The CSA Inquiry Panel Members


Chair – Justice Lowell Goddard (Lawyer with human rights background worked for UN.)

Advisor – Ben Emmerson (Lawyer with human rights background worked for UN.)

Panel – Malcolm Evans (Lawyer with human rights background worked for UN.)

Panel – Ivor Frank – (Lawyer with human rights background.)

Panel- Drusilla Sharpling – (Lawyer)

Panel – Professor Alexis Jay – (Former Senior Social Worker)

Does the panel have all the necessary skill-sets for a successful Inquiry ? 

Or do you think it needs more Human Rights lawyers, preferably reliable people that have worked with the UN ?



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14 responses to “The CSA Inquiry Panel Members

  1. dpack

    alexis jay seems a good choice…

    perhaps plan b is required .

  2. DR Laverty


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  4. Yoy may find this link useful if you are not aware of it. Interviews with Kincora victim from this mornings Nolan show.

  5. artmanjosephgrech

    so who is chief Counsel then?

  6. Sabre

    Wheeled out trusted worthies with a bit of Guardianista cred.
    They are all to be security cleared (probably already done).
    They really believe that we are all stupid enough to take UN and Human Rights as bona fides.
    The UN is a forum for venting prior to the power blocks prevailing.
    Human Rights is a tag to boost a policy position.

    The result will be praise by faint damnation, some will have to fall on their swords, some will be helped to fall on their swords.

    Nothing to see here move along please.

  7. dpack

    the 2.6 million sq ft of office space at the un headquarters is possibly the most vetted and observed real estate in the universe.

    the un record on protecting human rights is less than competent but i will let that pass for the moment.

    having 5 lawyers(most with a human rights/un background)and one academic social worker could be seen as arranging for a very narrow minded examination of the issues.
    this is probably the intention because any joined up thinking about and holistic investigation into the historical (or current) situation,rather than working to a pre specified and extremely restricted brief,would almost inevitably lead to some unacceptably broad conclusions being reached .

    to exclude scotland and northern ireland on the grounds that they are responsible for their own “care”arrangements avoids the fact that for most of the last few hundred years they have been under westminster’s watch and to exclude jersey and other various allied territories(pitcairn for instance)seems to be forgetting which house the buck stops in.

    imho this inquiry will not be the deep and wide examination of the problems and their causes or bring about the full restoration of decency and execution of justice that is required.

  8. dpack
    this is another issue that runs alongside the one above .