Judge Mental: Judge Simon Carr

Photo needed of Judge Simon Carr.

A man sexually abuses a 5 year old girl and when she reports it to the police 35 years later 3 of the man’s family beat the victim up.

What do you think  Judge Simon Carr did ?

He lets all 4 walk free from court.

Christopher Prowse received a suspended sentence for indecent assault.


Christopher Prowse

Sentencing, Judge Simon Carr said the incident had been “disgraceful”.

“You deliberately assaulted a five-year-old child,” he said. “That would have been terrifying for her as it would have been confusing and embarrassing.”

He said the victim had shown him “enormous compassion” by not going to the police in the mid-2000s but that when the matter became known locally, Prowse had acted in a cowardly way by denying it – an action which led some people to consider the woman a liar.

The Cornishman

Michael Prowse, Amanda Durrant and Jason Thomas also received suspended sentences.


Michael Prowse, Amanda Durrant and Jason Thomas

The woman left the venue but came into contact with the three again sometime later.

Ms Martin said Thomas, 34, of St Johns Terrace, Pendeen, kicked the woman in the face.

Then all three of them began punching her in the face.

They each admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the woman but denied charges of witness intimidation…

…Sentencing, Judge Simon Carr said the three were lucky that the woman’s injuries were restricted to multiple bruising.

He said: “[She was] continually approached in the street that she was a liar; that she was making things up.

“On this particular occasion, yet again she was confronted by a group containing the three of you … you beat her up for telling the truth.”

The Cornishman



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4 responses to “Judge Mental: Judge Simon Carr

  1. Peter K.

    Many of these judges (who are elevated to the Bench in a puff of smoke from the Lord Chancellor’s Department often through no merit or ability whatsoever) are sexual deviants of all sorts who can hardly be expected to take such crimes seriously, hence you get the disgusting (but not surprising) outcome described above. We need to take Justice back for the people of this country and – more importantly – its children.

  2. godhelpus

    So where is the Justice in that? eventually no one will come forward, and that is exactly what they Want “JOB DONE” and life goes on very nicely for Them…….

  3. steve

    Yet again another judge with no idea at all about the real world,or could he be of the same persuasion and thinks abuse of children is the childs fault,this stupid idiotic judge should be sacked id say

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