Edwina Currie On Jimmy Savile And Broadmoor


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  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Me thinks the Woman protest too much……

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  3. U take serious issue with the idea that , “in the late 1980s no-one knew about Savile”. Savile’s antics were an open secret in showbiz from the 70s onwards and I find it hard to accept that “no-one in government” had not been at least party to gossip and that the security services were completely ignorant of his activities. Are we to take seriously the idea that, a person who had, i would seem, almost free access to both the Prime Minister and the Royal Family had never once had his personal life placed under a microscope and checked then checked again for anything in the slightest untoward whilst, at the same time those same security services were infiltrating and placing their own stooges in any organisation or protest that they deemed to be “anti state”. You didn’t want a major road through your village, the security services were there, you didn’t like certain farming methods, the security services were there. On the other hand it would seem that, so long as you’re a Tory backing, flash creep and violent serial sexual predator, that’s fine/.

    • Sabre

      You’re of course right re the security services. The hard left, far right, animal rights, anarchists, greens, striking unions, fuel protestors etc were monitored and infiltrated. If the security services failed to vet those close to the government and royal family then you can forget James Bond, they would have trouble aspiring to Johnny English.

  4. Jack

    I remember this creature whoring her book around the media on the back of her adultery with John Major. Repulsive individual.

  5. tdf

    Don’t like her but she gives a reasonably good account of herself there.