What Are Prince Charles’s ‘Black Spider Memos’?

Does anyone know when the Supreme Court will publish its judgement ?




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6 responses to “What Are Prince Charles’s ‘Black Spider Memos’?

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  2. gw

    What do we make of “Foundation X”?

    (CTRL-F to “Column 1536”)

  3. dpack

    the possible identities of F x is a very short list if these characteristics extracted from hansard are true;
    it has historical longevity
    it is very well resourced in terms of transferable assets
    it is very private
    it takes a long term view as to britain’s best interests

    imho the most plausible candidate is the royals , especially if the “firm”was under the influence of chas.

    ps the details about laundry etc are also rather interesting however the whole thing could be the ramblings of a drunken lord,i suspect it is rather obscured but accurate.

  4. L Irving

    The letters of Queen Victoria between the years of 1837 and 1861 were published, they show Queen Victoria had an interest in Politics, Charles clearly does too. I fail to understand why they are holding back on other cases, could someone enlighten me on the significance.

  5. Paul Mac

    He’s a bit of a twat who stumbles across issues and sounds off accordingly (in his own privileged world view).

    Buffoon, or Fiat Ono owner – you must decide.

    Watch ‘House of Cards’ & make your own call – It’s not as clear cut as it may seem. I doubted I’d ever side with Frances but on some point’s, I must challenge myself……….