Vishambar Mehrotra talking about son Vishal to LBC 3 March 2015

The Met has confirmed to LBC that the IPCC will look at possible corruption and negligence in the investigation into a young boy’s murder.

Vishal Mehrotra, 8, disappeared on the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981 and his remains were found almost a year later in Sussex woodland. There was no trace of his legs, pelvis or lower spine and his outer clothes and Superman underpants were also missing.

Late last year, his father Vishambar told LBC’s Tom Swarbrick that he wanted police looking into an alleged paedophile ring in 1980s Westminster to also re-investigate his son’s death.



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  3. jd

    The police are involved in cover up certainly since at least 1982 and much earlier than this though from 1964 when a police officer discovered Jimmy Savile abusing me in a car with his trousers around his ankles.NAME OF POLICE OFFICER was Ian Mc? he was 19 years old and been a cop for 9 months. Savile paid him off. 1982 I was arrested in Liverpool city centre I believe the event was called Health for Life, attended by Jimmy Savile I climbed over the barrier and accused Savile of abusing me as a very young child (younger than 5) and accused him of making me stab a young boy after he had been murdered by a man called John Porteous. (to be fair Savile probably saved my life that day). AS I said I was arrested by Liverpool Police Taken to the police station where I was beaten severely spat apon ridiculed as I pleaded with the police to believe me I was never charged but over the next two days on at least 3 occasions the police came to where I was staying in Liverpool and threatened me to leave Liverpool on one occasion this was done by an inspector. I did after 2 days leave Liverpool very scared, On the day I left Liverpool I got a bus from Liverpool To Manchester and guess what 2 police offices were at Manchester bus station to make sure I was returning home and told me never to come back and that they had informed colleagues in Glasgow about me as a result I got off the bus earlier than the terminus.

    [edited full name: JD, please check your twitter DMs]

    • Sabre

      Are you still being threatened by the police?
      Any possible chance of legal action ( criminal and/or civil)?
      You should attempt to set up covert video and audio in the event of a “visit”