Tony McSweeney Guilty


Father Tony McSweeney has been found guilty on 4 charges . One count indecent assault and three counts of making indecent images of a child.

He was found not guilty on four other charges.

That might be the end of Operation Fernbridge and it will be interesting to see if the police or CPS comment. I’ll wait and see if they do before commenting myself in more detail about Grafton Close and Elm Guest House.


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  1. and now what happens to the Bishop of southwark who heard and ignored the evidence against McSweeney in 1998? He still practices as a bishop with a ‘hopefully’ repaired sense of responsibility to the safeguarding of children? that I highly doubt. These bishops should be held accountable for the decision that eventually led to McSweeney being appointed as a Director Of Academy at Notre Dame high school for years. McSweeney was a chilling and repulsive human with a huge presence at the school, sitting and watching the children daily from his perch on the low tennis-court wall, supposedly too fat to make it to the top so he had to stop for a convenient 20 minute break as the kids went to and fro from different classrooms. Truly sickening to remember. He still looked just as arrogant and repulsively sure of himself in the Court. They should throw away the key.

  2. tdf


    “I’ll try and explain about Op Fernbridge, EGH, and Grafton (as far as I can see) in the next few days and why this really isn’t a big surprise to me.”

    When you do this post is it possible to explain why you think the man named Andrew Keir that died in Angus in 2009 on the eve of a trial for various offences is Neil Kier of Elm House documents, you previously did a blog post about this case?

  3. littlenan

    It is about time all the child abusers who visited these houses of horror were prosecuted. Apparently, there were police officers, politicians, church men etc.

  4. godhelpus

    He made some feeble Excuse about he was to Fat to abuse anyone, Two Words ” Cyril Smith” enough said.

  5. holliegreigjustice

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  6. Royston Smith

    I understand that the assault charge he was convicted of was sexual assault by association. Essentially, he stood by and failed to prevent a sexual assault on a child. He’s not been convicted of directly assaulting children, those three charges were dropped and I have heard that the key complainant has a history of false allegations and the CPS actually dropped the charges relating to these accusations but then reinstated them at the insistence of the accuser.

    In the grand scheme of things, this priest is small fry and not in the same league in terms of crimes against children as many of the high profile individuals we hoped Operation Fernbridge would snag. If this is to be the end of it then it would be absolutely disgusting.

    • I think expectations have been raised and it would be understandable if people are disappointed.

      On paedophiles in general, I’d say that they normally only get arrested or convicted for a fraction of their crimes. McSweeney has been shown to have an unhealthy sexual interest in young boys.

      Catholic priest, Scout master, and visitor to children’s homes… convicted child abuser. Not exactly a huge leap.

      I’ll try and explain about Op Fernbridge, EGH, and Grafton (as far as I can see) in the next few days and why this really isn’t a big surprise to me.

  7. Sabre

    Stingemore died ( natural causes of course) the Grafton Close EGH link starts to fade. Move along, nothing to see here.

  8. I don’t understand what you mean by the end of operation fernbridge. Can someone explain.

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  10. steve

    These perpetrators can not change,or want to change so besides locking them up for all there natural lives,id suggest death penalty might just eradicate the problem for few years

    • Sabre

      They can’t change, should adult heterosexuality be outlawed at midnight I’d be a repeat offender starting Saturday morning.

    • angelo

      That would solve the problem with overpopulation too as two third of men would perish and R.I.H …;-)