Crimewatch: The Murder Of Bulic Forsythe

Bulic Forsythe was a senior officer in Lambeth Council’s social work department. In 1993 he was savagely beaten to death in his home, which was then set alight by persons unknown. Recently the Mirror reported that Bulic Forsythe may have been about to blow the whistle on an organised paedophile ring operating within the care homes system in Lambeth, of which a Labour politician may have been a member. This politician later achieved great prominence in the Cabinet of Tony Blair. The circumstances surrounding Bulic’s death are disturbing and bizarre. His killer, or killers, remain unidentified.



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  2. dpack

    there are some very disturbing aspects to this horrible crime .

  3. dpack

    no apology for re posting this tune,same context revisited .

  4. dpack

    another issue is the mysterious caretaker and their tapes of “vips” misbehaving who seems to be linked to this by john mann mp .
    2 possible witnesses ,both suddenly dead (at least one murdered)but are they witness to separate things or different parts of one thing ?

  5. Sabre

    Why have the media links disappeared?

  6. Sabre

    Back again.