Astrologist David Tredinnick MP, Beyond Satire

Oh dear.

I kept reading this right down to the very bottom of the page expecting to see it was a joke but it just seemed to get worse.

At the risk of being accused of being a “racist” for asking; Who is dumber, Mr Tredinnick or the people who elect him ?


Mystic Mug

A Tory MP has claimed NHS over-crowding could be solved by doctors using astrology to treat patients.

David Tredinnick said consulting the stars would “take huge pressure off doctors” and predicts astrology will “have a role to play in healthcare.”

The MP for Bosworth in Leicestershire also admitted he had prepared astrological charts for fellow MPs.

In an interview with this month’s Astrological Journal, the controversial MP said: “There would be a huge row over resources.

“However, I do believe that astrology and complementary medicine would help take the huge pressure off doctors.

“Ninety per cent of pregnant French women use homeopathy.

“Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool enabling us to see strengths and weaknesses via the birth chart.

“And, yes, I have helped fellow MPs. I do foresee that one day astrology will have a role to play in healthcare.”

He added that opponents to astrology were “bullies”, saying: “Astrology offers self-understanding to people.

“People who oppose what I say are usually bullies who have never studied astrology.

“They never look at it. They are absolutely dismissive. Astrology may not be capable of passing double-blind tests but it is based on thousands of years of observation.

“Hippocrates said, ‘A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician,’

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28 responses to “Astrologist David Tredinnick MP, Beyond Satire

  1. steve

    This is a thick ejit of the lowest iq ever surely,and these fecking idiots are supposed to educated lol,should be sacked before he causes any mishaps id say

  2. Sabre

    A large proportion of the 90 % of pregnant French women probably used homeopathic contraception 😚

  3. Sabre

    Every gambler loses his kids’ homes and meals based on years of observations!

  4. Sabre

    Astrology and complementary medicine would certainly take the pressure off of the medical profession with a concomitant increase of pressure on undertakers !

  5. John

    But not thousands of years on one subject though. I’m with Newton on this one.

    • Sabre

      There’s nothing wrong with an interest in a subject as long as one is prepared to take a different view in the light of new evidence.

      Most respectable doctors believed that duodenal ulcers were caused by lifestyle factors such as stress further research pointed in the direction of pepsin and hydrochloride acid in the gut later research indicated that 90% of those suffering from duodenal ulcers are infected with Heliobacter Pylori.

      Astrology was a great idea until it was shown to be bollocks.

      • John

        Wow, someone has proved a negative ? Impressive. What is this new evidence you speak of ?

        Astrology gets much (emotional) reaction from many who have not studied it. Like trying to talk about 9-11 with those who believe the official line.

      • Sabre

        @John I don’t recall claiming to have proved anything, merely pointed out that views change in the light of new evidence.

        The floor is yours, you may now prove a positive.
        Sell it to me.

      • John

        “shown to be bollocks”. ‘Shown’ is not quite the same as ‘proved’, I grant you, but has a very similar meaning.

        Sell it to you. Hmm – what mode of learning is your favoutie ?
        J P Morgan – “Millionaires don’t use astrology; billionaires do”.
        Isaac Newton – ” I have studied it, sir; you have not”. (when asked why he ‘believed’ in Astrology).
        There are many books of course. Liz Green is well thought of. The Parkers are very popular. Martin Seymour Smith ‘The New Astrologer’ is a great introduction/overview.
        There are many websites – the good, the bad, and the ugly, I would expect.
        Psychotherapists and suchlike use it quite a lot. If nothing else, it is a language well-suited to examining/describing the psyche.
        It’s like a lot of things, I suppose. You need a fair amount of knowledge, then some practical experience, than you can sit back and consider/reject/adopt.
        I became convinced after studying my chart, and those of friends and family i.e. people I knew pretty well. The columns in the papers are indeed total bollocks.
        It’s not a belief system, it’s a record of thousands of years of apparent correlations between ‘above’ and ‘below’. I haven’t a clue what the operational principle is.

        Good luck !

      • Sabre

        The language was ill considered. Mother Theresa was born on 26 August 1910 . The global population was 1.7 billion approx birth rate would have been 25 million a year approx 70,000 a day.
        I haven’t studied astrology in any depth perhaps you can help.
        How many other saints were born on that day?
        Do we need to limit the eligible candidates to a limited geographical region?
        Do we need to limit the window of time more severely? ( 2800 born the same hour)

      • John

        Crikey, and me with a day job ! :o)
        Mother Theresa was born on 26 August 1910 … 70,000 a day. Do we need to limit the eligible candidates to a limited geographical region? Do we need to limit the window of time more severely? ( 2800 born the same hour)
        The ‘Rising Sign’ is the sign on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth – this makes horoscopes much more unique. Plus latitude makes a difference as well. (2800/hour = 47 people a minute). The moon’s position changes significantly in 24 hours too. Horoscopes of identical twins, born a few minutes or an hour or two apart are interesting in this area. Plus modern astrology tends to use smaller ‘orbs’ i.e. greater accuracy, facilitated/influenced by computers maybe. Charts of events (usually disasters) can be studied to correlate with victims’ horoscopes to the minute of the disaster taking place. Very interesting stuff, but not an area I’ve studied. Mid-point analysis, and the harmonics of this, can be quite startlingly accurate with respect to time, and are used by the predictive astrologers a lot. Broken bones, childbirth, deaths of loved ones, are all likely to show up clearly in a horscope too. I’ve always preferred the psychological side though.

        Even if astrologer has no basis in reality, one learns a lot of other stuff – maths and 2D/3D geometry (before computers), astronomy, history, harmonics, mythology, metaphysics, procession of equinoxes, etc.Plus if one practises as an astrologer, diplomacy, analytic and ‘bringing-together’ and interpretative skills.

        Good luck !

      • Sabre

        I’m all for the study of Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Computer science etc
        It enabled me to earn a living.
        If the stars by virtue of their relative positions at a precise moment in time that happens to coincide with ones birth have an observable not to mention predictable effect on ones future I’d like to see the equations and test runs on statistically significant samples.
        Why is the moment of birth important as opposed to the moment of conception?
        Can you take a comprehensive life history and work backwards to determine place date and time of birth?
        Are all 400 billion stars in the Milky Way influential?

        What about the 7 followed by 1022 zeros stars in the universe?

      • John

        I’d like to see the equations and test runs on statistically significant samples.

        You could take at look at Michel Gauquelin’s work for a statistical angle.

        Why is the moment of birth important as opposed to the moment of conception?

        Some astrologers do use conception.

        Can you take a comprehensive life history and work backwards to determine place date and time of birth?

        I can’t, but there are people and software that claim to be able to.

        Are all 400 billion stars in the Milky Way influential?


        What about the 7 followed by 1022 zeros stars in the universe?

        What about them ?

  6. Paul Mac

    Jesus fuck…..words fail me…..& I’ve just heard a repeated interview on local radio justifying the grounds for Rifkind & co being justified in their actions as they are not being paid enough!!!

    It beggars belief but there are worse examples than this……just look up Joan Quigley & Reagan. He ran the USA based on astrology after the the failed assassination attempt. 7 years. No major superpower had done that since the Roman Empire FFS!

    & People wonder why I was shitting myself in the 80’s.

    • Sabre

      You needn’t have worried as I am sure you know these clowns don’t really run anything at all, they are mere marionettes, they take the applause on the rare occasions that applause is justified and they dutifully brave the barrage of rotten tomatoes and cabbages for the remainder of the time.

      I need a shed load of qualifications and certifications for my job as do many others and no one would know me from Adam, The US President has to be a true born US citizen and to have attained the age of 21, he isn’t qualified to lead his Nation because he isn’t required to, he’s only dangerous when he tries to !

      • Paul Mac

        I’ve learn’t since – although wish I had done in my teens. Reagan was an actor from start to finish.

        Wise words. Your posts are always insightful & it’s part of the reason I read this website. Please keep posting Sabre. I’m honest enough to admit my thoughts are challenged & enlightened. I’ve viewed few people worthy of my respect but you are one of them. Thank you. Respect is due.

      • Michelle Carterton

        Yes they are all marionettes. Any idea who may be at the pinnacle of power Sabre? There are various suggestions out there e.g. the Illuminati, Jesuits etc. Or, maybe it’s a group that no one has ever even heard of?
        Many people believe it’s the Jews. I think that’s maybe too obvious though.

      • Sabre

        @Michelle The Joos! The Reptillians! (Her Maj is a lizard apparently, my mate Dave told me so).

        What makes you think that there must be a precisely defined needle point apex of power. A relatively few individuals, global corporations, Supra-National organisations all have interests to protect and advance and the power and resources so to do. From time to time there is agreement between some of them for a particular policy to prosper and there may well be other groupings antagonistic to that particular policy, lobbying takes place overt and covert financing there may well be attempts between different interest groups to compromise and accommodate each other.
        Different facets of the MSM promote and denigrate policy positions depending on their interests (they may be a subsidiary of one of the major combatants, they may take a political position, they may be pro-Israel, pro-oil producers etc etc)
        Politicos are paid or threatened with exposure regarding previous payments or perhaps pressured in regard to knowledge of their visits to guest houses and child abuse for example.

        Illuminati ? bogeyman term used by those that don’t know who exactly is screwing them.
        Jesuits? The papacy is not without influence, it does have a bank and even a State.
        Jews? Israel is the tail that wags the US dog, AIPAC has boasted of its power and influence in the US.
        On the other hand Sovereign Wealth Funds from Saudi Arabia and the UAE have a definite influence on the US political scene too (not just the US).

        All Catholics? all Jews? all Muslims? of course not, the majority of them are screwed as much as the rest of us.

        As for the poor bloody lizards, they are the only named party that is wholly innocent!

      • Sabre

        @Paul Mac
        I’m touched (my trick cyclist said as much years ago!).
        We should challenge constantly and expect to be challenged in our quest for enlightenment.
        Read everything, especially the works of the enemy or opposition, challenge everything whatever the source.

  7. godhelpus

    Can it get any Worse?, i just can’t believe the People in this Government, they really not of this Planet!

  8. dpack

    as i said elsewhere “i didnt make it up “

  9. Jeremy Stocks

    So gojam and you lot don’t believe in astrology? You know that’s typical for a Scorpio?


    Any of you come across this interesting ex-FBI man’s book? – published 1958. Fascinating.

    Also – thanks to dpack, gojam and others for their work on this blog. The suffering of these kids may not have been in vain as it has started to open a lot of minds to what has really gone on.

  10. dpack

    thanks for the link to the book.having read ch 1 my first impression is he is mad as a box of frogs in his grasp of reality but quite well informed as to matters of history and realpolitic.
    his interpretation of an apocalyptic battle between god n satan is a bit too general jack ripper for my tastes but his grasp of the international realpolitics of the last few centuries and the thesis that there has been/is an attempt to establish control of politics,resources and commerce on a global scale to the advantage of the controllers is plausible.
    i will read it right through and see how he develops his arguments.

  11. Jeremy Stocks

    Apologies I got me wires crossed. This book was referred to heavily by an ex-FBI chap in the States.

    The man was Ted Gunderson who did a lecture on organised paeo rings in the States:

  12. Sabre

    Tredinnick was one of 98 MPs that voted to exempt themselves from The Freedom of Information act, he claimed expenses for an intimacy course, he repaid money claimed for Astrology Software ( although the expense had been ruled as valid )

    The astrology software appears not to have warned the honourable gentleman of the gathering storm, he must have been confident that a study of his ‘chart’ wouldn’t have revealed anything that could have been hidden if he had managed to knacker the FOI act ;-)

    • Michelle Carterton

      @ Sabre,
      Thank you for your reply to me further up on this thread.
      I believe there are good, bad and indifferent people in all races, colours and creeds and to demonize all members of a certain race or religion for the bad behaviour of some of its members is obviously wrong.

      Why the majority of people continue to go along with this divide and rule strategy is beyond me. Most make it too easy for them tptb to rule over us.

      The Vatican wields considerable power no doubt as does the City of London. Not many people think it is in any way strange or odd that we have these cities within cities. Oh well, ours it not to reason why, I suppose.

      I don’t spend a huge amount of time wondering what is really going on because I have a life to live, but I do worry a little about what sort of lives my grandchildren might live. I would imagine most people have always had those sort of concerns down through the ages. It’s always been “us and them” I believe the “them” are the people with and from the right blood lines from ancient times. Look how they choose to interbreed with each others select families. They seem to think it’s important even though they end up producing quite a few mentally and physically challenged off-spring.