Cyril Smith And Operation Hedgerow

From November 2014



I tweeted about this earlier this evening as I have done before but then I realised that I haven’t actually made a blog post about it. I don’t know why, I guess that I thought that readers had heard enough Cyril Smith connections and really want something about a politician who is alive. I’m sure it won’t be too long before that happens, just as I’m sure that victims of Cyril Smith’s don’t feel that he is ‘old news’.

Sometimes posts on The Needle are speculative and sometimes not, I hope it is clear to readers which is which. This story is definitely not speculative, it is impeccably sourced and I’d stake my reputation that it is true. To my knowledge this has not been reported in the MSM.

For some background regarding this read: Operation Hedgerow (1987-89)

To understand how Cyril Smith was identified as a child abuser during…

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6 responses to “Cyril Smith And Operation Hedgerow

  1. dpack

    this quote from the bbc report raises a few questions
    “Smith is said to have been one of those caught on camera, another being a senior member of Britain’s intelligence agencies. ”

    the start date of this operation is 1981 .
    the beeb are rather vague as to which service and senior is also an undefined rank nor do they specify if the officer was serving or retired.
    perhaps waiting patiently will answer the question of who is being referred to.

    whoever the spook was this investigation was during the first thatcher government so that narrows the field for who was likely to have known about it and thwarted the good work of some honest coppers and left smith at large to continue offending.

  2. Martin

    Cyril Smith name appears visiting Elm Guest House between 1978 to 1982.

    Cyril Smith car was stopped in Northamptonshire with child porn in the boot and was allowed to walk free.

    Cyril Smith is been accused of abusing boys at 2 locations in Rochdale.

    Cyril Smith was arrested in South London and yet again was allowed to walk free.

    Files relating to Cyril Smith were seized by Special Branch and did Special Branch pass those files to MI5 or did the MET retain those files which are still at Scotland Yard.

    David Steel allowing Smith to be knighted and making comments about Smith is sour taste to victims and he should be stripped of his peerage and his state funded pension.

    According to the BBC Cyril Smith was under investigation in 1981 and 6 locations were raided one at Coronation House in Lambeth another in Streatham you can only guess the other location was Elm Guest House in 1982 the other 3 are unknown for now.

    • @ martin and ” number ten” approved his knighthood. Because ” there was probably nothing in those allegations ” wilfully ignorant view.. Nothing changes sadly

    • Sabre

      The Security Service would have seen them. The Intelligence agencies didn’t officially exist until very recently, Special Branch had the task of making Security Service arrests given that a non existent organisation can’t have arrest powers.

  3. dpack

    a slight aside steel has had some very powerful business associates and they in turn have had some even more powerful and rather scarey business
    chums.i assume he felt these activities were valuable to him.
    until i found out a little more about him i thought him a bit of a joke as portrayed by spitting image but i have revised my opinion and now think of him as a rather shrewd and politically dangerous chap.