Judge Mental: Shaun Burford And The Court Of Appeal

Sharing the Judge Mental award today are 3 judges from the Court of Appeal for allowing convicted sex offender Shaun Burford to work with children again.

Asked to comment, journalist and former police officer Mark Williams-Thomas said; “This is a disgraceful decision and I can tell you as someone who undertakes risk assessments on sex offenders that at best he remains a low risk. Any organisation employing him to work with children is taking a huge risk and would be wrong to do so .”


Judge Bourne-Arton, Lord Justice Pitchford and Mr Justice Haddon-Cave

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC said: “Are we satisfied that he will commit further offences against children? There is no material before us to allow us to come to such a conclusion. The disqualification order will be quashed.”

No material before them except the evidence from Burford’s conviction that is, which apparently doesn’t count.

It’s almost as though their appeal judgement in this case is based purely on their personal recognition that they are unable to predict the future. No one can.  The Court of Appeal are not supposed to act like Precogs in the Minority Report.

The question that I’m sure will be on everyone’s mind is; why would Shaun Burford want leave to work with children again ? There are plenty of other jobs he could seek.


Shaun Burford

A former school support worker who was jailed after exchanging explicit text messages with a teenage girl has been cleared to work with children again.

Shaun Alexander Burford was caged for six months in 2009 when he was employed at Christ Church School, now The John Wallis Academy, after sending a video of himself having a threesome to a 13-year-old girl and encouraging her to text him a topless photo of herself.

Burford, now 46, was made to sign the sex offenders’ register and was also hit with a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) and an order disqualifying him from working with children or vulnerable adults.

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6 responses to “Judge Mental: Shaun Burford And The Court Of Appeal

  1. Anon

    The freemasonry is strong in this one….

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  3. bill williams

    there are wose cases than this, wiliam goldsmith the childrens swimming instructor was let off 3 times with a caution for fondling boys inside their trunks under the water. The walthamstow guardian carried the story
    we all thought he must be a freemason

  4. steve

    Possibly because these judges are of the same thinking and inclinations,as there can not be any other sane reason why these creatures.perverts should be allowed near any child ever again

  5. Anon

    As long as a judge isn’t caught watching pornography on the Internet then they can continue in their position.

    Who Judges the Judges but the Judges themselves?