge as “unattractive and indicative of a lack of personal integrity and honesty”,”

    Statistically, a child is more likely to be abused by a Vicar or a Priest than a Satanist. Highly more likely. That said, I didn’t realise that in Britain part of a high court judge’s role is also to rate how physically attractive they happen to find persons involved in a court case!:)

    • rkae

      “Statistically, a child is more likely to be abused by a Vicar or a Priest than a Satanist.”

      Statistics are kept on this? The thing about Satanists is that their Satanism never enters the court case, because the lawyers will say, “Ooo! Don’t go there! It will make the jury dismiss the whole thing! It sounds ridiculous!”

      The media rule is…

      Priest: Automatically guilty!
      Public school teacher: Well, kids are a lot more sophisticated these days, so it’s not REALLY rape.
      Satanist/pagan: False memory syndrome!
      Celebrity: Look the other way and whistle casually. (Or take one down and end the story there.)
      Billionaire: (Nothing. Crickets chirping.)

      • Sabre

        Perhaps you would like to cite the statistics?

      • Sabre

        The request for citation was aimed at Becky.

        Becky, you obviously saw fit to ignore the link between some Zionists and Nazis and Fascists.

      • anonamoose

        This at least has some sense to it, I don’t agree with you go jam but that’s not to say that this isn’t a interesting thread. However if you turned that misguided energy of yours to the areas of life that really need light shining on to expose. Then this blog could be really credible and informative, have you ever heard of Vera diamond? proberly? Well I have first hand knowledge of victims whom Ive met and spoken with, not just scrapes of info of the net, I believe that trumps speculation, so really go jam are you 150% sure that you are right about all of this?

        One comment stated ”this has been published before and coul never been substantiated” 30 yrs at least in public media and numerous cases but the gate keeper says NO……..

        Repeating the same actions over and over again, expecting different results each time is the cause for madness – Einstein

        If we do not address this situation properly and believe me when I say I’m by no means calling for a witch hunt. however, because of the huge scope needed for an investigation we also are between a rock and a hard place.

        Faked documents for wars
        Faked news reports to ‘endarken’ the masses formally known as ‘indoctrination’.
        Fake economy based upon the blood sweat and tears……of this country
        Fake food
        Fake ideologies
        Fake gate keepers

        The ONLY point I agree with you on the whole subject is the blatant disregard for the childrens identities being published. That was irresponsible however I do believe people have done stranger things when they are stressed and seeking help from some of the alleged abusers, justice paulffrey decision is rubbish it’s an opinion based on jack squat.


        Oh yeah that’s right it didn’t happen, no criminal evidence has been provided has it. Aren’t we all great where In the 21st century, with our sophisticated society that’s bringing everyone together with technology we are finding it harder to connect with people on a one to one basis.

        I’m not here to fight anyone, I’m just astonished at the level of cohesion we as a society have versus the upper echelons of elite hood whom seem to have they’re shxt together.

        Because we are too in our own heads or up our own a holes to actually acknowledge th3 suffering of ours because we do nothing. It’s really sad.

        ”Statistically you are more likely to be abused by a priest then a satanist”

        The Vatican is a hot bed of satanism, with cardinals performing black masses (which included animals and humans for sacrifice)
        And also a cardinal could not perform unless he had obtained the level of high priesthood, I wonder how they achieve this……….

        Cue the Hampstead kids………..

    • Well, I took Becky’s comment for gently sarcastic dark humor.

      Being serious, now. A statistical analysis about convicted child sex abuser’s professed religious or spiritual affiliation wouldn’t tell us anything of value. There are no valid reasons for believing that any person’s professed religious or spiritual affiliation – no matter what that might be – could serve as a reliable predictor of that person being, or not being, a child sex abuser.

      The large numbers of child sex abusers who were clergy of some Faith community, or had some other position in a Religious Order at the time of their offending, isn’t a direct result of that person’s religious beliefs. It is related to the opportunity, social deferrence and protection conferred upon them by the position they held in the religious community/organization. Most religious communities are overwhelmingly populated by families with children, and their clergy & lay orders have traditionally played important roles as educators, mentors, children’s recreation & services leaders and suuplementary caregivers – which provided child abusers in such positions with direct and continuous access to a large pool of vulnerable children. Traditional social deferrence paid to the clergy’s authority within the community enabled abusers to avoid scrutiny of their interaction with children, to extort and enforce secrecy from their victims and to intimidate, discredit or incite shunning of community members who did learn their ‘secret’. Faith community leadership’s obsession with protecting their public image above all else – even above the wellbeing of their members – led to investigation and prosecution of exposed abusers being blocked and thwarted. All of these enabling CIRCUMSTANCES may have attracted abusers to clerical/lay positions in the first place…they certainly encouraged pedophiles to act out their desires within religious communities.

      In stark contrast, organizations and communities of publicly professed “satanists” have been overwhelmingly populated by single adults and childless couples. Groups such as LeVay’s Church of Satan never created any child-centered services within their communities; no schools, no orphanages, nothing resembling “scouts” or any other recreational services for children, no summer camps, no child welfare projects of any kind. Belonging to Church of Satan wouldn’t have facilitated abuser’s access to vulnerable children in any way. There just weren’t any children to abuse, in their community (at least, very few children). That CIRCUMSTANCE would result in very few, perhaps none, of their “clergy” being convicted of crimes against children.

      It’s about the social circumstances, not the belief system.

  25. brumsongs

    Isn’t the obvious conclusion that these poor children were abused and this ridiculous story was bashed into them to direct attention away from themselves by whoever did it?

  26. dpack

    until it was flagged up on the needle i had not noticed these people or their camden activities.i did have a quick look at things in scotland ,part of which seem to have a link to some of these characters, whilst seeking context for other matters a while ago.

    with the scottish stuff i came to the conclusion that some of the loudest claims such as most of the hollie greig story were probably inaccurate and possibly smoke and mirrors .
    i do however suspect there has been/are some serious problems with power and loyalty to power bringing immunity and there are possible links and similarities to events elsewhere.

    as a small aside with a scottish connection ,the late willie macrae might have had an interesting conversation with geoffrey dickens had he lived another few days and been able to keep the appointment they had booked .i dont expect they were planning on chatting about hanging or the best way to evict the boomers especially in light of mr macrae being reported as in possession of “proof”of serious sexual misdeeds by vip’s (i do not know if he refered to english or scottish vip’s)iirc he told a chum something along the lines of “ive got the bastards at last ” with reference to a selection of paperwork which could not be traced after his death.

    there is plenty of reference to mr macrae in the scottish press,the accounts of his death are a bit odd and from the few bits of original data available the official version has some very unusual anomalies .in some ways it falls into a similar category to hilda murell , david kelly and numerous others where the total known data and official conclusions at the time do not entirely fit and reasonable doughts as to the truth remain unanswered .

  27. Gary

    One thing that I’m not clear on. How is the judge in this case 100% confident that no abuse has taken place? I try to bear in mind that many victims and witnesses of child abuse may, for one reason or another, make poor witnesses or generally be seen to be lacking integrity. I’m troubled by the certainty that there seems to be.

    • @gary – Justice Pauffley doesn’t say that “no abuse has taken place”. If you read the summary to her judgement (there’s a link to it on “Three Wanted…” posting), you’ll see that she says: “Neither child has been sexually abused by any of the following…”. She doesn’t make any unequivical declarations that the children never suffered any form of abuse at any time, from anyone. In fact, her findings absolutely ENDORSE the children’s accusations of being PHYSICALLY mistreated by Mr Christie, and details with full confidence the emotional and psychological abuse the children have suffered as a result of the actions of their mother and Mr Christie.

  28. The point of limited hangouts is to polarize camps into binary opinions. There’s more complexity than right or wrong on this.

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    Darkness follows these folk everywhere. They want money and children!

  31. DR Laverty

    Excellent. Darkness follows these people like a guise above their heads.