Happy Birthday GLO !

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GLO is two years old today.

‘Operation Greenlight’ was established after our attention was drawn to extensive reports of abuse at numerous care homes and institutions spanning decades. As we started to catalogue them, several survivors contacted us. With their help, we were able to locate and research more locations.

Two years ago, we’d become aware of about 200 care homes and institutions implicated in child sexual abuse. We had also identified around 25 police operations related to CSA.

At the time we were staggered that there were so many.

The scale seemed appalling, and became the motivation to establish an easy to use visual and intuitive research resource that enabled access to a wealth of publicly available information.

GLO‘ was the result.

GLO was established to try to build a clearer picture of CSA and alert others to the scale of institutional sexual abuse of children. By increasing public awareness we believe that current and future children will be better protected.
The revelation that Savile had been a predatory peadophile for over 50 years and escaped justice had created a change in public mood. But although child sexual abuse was no longer a subject to be ignored, it was still far from easy to access good information.

We didn’t want the issue of CSA to be swept under the carpet again, just because of the lack of access to relevant information.

Today, GLO contains details and reports of over 700 care homes, schools, and institutions where children were abused and failed by both the individuals who were trusted to look after them, and the System. We have also identified over 200 Police Operations related to child abuse.

We now realize the scale of child abuse is much larger, and much deeper than we had first ever imagined. The more we look back into historical reports, the more we can see that injustices occurred.

History can be a great teacher, but only if we are able to fully access it.

GLO was designed to just be simple and easy to use visual research for the information on Needle, but it has exceeded our expectations. From its small beginnings, GLO now contains nearly 9,000 pages of information, numerous reports, and over 6,000 URL links to both mainstream news and official documents. Over the past two years its had over 15,000 user activations – an average of 20 per day.


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday GLO !

  1. dpack

    well done ,as mentioned above history is only educational if the evidence is available and the links can be observed.

  2. The Last Of The Truffle-Snorting Heroes

    Happy Birthday GLO & thanks for this useful public service.

    This article is worth a look if you’ve not read it yet. I know it’s the Mirror but they have been one of the few outlets to point the way.

    MWT has flagged it on Twitter …….http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ex-cop-claims-royal-paedophile-ring-5379159#ICID=sharebar_twitter

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