Abuse in Lambeth, Operation Ore, and the Blair Minister(s) – Press Reports so far [Updated November 2014]


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  2. Sabre

    History will one day show that Operation Ore nearly prevented a war, unfortunately it will also show that the subject matter of the Operation was one of the main levers used to ensure that it was fought.

    • Terry B

      Care to elaborate? I work in IT and I’ve read a lot about Operation Ore from the techie side and also how the police and cps in the UK invented conspiracy charges when they couldn’t find evidence on suspects computers and ruined a lot of lives in the process as well as the cries of cover up and he allegations that certain people were saved by Blair canning Operation Ore but I’ve never read anything about war.

      • Sabre

        You wouldn’t have read anything about it with reference to the war.
        Had Operation Ore not been halted the Government would have been fatally compromised and the morale of troops sent to fight what was an unwanted war from the beginning would have been even worse had they been sent into ‘righteous combat’ by child molesters.
        On the other hand the Government, lest they hesitate to go to war, knew that Operation Ore could always be revisited.

  3. dpack

    in the relevant time frame a senior member of staff (of lambeth local authority ) who was in a relevant department decided that a couple of years working around “too many multiple problems” and “with some of the other staff” was “not worth the money “. “it was the climate of the time”.
    they did “know “at least one person who is now a lord.

    (the above bit is very carefully worded).

    i have tried to stay vague cos afaik they are decent and i suspect they were/are a bit scared (perhaps with good reason).
    my impression is that they did not wish to be party to,or victim of opening ,the cans of worms that they became aware of and so they bailed out asap.
    i cant condone saying nowt but i can understand why even decent folk might stay silent at the time and say a few things in private later .

    the other thing i tried to follow up re lambeth was a chap’s investigations of “misdeeds” but that hit a dead end as the data i was directed to that he had posted online(at the relevant time) just before his tragic(natural)death but it had immediately been wiped “for legal reasons” , the new “librarians”of that website had “no knowledge of it “.

      • dpack

        yep ,there seems to be no trace of the relevant page anywhere and the current staff of the site have no archive of most of the stuff that was posted that long ago (even if it wasnt deleted).
        they have changed servers and formats a few times in the last 12 yrs and the relevant list of accusations was only online for a very short time before it was moderated .
        just in case anyone might remember or have a archived copy the post it was urban 75 and the poster was JockMcGrim.he was a decent chap (aka mike simpson)and that last post was the result of his investigations into lambeth and was his final effort to get folk to listen to what he believed was true about the situation.
        afaik the list of accused included some well known names and was based on good journalism and local knowledge.
        perhaps somebody will remember something relevant.

  4. Carl

    Snuff movies were being made in Lambeth and elsewhere by paedophiles involved in the film and theatre world including Bryan Forbes the well known film producer who worked closely with an unfrocked Swedish priest Yat Malmgren who taught dancing and movement before being sacked from the Central School of Speech and Drama in the 1960s with his boyfriend Christopher Fettes for sexual misbehaviour and assaults on some students.
    The Drama School didn’t want bad publicity so his the true reasons for sacking them and the pair together with others left to start their own drama school at a disused church at Chalk Farm where satanic rituals were held.