Media Quiet On Harvey Proctor Police Search.


[Edit: Since publishing this Harvey Proctor has given an interview on Radio 4’s Today and the MSM appear to have woken up.]

Isn’t it quiet ?

Since Exaro News published the story last night I can only find the story on the BBC.

Somehow you’d have thought that the search of the home of a former Conservative MP in connection with a police operation looking into the murder of 3 children might be a story ?

The home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor has been searched by police investigating historical allegations of child abuse.

The BBC understands police arrived at the 68-year-old’s house on the estate of Belvoir Castle, in Leicestershire, on Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police said officers from Operation Midland were searching an address in Grantham.

Mr Proctor has not made any statement.

BBC News

Perhaps the silence could be due to the fact that the home searched was on the Duke and Duchess of Rutland’s estate at Belvoir Castle ?

There has been some speculation about the relationship between the Duke of Rutland and Harvey Proctor since we published ‘The Maxwells, Harvey Proctor, And The Marquis Of Granby’ We couldn’t possibly comment but I think it is fair to point out that the Duke and Duchess of Rutland no longer have physical relations. Aparently the Duke has someone else to take care of those needs who lives on the estate.

The aristocracy have always been inventive when their marriages break down. They can afford to be. A blind eye here, an understanding there, a delicate readjustment of room space to conduct their separate lives while maintaining the fiction of harmonious family life.

However, nothing so smotheringly conventional was ever going to do for the Duke and Duchess of Rutland who, at the weekend, made public their own solution to the challenges of infidelity: after 20 years of marriage, they are now living in different wings of their colossal gothic castle at Belvoir, each able to entertain a lover without undue embarrassment and to come together for occasional family meals with their five children.

“It is a situation that many might find difficult, or impossible, to fathom,” wrote Emma Rutland in a lengthy, confessional article in a Sunday newspaper.

The Telegraph

Also worth checking out is the amusingly titled article ‘Duke Drops His Drawbridge for Harvey Proctor’ . “FROM cottages to castles” it begins. I wonder what they could be suggesting ?


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12 responses to “Media Quiet On Harvey Proctor Police Search.

  1. Maggie O'Neill

    My first post here.A great friend from my catholic primary school, Christ The King, in Leicester has just sent me photos from its facebook page taken over 40 years ago! Clear as day is my sister on a school trip to parliament with none other than Greville Janner. As i recall and very clearly he was very active in youth activities in Leicester and regarded as positively saintly. I also remember being terrified at that school, it was barbaric. And my experiences are nothing in comparison to the abuse that so many children have suffered. He may be suffering from dementia but i doubt a lot of the kids he had contact with are!

  2. If they were, underestimated, then surely this epic tale of childbuggery, beating and murder, perpetrated by legislators, showbiz filth, aristocrats, lords lieutenant, the whole thing aided, abetted and participated in by royalty, surely it would not have run so long. Isn’it just five minutes ago that we learned that most of the Met was in the pay of Murdoch?

    I fear that getting pissed with a few bobbies is no substitute for the real thing – that being the unswerving, empirical conviction that all coppers are bastards. If you bridle at this slur on your mountaineering chums then a glance at any website chronicling deaths in custody or miscarriages of justice – policd frame-ups – might lead you to revise your enthusiasm for Sergeant Filth, Inspector Gob and Mr Justice Slag.

    • Jeremy Stocks

      Yeah I stand corrected. Perhaps they’re not all dixon of Dock Green. You may be right.

  3. dpack

    some of the recent high profile police “home visits” are reported to have led to further witnesses providing information that has broadened the scope of inquiries .
    i wonder if his old political friends will support him as strongly as they did during and after his last legal difficulties and will he support them this time?

    as a small aside the “aristocracy “(and by association their retainers)have a long history of correctly thinking they are immune to rather than subject to the law,this attitude still persists in some circles especially if the “victim”is a peasant.
    fortunately most police officers are plebs and proud of it and they dont hold that view,the judiciary however are sometimes more inclined to defer to breeding as the long tradition of the law often being made or judged by aristocrats still holds in both the bench and the house of lords .

    • Jeremy Stocks

      “fortunately most police officers are plebs and proud of it”

      God I so miss reading the below the line comments on Inspector Gadget’s Police blog. Twas in there that 5 years ago I first read of the existence of Dolphin Square. I once went to Scotland with Merseyside Police Mountaineering Club who told me so much eye opening behind the scenes stuff when on the beer! Our police are a vastly underestimated bunch!

  4. Jeremy Stocks

    I wonder if this dark theme has its origins in Europe during the last century when th great and the good undertook their “Grand Tour” or more likely “Grand Whore” around European fleshpots. They brought this sick stuff back with them and promulgated it in their public schools.

    Britain’s dirty laundry is being washed! :)

  5. Jeremy Stocks

    “We couldn’t possibly comment but I think it is fair to point out that the Duke and Duchess of Rutland no longer have physical relations. Aparently the Duke has someone else to take care of those needs who lives on the estate.”

    Wonderfully put Francis Urquart style!

  6. gw

    As I left the house I caught “the BBC has learnt”. Naturally, it meant that another news org had the story and the beeb had just picked it up. What a crock.

    In any case I’m not so sure what searching the house would reveal? What were they expecting to find?

    • Yes, there has been much criticism of the BBC from other media outlets for a while regarding their failure to credit other media outlets. They did it to ITV a few months back and they quite rightly pointed out that as a publicly funded broadcaster the BBC should attribute stories instead of trotting out the “BBC has learnt” line.

      As for what the police might gain…

      Remember Harry Kasir’s search and arrest ? My guess is the police want to talk to Harvey Proctor and they want to do so from a position of strength. HP might have information regarding ‘the scene’ during the 1980s.

  7. Sabre

    Prepare to be underwhelmed.

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