Citizen Journalists Gagged by North Yorkshire Police Court Action

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North Yorkshire Police have finally found a way to at least temporarily silence the citizen journalists who exposed the Jaconelli /Savile child abuse network in Scarborough when the might of North Yorkshire Police had inexplicably failed to expose it, for 50 years.

jaconnelli cartoon PE_Hibiscus_Cartoon-620x350 North Yorkshire Police, in an extraordinary legal move, are taking civil court action against two journalist Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward. It appears that Chief Constable Dave Jones, two other officers, a retired officer and 5 civilians sought a temporary injunction last week, at an interim hearing in a Leeds Court.  Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward offered to give undertakings to the court. The matter returns next month for a full hearing when the police will be pressing for a full injunction [4]  [32].

Remarkably the North Yorkshire Police claim that they are “victims” of harrassment and that the Police have spent £400,000 of the publics…

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6 responses to “Citizen Journalists Gagged by North Yorkshire Police Court Action

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  2. Bishop Brightly

    You only have to read their work to see why those people want the truth to stay hidden.

  3. dpack

    i wonder if there are any decent brothers who might feel it proper to illuminate any darkness they are aware of?

    • Jeremy Stocks

      dpack – can it be that there is a schism among the brotherhood – soft of generational conflict. Old vs young more modern types within the organisation?

      • dpack

        i dont know ,im not a brother ,i hope that there are decent folk among the brothers who will address these matters .

        keeping the secrets of and/or the protection of a brother is paramount in the oaths ,however many years ago a fairly senior brother told me that upholding the laws of the country one resides in and being a decent person in every part of one’s life are primary obligations among ones oaths.

        the moral dilemmas that such a code might present are complex but in many ways ,i would think a simple way that decent folk could avoid those conflicts is by expelling “wrong uns “from the brotherhood ,from above ,from beside or from below and then exposing the evil that caused that expulsion.

        i spose another option is to renounce one’s sworn loyalty if it has been exploited for evil ends .
        that course does have threats attached but there are ways to avoid “unpleasantness” ,loudly telling truth in public while remaining private seems a potentially useful tactic.
        telling truth to power might be a bit more risky .
        telling truth among brothers could go either way but there may be many brothers who feel decency is more important than the privacy and protection of evil doers .

  4. Jack

    This is what corruption looks like.