Three Wanted In Hampstead Harassment Case.


Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, and Sabina McNeill

News today from the Ham & High reporting that Ella Draper, mother of two young children who can only be identified as P and Q, her partner Abraham Christie, and their ‘supporter’ Sabine McNeill are among those wanted for questioning by the police in connection to allegations of harassment and child abuse.

This follows findings published online  HERE  by Mrs Justice Pauffley.

The ludicrous allegations of a Satanic Cult which half of Hampstead seem to have been accused of being part of, a cult that wore babies’ skulls, drank the blood of babies, and the members of which all wore specially designed shoes made of baby skin made by the owner of a local shoe repair shop, has led to the harassment and abuse of those named online.

If I’m honest, I can see only one thing that remotely resembles a ‘cult’ and that is the slavish, brainwashed, and irresponsible following online of those that refuse to accept that they’ve been hoodwinked.

Only last week a website appeared purporting to be connected to those who have promulgated and perpetuated these appalling lies, on it ‘supporters’ were invited to donate money and “select a perk”.


When Mrs Justice Pauffley wrote in her findings, “Those who have posted material identifying the children have done so with flagrant disregard for their welfare interests”… “Only those with prurient or unhealthy curiosity will take steps to identify the children.” some took umbrage.

But let me ask you, what exactly do you think is being offered for sale here for $10,000 ?

Of course, we’ve been here before. There are many similarities between this and the Hollie Greig Hoax. 

And why should there not be when some of those involved in that travesty are also involved in this ?

The Hollie Greig hoax is still ongoing despite the intervention of the authorities. It has been going on for over 6 years with a devastating effect on the lives of those falsely alleged to have been involved.

The children, P and Q, are eight and nine years old. If you genuinely care about their welfare then please don’t let them grow up at the centre of a sensationalist hoax.

Mrs Justice Pauffley also said in her findings that “My faith in humanity indicates that the overwhelming majority of individuals will do nothing because they, like me, have no interest in inflicting further harm.”

I hope her faith is vindicated.


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40 responses to “Three Wanted In Hampstead Harassment Case.

  1. Alicia

    Satan the devil has been controlling the world for some time your bibles.
    There are countless accounts of these very same satanic canibalistic baby sacrificing ritualistic perverted sex orgies and pedo sex is their fav..because it insenses God Jesus and most normal people..that’s how satanic emotional vampirism gets its power..
    And why they become elite..and also have the clout to repeatedly and relentlessly collaborate and cover it up..time and time again the same thing happens..anyone atempting to investigate the truth is discreteded or worse..WAKE UP and let us not forget the children of Gehenna.

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  3. David

    The Hampstead satanic circle was very much in evidence with Yat Malmgren and his partner Christopher Fettes who both ran the Drama Centre who were the major organisers there and had links in Scotland, where (David) Christopher Fettes, was born. His father was a high ranking army officer and Fettes was a bit part actor and rent boy.
    Their drama school was originally an old church at Chalk Farm where satanic rituals took place and Jimmy Savile was a regular there.
    A number of actors and dancers were recruited into the circle and Harold Lang who was another organiser died in strange circumstances abroad. Andrew Knox who was investigating the activities of Fettes and Malmgren vanished from a boat whilst travelling back to England from the Channel Islands. His former wife Imogen Hassall had been found dead with an overdose on the day she was about to go on holiday with a friend.
    Bryan Forbes was involved in making snuff movies with Fettes and Malmgren who had both been sacked from the Central School of Speech and Drama for sexually abusing students there in the 1960s and who had started their own drama school at the disused church in Prince of Wales Road at Chalk Farm by blackmailing a number of influential people who financed their project.
    Drugs were brought in and sold throughout the UK which provided large amounts of cash for Fettes and Malmgren who were both active members of PIE.

  4. Ang

    The timing of this story raises suspicion particularly when adults are coming forward in droves to disclose childhood sexual abuse by people in authority. Is this case put out there to discredit child witnesses and false memory syndrom of childhood abuse???? Mmmmm one wonders ????

  5. Jack

    It seems to me that all this nonsense about Satanic rituals in Hampstead are attempts to discredit the very real sex abuse that has occured involving prominent individuals. Those buying into it are either deluded or part of the real cover up.

  6. Newspaceman

    Firstly, in my day I smoked a fair whack of cannabis in it’s different forms however that has not got me believing that babies are sent via courier to have their blood drunk by skin-slipper clad satanists in a secret room in McDonalds. Not a hope, despite my open mind with regards to magick and, most importantly, rituals. I read elsewhere that some of the “supporters” of the claims were organising like minded people to send distorted/mutilated toy dolls smeared in lipstick to the Hampstead area – that sounds more like black voodoo magic to me, which got me wondering, if indeed it’s true

    The elephant in the room is surely why are people allegedly carrying out alleged Satanic rituals, what do they gain from them – what/who is Satan, what is he promising in return, how do they work, where do they originate ?

    Prince Charles is not destined to be King in my humble opinion, the letters will surely be part of the smoke and mirrors process we will soon see. It’s William’s destiny I am afraid, all part of a ritual.

    Anyway, I wrote a little, meant to be satirical, post on Hampstead, you might like it; perhaps not.


  7. Another tragic case of little children being abused and callously exploited as weapons, to advance the personal interests & agendas of one set of their parents/ guardians/ caregivers.

    Very familiar patterns here, the underlying alternate reality ‘game’ has been played out many, many times over the last 30 years. All of the allegations against the supposed satanic cult members originated with adults in the children’s lives. These adults “diagnosed” that the children had been abused and constructed the original storyline about who had abused them, how, when & where. The children were later induced to make statements that appear to support the ADULT’S storyline, and the authorship of that storyline is then subsequently – and falsely – attributed to the children!

    About the alleged medical evidence identified by Dr Hode. Prior to the first examination, Dr Hode had been apprised that the children supposedly alleged that Mr Christie committed specific sexual acts upon them. (In reality, these allegations originated with some of the children’s adult caregivers). Prior to the second examination, Dr Hode was apprised that the children were alleged to be victims of a satanic abuse cult conspiracy, and “thought about it over the weekend”. (Again, the satanic abuse cult conspiracy storyline was constructed by THE ADULTS, who then induced the children to make statements which appear to support that story, and after that the authorship of this storyline is attributed to the children).

    As the judge points out, Dr Hode’s “findings” are clearly intended to support whatever allegations she believes the children have made. In the first examination, Hode finds “a number of scars and abrasions consistent with their assertions” of sexual abuse by…someone…but finds no reflex anal dilation. In the second examination, Dr Hode now finds “persistent reflex anal dilatation during buttock separation.” – a finding which is historically linked, (in the UK), to allegations of SRA and child sexual abuse rings – in P. All of Dr Hode’s findings are of the vartiety which are very much subject to, and dependent on, individual physician’s INTERPRETATION. Would Dr Hode’s findings have been the same, if she knew nothing about specific allegations that the children had supposedly made, prior to the examinations?

    Even when there is unequivical physical evidence that a child has been sexually abused in the past, that evidence doesn’t often come with the identity of the child’s abuser etched into it (DNA evidence excepted). Someone still has to deduce a storyline about who abused the child, and when, and under what circumstances. In cases like this one, that storyline is frequently constructed by adult caregivers long before any explicit allegations are voiced by the child, if they ever do make such statements. Sometimes they don’t & sometimes they can’t (perhaps because they are too young). Frequently, the child’s statements don’t contain straightforward and unambiguous allegations against an identifiable suspect, and the identity of a suspected abuser will be derived from some adult ‘s INTERPRETATION of what the child is trying to say.

    Unequivical evidence that a child was sexually abused doesn’t by itself prove that a suspected perp named by adult caregivers, or even by the child themselves, really was the abuser. In the infamous McMartin case, Ray Bucky was actually a lousy candidate to have abused Judy Johnson’s son, despite claims by Johnson and others that her son unambiguously accused Bucky. A much better suspect, would have been the boyfriend of another McMartin mother that Johnson was friends with. The two women’s children played together and visited each others homes, and were sometimes in this man’s care as a result. This man bought commercial child pornography magazines and left some lying around in his girlfriend’s house after they broke up, among other suspect behaviours.

  8. Michelle Carterton

    Gojam, I’m hoping you might write a blog about these letters of Prince Charles to government ministers being made public. I would very much like to read your take on this issue.

    • Thanks Michelle

      I’m very much looking forward to reading them.

      I mention them here –

      You’ll see why I’m interested.

      • Michelle Carterton

        Yes indeed, there is much more to this than just the publication of some letters. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. The consequences could have very serious effects on our constitution.
        My biggest fear is that we might be told that there is no other option than direct rule from Brussels. But I’m getting way ahead of events now and merely speculating, so I’ll stop now :)

  9. Michelle Carterton

    I’m sick to death of all these so called conspiracy theories. I don’t doubt that there are some conspiracies going on, there always has been since the year dot.
    But not every story is a conspiracy. Some of the people involved in so called conspiracies that involve children seem more than a little mentally unstable, to put it mildly. To put it another way, the more barking mad they are, the more support they seem to get. Their supporters are often just as barmy.
    Anyone that believes anything 100% without a shadow of doubt needs their head examining.
    I’m not saying child abuse doesn’t happen, because it does. But quite why the people who shout the loudest about it, which in itself is suspicious, get the most support from people who are desperate to have a cause to fight for, I don’t understand. Self aggrandisement and publicity, I suspect.

    • monte

      people need a devil to fight against. For some reason, the ordinary devils, (which are actually quite evil and easy to identify) are not enough. So, these people get together on their conspiracy websites and shriek and shout “EVIL”, “FREEDOM”,”POWER!”. It gives them some sort of imaginary status. Some people would rather joust with windmills while pretending they are evil three-handed ogres then get off their ass and build a windmill.

  10. Gary

    I’m not familiar with the intricacies of this case. I do worry when people have absolute confidence that something did not happen, especially because it sounds too fantastic. Likewise, no one could be sure that events like these DID happen. Cases in the past have been ignored for similar reasons. Just as children can be influenced to say things they can be influenced to believe things ie tell a child you are a Satanist whose shoes are made of human skin and they could believe you if you threaten them and use other tricks to persuade them. The more fantastic allegations sound the better for anyone committing them. I have no idea of the truth in this and other cases. All I know is that things which a year or two ago would have been beyond belief have now proved fact. I try to keep an open mind.

    • Jack

      In our country we look for prof that something DID happen not proof that it didn’t. If that were the case I could accuse you of anything and put the onus on you to convince us you are innocent.

  11. timsanders2013

    If you go the hoax route, to cause problems for another party, then
    surely you would make the hoax at least bordering on the believable.
    Why would you want to make it so “over the top”.

  12. john nester

    Pardon me but I didn’t mean to imply that I ‘swallow’ the entire story. It is simply that ,as a father myself, I cannot imagine how I would have gone about cajoling my kids into making even slightly plausible videos along those lines, no matter how determined I was to perpetrate a hoax. The children seem genuinely traumatised to me, thats all. I could’t watch all of them because I find it too painful – but from the first moment I did so, I knew that a crime was being committed one way or another, whether by the interviewers in forcing the kids to participate or by a wider series of abusers. Of course many elements are easy to ridicule. I have doubts, thats all and I fervently wish I could share your certainty over this.

    • Sam

      But it wasn’t the father, it was the “step-father”, the one with a criminal record for also abusing his own children.
      This was not a ‘hoax; in the truest sense- it was real child abuse but only now do we discover who the culprits are.
      Others who may find themselves in the dock include all those Youtubers who download & re-post the videos of the children. Why anyone would do that to children, no matter what the truth is, is bizarre and can be so damaging to these children as they grow up.
      I can imagine they will have to change their names and attempt to hide the past through no fault of their own. Can you imagine as they become teenagers with all the angst that age brings and these videos are still on the net. So cruel.

    • monte

      Coercion is a better description then cajoling. It’s known as implanted memory syndrome. The memories of children are much more pliable then you think. What we’re seeing here is a repeat of the 1980’s SRA scare, which was a repeat of the medeival “witch hunt” episodes. Tragic.

  13. astonishing

    welcome to the 21St century – kids are easily influenced, there has never been any police corruption, Ever – the courts are as trusting as my grandma who wouldn’t hurt a fly, we don’t have terrorists and/or war criminals running the country, the newspapers never tell lies or embellish Anything. AND NOW DOCTORS ARE LYING!!

    With all the evidence provided why did it get this far when police could have done a ‘proper’ investigation back in Sept rather then a kneejerk reaction and try to illegally arrest the mother and take her kids away, as if they (police) are hiding something……….ooh sorry I’m paranoid please ignore me, im just being a reactionary again – apologies every one

    Let’s not forget Marijuana’s powerful ability to stimulate memory and it’s supernatural ability to turn an innocent child into an extra from the cast of SÁLO.

    This judge has never covered up child abuse before so why start now………..


    • Let’s also not forget marijuana’s powerful ability to cause paranoid psychosis in adults…

      • gw

        I wouldn’t say powerful… if you are pre-disposed to psychosis then heavy cannabis (marijuana is a racist example of political language) then it will speed up the onset of psychosis by 3-5 years.

        Sensitive subject.. couldn’t help myself ;)

      • It can still induce feelings of short term paranoia in some users.
        How anyone can defend those behind this is unbelievable.
        Where is the outrage at those behind this selling first hand access to child abuse victims?
        Does no one worry that one involved has an association with the notorious paedophile Roger Gleaves?
        I hope all involved with this horrific scam are jailed in due course.

        • Interesting Mr Hatchet. I didn’t know too many knew of that. Gleaves isn’t the only one BTW, look earlier same partner. Gleaves is just far more notorious than the other.

          What did Wilde say about losing both parents ? Looks like more than carelessness to me.

  14. john nester

    I just re-read the judgement.You have greater faith in the judiciary than I do Gojam. Also, surely Barnet police must be investigating just how the witness videos (of children for goodness’ sake) could possibly be released into the public domain? Not just the odd one either but apparently all of them. For me, it stretches credibility to suggest that this whole sad episode emanates from the minds of the mother and her partner. If it does then, sure, bang them in jail. I’m certainly not ‘hoodwinked’ though. I just like to know the truth and I don’t think I do yet.

    • You think that a version where the mum and partner are part responsible for a hoax “stretches credibility” while half of Hampstead wearing baby skin brogues and dining on McBaby burgers is worth serious consideration ? Really ???

    • Sam

      You can be certain the police would never ever release videos of interviews with children as they would be on extremely serious charges themselves if caught including jail terms & loss of their career & income with absolutely nil benefit for doing so.
      However the police taped interviews would have to be given to the parents or ‘defense’ as is their right.
      Considering the mother and her already convicted child abusing boyfriend had no lawyers but a ‘McKenzie Friend’ (who needs an enemy with one of those) it’s up to you to figure how the police interviews got into the public domain but seeing on-the-lam McNeil has a website on which she posted all the confidential court papers (Family Law) you don’t have to be a genius to work out who the offender is.

      • I absolutely agree Sam. However, I think it is important to point out that ‘McKenzie Friends’ should not to be mistaken for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends'(AMF). McKenzie Friends are quite a useful legal recourse for defendants that can’t afford a lawyer. When I first started looking into the AMF about 2 months ago I talked to the chairman of the Professional McKenzie Friends who was appalled at the behaviour of the AMF.

  15. joekano76

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  16. Limited Hangout. Partly true to discredit those who back it up. The Judge is a fake if the medical reports are accurate. MI5 all over it.

    • Yes obviously! Because admitting you’re gullible would be too big a step for you.

      • john nester

        Are we to assume that the widely circulated evidence fron the medical examinations was false?

        • Read the findings of the judge

          There is something called ‘due process’ which entitles anyone accused of a crime to a fair trial.

          That means not circulating information which may prejudice a case coming before a court.

          If you can’t work it out after reading the judges findings and the Ham & High article which makes clear that police are investigating allegations of harassment and child abuse and individuals are wanted for questioning then I can’t help you.

      • You’re confused. I’ve publicly dissociated myself from this case because it’s not trustworthy. I wont explain the rest because your limited intelligence and adherence to binary outputs is on display. Any time you want to understand the full scope of limited hangouts Google is your friend.

    • Jack

      What medical reports Stephen ? Can you provide a link to an authentic source ?