Questions for Jahangir Akhtar

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Following up on the report in this weeks Advertiser regarding Jahangir Akhtar’s taxi licence suspension, we have a number of direct questions for Jahangir:

What did you know about the uses of taxis for CSE in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when you were the single most powerful and influential Taxi driver in Rotherham and co owner of a firm?

When you were de facto leader of the taxi drivers, When you were their lead representative on licensing committees, including representing drivers faced with loss of license for reasons of crimes including sexual assault.

The world of the permanent, full time taxi driver is a small one. They meet up at the office, and regularly and when hanging around waiting for fares. They gossip, discuss rates, difficult customers and human nature being as it is, girls. Among the Pakistani community this world is even smaller, with jobs and even…

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6 responses to “Questions for Jahangir Akhtar

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  2. dpack

    the google results and the non eu /non google results for name and place are rather different .

    it would be a pity if the situation was misrepresented or used as “propaganda” but some of the apparently well researched info about this chap and other “players”in the town would make that easy .

    the article about a “tara”made me jump ,then i realised it was a tennants and residents association ,however it also made me reconsider those implications.
    it would be odd if there had been no interest in some these people as potential assets in the “war on terror”.

  3. Sabre

    It’s not propaganda when the long list of white British/European nonces are examined.
    It’s not propaganda when black/Asian/Muslim/Jewish nonces are examined.
    They are all nonces/facilitators and as such a danger to children in general.
    Regarding the possible interest by spookdom in those that can be manipulated in the interests of the spooks, surely the consensus is that if the spooks can manipulate they will.

  4. godhelpus

    I know this a terrible thing that has happened, and should be investigated but also is the abuse our own Government has committed against poor kids that were and still are ferried in for their own Perverted Pleasure? How long is this going to go on, please tell me someone will be brought to Justice soon.

  5. Would never happen under National Socialism!
    Think about all the outrageous things that have come to light when voting next…..Labour, conservative , lib dems, they all are and still are lying once more they are all making it up as they go along.
    We deserve better and more importantly so do our children….