Insurers Accused Of Hampering Child Abuse Inquiries

I’m really pleased to see this story. This blog has continually raised the issue of ‘alleged’ insurance company’s involvement in child sexual abuse ‘cover-ups’ over the last two years. We recognise that many others have also.

I think this vindicates the objective methodology that The Needle Team have approached this disturbing subject with, that two of the key systemic failures that we had already identified, ie the movement of local authority staff around the country without proper background checks highlighted by Louise Casey at yesterday’s Communities & Local Government Select Committee hearing and the role that insurance companies have played  in possible Local Authority cover-ups, have been raised in the last 24 hours.

Though I think it is worth pointing out, that the issue of ‘insurance companies’ will not be restricted to Local Authorities but to other institutions as well and that one of these key systemic failures feeds into the other because it has often been the failure of institutions to pursue alleged abusers for fear of losing insurance cover that has led to abusers leaving employment without any indication that that they are a risk to children.

It is essential that these complex issues are thoroughly investigated by Justice Goddard and the CSA Inquiry

We’ll try to get the recording of this important radio program up here as soon as we can.

A BBC investigation has found evidence that some local authorities in England and Wales may have allowed fear of losing insurance cover to alter their approach to child abuse inquiries.

File on 4 has also been told of cases where insurers attempted to suppress information about abuse allegations.

An ex social services chief called the behaviour of one company “disgusting”.

The Association of British Insurers said the investigation “raised a number of serious matters”.

When Colin Lambert, then leader of Rochdale Council, proposed an investigation last year into a possible cover-up of child abuse in the town, he was shocked by a response from council officers.

Former pupils at the Knowl View special school for boys have alleged they were victims of sexual assaults by Rochdale’s former MP, the late Cyril Smith and others, in the 1970s, ’80s, and early ’90s.

Mr Lambert says he was told an inquiry could lead to problems with the council’s insurers.

“I can recall a conversation with officers that this could lead to the insurers withdrawing cover,” he says. “Holding an actual open inquiry would expose exactly who did know what – and therefore the council probably would have been liable. And that then opens up the insurers to claims.”

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10 responses to “Insurers Accused Of Hampering Child Abuse Inquiries

  1. dpack

    iirc the “insurers” (along with various other “interested parties” )were central to the early suppression of the scale of the crimes in the north wales “care” homes.
    the jillings report that the insurers insisted was suppressed in relation to north wales includes much relevant data.
    among the extra injustices this caused it gave opportunity for many of the records to be destroyed by a probable arson while in storage before they could have seen by waterhouse.

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  3. steve

    Yet again it all boils down to protecting the guilty and saving money,no one realy cares for people like me at times,when will they realise the harm they are doing to people who have suffered in their past,and in some cases we are just never believed,thats the worse part being accused of telling untruths

    • barb

      i hope you are believed i certainly believe . there is too much evidence out there not to be believed . good luck with your search for justice steve the word is getting out

  4. Paul Mac

    In the end, It’s all about money, Sod who’s guilty, just protect their fortune. I don’t know how some solicitors can sleep at night.

  5. alanbstardmp

    child abuse is a criminal offence. No excuse for the authorities not to investigate. If insurance companies won’t insure there are alternatives, namely Gov’t owned insurance

    If an insurance company actively engages in stopping progress of a investigation, that is also a criminal office. I don’t think they’ve done that.

    It still comes back to plod and the other authorities doing the job

  6. dpack

    in some cases the “insurer”would be the same organization as the “insured”,for example some local and national government departments have a self cover arrangement for buildings ,h and s ,hr etc etc.
    in these cases the legal department and the finance department could both have an interest in discouraging investigations that found the organization at fault.