Links To 15 DoE Reports And 16 NHS Reports Related To Jimmy Savile.

All published today

Links to all 14 individual reports regarding Jimmy Savile (Department for Education)

Overarching Department for Education Report (Scott-Moncrieff)

Action for Children


Bournemouth Borough Council

Devon County Council – Colleton Lodge report

Gloucestershire County Council

Henshaws Society for Blind People

Hounslow Council

Leeds City Council

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Manchester City Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottingham City Council

Sevenoaks School

Southwark Council

Links to all 15 individual reports regarding Jimmy Savile (NHS)

Overarching NHS report (Lampard)

Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

Rampton Hospital (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

Springfield University Hospital (SW London and St George’s Mental Health) This relates to the activities of Johnny Savile

Crawley Hospital (Sussex Community)

Leeds General Infirmary (Leeds Teaching Hospitals)

Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale (Pennine Acute)

Scott House Hospital Rochdale (Calderstones)

Bethlem Royal Hospital (South London and Maudsley)

Shenley Hospital (Central and NW London)

West Yorkshire Ambulance Service (Yorkshire Ambulance Service)

St Martin’s Hospital Canterbury (Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead (Gateshead Health)

Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals)

Meanwood Park Hospital (Leeds and York Partnership)

Calderdale Royal Hospital (Calderdale and Huddersfield)


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10 responses to “Links To 15 DoE Reports And 16 NHS Reports Related To Jimmy Savile.

  1. l8in

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  3. dpack

    too much savile ,ughhhh,but it does demonstrate some of the many places and persons that were infected by him .

    why did he get a knighthood as such gongs are vetted at a more than basic level?
    was he perhaps rather useful?if so to whom?
    was he protected by like minded chums who he rewarded/blackmailed?

    i recon i could answer all of those and a few others and he is not my field of research although he does cross reference to it in a few places.

  4. Mister

    Correspondence with a now retired Rampton nurse of the 70’s, who was rostered into escorting patients on these trips, states that rampton staff were well aware of the abuses being committed by Savile on patients but completely ignored. Does it not make them as bad as Savile?

    • chrisb

      The question to ask is why they ignored it. Had people previously raised the issue with management and police and nothing cam of it? Were whistleblowers threatened with dismissal, violence or even death? Were they fellow abusers?

      I haven’t read the reports, but I suspect they are full of what Savile did and little of how Savile got away with it. The strategy is obviously to titillate the public with details of abuse in the hope that everyone forgets to ask how he got away with it.

  5. godhelpus

    And so what happens Now? they have the evidence, but had that Years ago? it is such a Farce! just get on with it, People enabled him so should be punished.

  6. dpack

    a rather ranty source used the phrase “clockwork jimmy”,it does seem a plausible explanation some of his non stick properties.

    as to what happens next ,i recon that depends on the public.

    over the last couple of years folk have cut trees and seasoned the logs ,perhaps it is time to light the fire so as the stories told around it are listened to and the wisdom contained in them is acted upon .

  7. Isn’t it peculiar how many of these multiple abusers have honours bestowed on them.

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