Metropolitan Police Statement: 16 Allegations Referred To IPCC


IPCC currently investigating 14 allegations,”a further two referrals of a similar nature have been received from the MPS and are currently being assessed.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have today announced they will manage the investigations by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Directorate of Professional Standards, concerning historic allegations of impropriety by police officers when dealing with allegations of sexual abuse.

The allegations emerged whilst officers were working on Operation Fairbank and relate to the period between 1970 – 2005.

“The Met is fully committed to investigating non-recent allegations of sexual abuse”

The MPS recognised the severity of the allegations, and the importance of understanding whether or not our officers had in the past acted inappropriately, and therefore voluntarily referred the 16 separate allegations to the IPCC.

Ongoing investigations and recent convictions by officers from the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command have shown that the MPS is fully committed to investigating non-recent allegations of sexual abuse.



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18 responses to “Metropolitan Police Statement: 16 Allegations Referred To IPCC

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  2. Is it too much to hope some of these posh bastards will have collars felt at last

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  4. Bruce Goldfinch

    Lets see how much the police budget is cut back in the up-coming budget. That should help hinder any investigations. Or is that just me being cynical?

  5. dpack

    i get the impression that there are some decent coppers who will pursue the guilty regardless of budgets or the dangers of personal consequences .
    whilst i am deeply cynical about the “state” and many of it’s minions i recon there have been and are some good folk among the law enforcement community who are “on side”with wanting justice for the past and protection in the future.

    much useful data has come from good coppers .be they dead ,retired or still serving they deserve to be known for their works (when that is safe for them).
    the decent ones have my support to “out” wrong uns and i suspect they have the support of most of the public as well .

  6. Jeremy Stocks

    Is it possible that given police retire early there is a semi-organised army of ex-coppers busy in this regard? Maybe this is the reason the Inspector Gadget blog was killed off – there was too much truth below the line of each posting!

  7. Last Of The Truffle-Snorting Heroes

    Several Home Secretaries will come out of this badly tarnished (belatedly & deservedly). Willie, Leon & perhaps some still alive. PMs too will have known & chosen not to act. What a pity the witch is dead.

    I find it hard to distinguish the balance of guilt between the abusers & the facilitators of subsequent cover ups. For now, the latter seem worse.

    What is worse? Being abused or being told it never happened. I’d never seek to deny the pain abuse causes as I know it first hand but surely all of the populace should feel deceived when what we know to be true is revealed?

    The lengthy list of IPCC allegations appear to cover almost all of the rumoured/known London based establishment abuse cases. Clearly the bundling of these together suggests the truth & severity behind them is well known & believed.

    I feel we are now witnessing a managed release of the truth. Progress has been made. TM knows & wants to tell us. We are witnessing the unravelling of the biggest public scandal this country has ever known. What’s depressing is the amount of those guilty who are dead. Those living should be pursued to the ends of the earth.

  8. Jeremy Stocks

    Snort – Theresa May may well be a decent PM one day. Pains me to say that as a Tory hater. Don’t forget Tony socialist Bliar led us to war.

    Seemy there are alot more listening to this blog than we think. My name is as was the same. I used to be asked by Saudis what I did at the weekend. At first I did drugs and alcoholin British Aerospace compounds. After a few months I dropped all and lived cleaner than a Saudi – they called me the “British Bedouin”.

    The Saudis are a far nicer people than most people give tghem credit for. I love Arabs.

    • BarrieJ

      Blair is/was a Tory, no evidence of socialism in the Labour party: recent past or present. I’m sure the average Arab is as nice as the average European, however, their rulers like ours may be another thing altogether.

  9. Anon

    Note that the Met will be investigating itself albeit with the IPCC keeping an eye on them.

    Who Guards the Guards but the Guards Themselves?

  10. eviltorypervert

    they were knocking on my door i had to give them the old masonic handshake you know.

    but then the greedy sods wanted bribing as well.

  11. BarrieJ

    Where exactly do politicians, civil servants, policemen, businessmen and leaders of industry get to initially meet before realising they have a common passion?
    I can think of only one society that loyally unites those groups and it isn’t the Ancient Order of Foresters.

  12. dpack

    if the bbc are correct leistershire have asked the ippc to look into janner being protected

  13. Andy Barnett

    If the IPCC does their investigation thoroughly and comes up with the goods then the Goddard review should be over in a jiffy. If there is truth in these ‘allegations’ of cover-up, then what reasonable person could come to any other conclusion than:
    – there were a significant number of VIPaedophiles that abused children on a large scale in the UK and were protected by the system.

    I fully expect names to come out, as those living people that covered up the story are prosecuted. What will be interesting to see is what Goddard decides was the motivation for the cover-up. Was it simply a network of highly-placed paedophiles protecting themselves and those like them? Or was there something more sinister going on, involving criminal or foreign agents controlling government policy, embedding themselves within the UK ‘system’ and corrupting our nation like a virus. And, if the answer is Yes to the last question, are we still infected?