Fantastic Fabrications to Discredit Witnesses of Child Abuse. Believe it

Q- How can official documents show a young boy to be in two places at the same time ?

A- When being shown to be where he was implicates a local politician in criminal activity.

DR Laverty

Richard Webster the author of the Secret Of Bryn Estyn was totally reliant on official documents when it came to “meticulously evidencing” his so-called “research” for the book. Many stupid people have read the book, digested it and believe the authors version of events. I can prove beyond any doubt that many of the documents Webster referred to have been created and or fabricated by officials in Government and or local council. After all you’d remember if you’d visited hell more than once wouldn’t you? Examine the docs below and see what they didn’t want you to see. Lies, fabrications and untruths. If the powers that be are prepared to go the lengths to create documents of this caliber in order to discredit little Ole me, imagine how far they would go to hide paedophiles in Government.  Don’t be surprised at the production of these documents. I’m a criminologist with excellent…

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4 responses to “Fantastic Fabrications to Discredit Witnesses of Child Abuse. Believe it

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  2. dpack

    if this sort of fabrication is twinned with arson with intent to destroy records it does indicate there is a lot of effort put into concealing the truth.

    well done for finding the paper trail that proves your truth.

  3. Sabre

    The limits are defined by a cost benefit analysis weighted by the risk of discovery and its consequences.