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It is almost 18 months since The Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP,  Minister of State for Communities and Local Government told Kendall House CSA survivor and victim of appalling care home drugging, Teresa Cooper, to “Adjust you medication.”

Now those girls have gone on to have children of their own; children who were born with a range of birth defects.

Teresa Cooper was one of those girls. She arrived at Kendall House in Kent at the age of 14. Over the 32 months she was there, she was given medication at least 1,248 times – cocktails of 11 different drugs.

BBC News

Listen to confrontation below

Following this inappropriate exchange Teresa Cooper received this strange and threatening letter.


Most of the media were very sympathetic to Teresa and recognised the inappropriateness of Mr Pickle’s remarks but one online news outlet took a different perspective.

Speaking at the conclusion of the Conservative party conference yesterday, Pickles told Politics.co.uk he had a “long history with that particular constituent”.

“Her behaviour was utterly unreasonable,” he explained.

“She recorded me surreptitiously. I was giving genuine advice… and her reaction was to do 50 tweets and broadcast it to the world.

“I’m very sympathetic with her, she has a difficult life. But she makes a number of serious allegations about people and I think, it’s very important she puts that allegation in writing and she puts her name to it.”

He claimed Cooper had denied all knowledge of making an initial statement to his office.


I’m sure that unique angle on the story wasn’t at all influenced by the fact that a major shareholder in Adfero Media Ltd which owns Politics.co.uk is Windsor’s Member of Parliament, Adam Afriyie MP  one of Eric Pickle’s Conservative colleagues in the Commons….




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3 responses to “Pickled Opinions

  1. Alix

    There is nothing “right” or “honourable” about Pickles. His friends in very high places must be getting tired of covering for him, blunder after blunder. He is not a Doctor or Mental Health expert, so what makes Pickles think he has the right to give advice on medication to a survivor of child abuse.
    What was his comment? – “Adjust your medication” he advises a woman that was forcibly drugged as a child, by the people paid to care for her. He should have been sacked for that vile comment 18 months ago. I would like to know what his credentials are. Pickles is not a Solicitor as he previously stated.
    So exactly what is he, apart from being a liar and an ignoramus with foot in mouth disease? Someone point him to the nearest Jobcentre please.

  2. dpack

    mr pickles has a long history of upsetting people ,having supportive “friends”who assist him out of “difficulties”and generally being a rather unpleasant chap.his time at bradford provides many examples of his nature and behavior .

    the more i have learned about him the less i like him and i didnt like him when i first heard of him.


    im sure he would have sued if the facts show he was being defamed.

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