Tom Watson at PMQs Official Secrets Act 18th March


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8 responses to “Tom Watson at PMQs Official Secrets Act 18th March

  1. joekano76

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  2. Gojam,

    please call Tom’s bluff. It is really simple. Tom, john etc should make a statement that if any WB is arrested or loses their pension, then they too wil be arrested for encouraging them. you could tweet this. not sure why you have not. A simple fix to BS surrounding OSA

  3. Bishop Brightly

    From a politician that would be about as clear an answer as you will ever get. No, you won’t be prosecuted.

    • dpack

      the answer does seem very clear as to no prosecution for exposing wrong doing.

      the can give evidence without incriminating themselves is a bit broader and could mean that a confession to serious wrong doing was given immunity .

      however the promise of a politician is often rash and flexible.(especially if they might be up for re election /de election in a few weeks)
      since the 1989 O S act the defense of “whistle blowing “or “to prevent a crime” has been excluded so perhaps the law needs amending asap to avoid misunderstandings and/or a formal statement should be issued in writing from the attorney general to clarify the matter.

      iirc the after dark “out of bounds”episode was specifically addressing this implication of the1989 act .

      • Sabre

        OSA prosecutions require the consent of the Attorney General the tests of
        “realistic prospect of conviction” and “public interest” are applicable.

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