Oxfordshire CSE Report

Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire: from the experiences of Children A, B, C, D, E, and F

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  3. They are not alone … police everywhere have let down children and protected abusers. My own MP, in support, has written to Justice Minister, US Ambassador and Police Chief in Scotland, Sir Stephen House urging action. They have done NOTHING in 3 years. The latest thread: .

    RE: Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse
    alan bowker 10:56
    To: Neil Kerr

    Yes Superintendent Kerr, I have heard this time after time over almost Three Years yet your force has done nothing but procrastinate and make excuses not to challenge a female sex offender. The data I have from FOI confirms either the police or/and COPFS agenda. That is fact. I am now intending to escalate by informing media and I intend writing an Open Letter to yourself as it appears that you personally have been asked to defend Police Scotland in its indefensible inaction upon Child Sex Abuse.

    — Original Message —

    From: “Neil Kerr”
    Sent: February 26, 2015 3:54 PM
    To: “alan bowker”
    Subject: RE: Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse

    Mr Bowker,

    I refer to both of your recent emails dated 20 February 2015 and can advise you that Police Scotland investigates crimes and offences committed within the terms of its jurisdiction without fear or favour and with integrity fairness and respect.

    Where there is a prima facia case and a sufficiency of evidence then charges will be proferred and matters will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal for consideration of prosecution.

    With regard to the other matters you refer to in your emails I can advise you that I have nothing further to add to my previous emails and items correspondence and also our recent meetings and discussions.

    I will respond back to you once I have received the outcome of the enquiry into the matters you reported to Police Scotland during December 2014.


    Neil Kerr

    From: alan bowker
    Sent: 20 February 2015 12:46
    To: Neil Kerr
    Cc: Neil Robertson;
    Subject: Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse

    Superintendent Kerr,

    With reference to my earlier email response (today).

    I met with my MP, Ms Katy Clark, earlier today to review the police response (historic and current) in my complaint to have my son’s abuser investigated fully.

    There is little reason to go through the background in detail yet again, and I am well aware of the current issue with lack of response from USA and the current communications between Ms Clark and the UK Embassy in Washington.

    However, the fact remains that I brought this to police attention almost three years ago.
    To date the identified abuser remains without being questioned despite the evidence of her actions.

    Three years of constant delay, of obfuscation, excuse, lack of response.. when a major crime such as Child Sex Abuse demands a timely response.
    Almost three years since I was misled time and time again with regards to Jurisdiction and Strathclyde Police / Police Scotland’s responsibilities.

    Over a year since I wrote an Open Letter to Sir Stephen house.

    Perhaps two and a half years since my Statement for the US Interpol Report was very reluctantly processed in order to gain the authority from USA.

    In the mean time we have FOI confirmation that Police Scotland only detect child sex abusers based upon their gender.

    At my meeting with Ms Clark, MP, earlier today, we agreed that although the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse has terms covering only England and Wales, that the procrastination/misinformation/statistical evidence that Police Scotland have demonstrated in excusing Child Sex Abusers ought to be brought to the attention of the Panel. (see attachments)

    It is the intention to do so by writing to the Panel and its support services with our unresolved issues.

    I copy Mr Kenneth Gibson, MSP, whom I believe has specific interest in this topic and who can perhaps address this issue within the Scottish parliament as an interface between the Panel’s terms of reference and the concerns of survivors etc who are resident within Scotland?


    Alan Bowker


  4. “Dear Mr Bowker

    I attach the response I have received from the British Embassy. You will note that the letter has been forwarded to the UK’s InterPol Bureau to investigate and respond. I know this create a further delay but hopefully this will help progress your case in the way that you have always hoped.

    With Best Wishes.

    Katy” (Katy Clark, MP)

  5. amanda

    Hi Brian, i can tell you that during the blackout in w w 2 churchill sent his secretary john colville out to bring back prostitutes.
    Churchill had a liking for young boys and used to have secret visits to morocco and similar places where one could buy boys cheaply.
    During the war when the movement of troops weapons and medication
    food and supplies was so important, they took many trains out of service in the capital to evacuate children from heavily built up areas, part of this was for experimental purposes, many of these boys never arrived
    The occultist Dennis Wheatley who was part of churchills wartime occult experts told of several boys being sacrificed on the south coast facing the english channel while churchill was present